Thursday, August 31, 2017


Dave and I went to the free show at Sawyer's in Harrisburg, PA last night.  These are always fun shows good music, some drinks and it was perfect weather.  The opening act was an acoustic show by the York, PA based Small Town Titans (STT) their show highlights were a couple of covers first was My Name is Human by Highly Suspect and then the dedicated to Chester Bennington Linkin Park Breaking the Habit.  I was also able to get a couple picks from Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown & David Sudock anda roadie gave me a set-list which I got signed at the Merch table after the show.

Trapt Set-List

David Sudock & Chris Taylor Brown Picks
Small Town Titans Acoutic

Phil Freeman of STT

Jonny Ross of STT

Ben Guiles of STT

Me W/Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown

Me W/Trapt's Pete Carell

Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown

Trapt's David Sudock

Trapt's Brendan Hengle

Trapt's Pete Carell

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