Sunday, October 30, 2022

Atlantic League 50/50

The 2022 Atlantic League season has been over for about a month,  I had a stack of cards that I had signed for a buddy Ben we finally got together and I received these as my half of what was signed.  In some cases there were cards he wanted or I only had 1 of to get signed so he gave someone else he had gotten during the year(Marked by a *).

  1. Manuel Geraldo.
  2. Nick Wells - 2X.
  3. John Nogowski*.
  4. Jeremy Ydens*.
  5. Andy Young  *.
  6. Aaron Shortridge*.
  7. Brady Lindsly*.
  8. Chris Shaw - X2.
  9. Anthony Seigler*.
  10. Yordys Valdes*.
  11. Michael Gigliotti*.
  12. Braxton Lee - 2X.
  13. Oscar De La Cruz - 3X.
  14. Troy Stokes - 3X.
  15. Aaron Blair.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Baltimore Orioles Season Ticket Holder event

My friend Mike who is a partial season ticket holder of the Baltimore Orioles invited me to an event that was held at Camden Yards it was from noon to 5 PM.  There where free alumni autograph sessions and then some sessions that you needed a ticket for that I didn't have but was able to get a couple of those players after there dugout talk Q&A's. In addition to the autos they had a bunch of other things to do like go down on the field, Take batting practice throw in the bullpen take a picture with the 1983 World Series Trophy ETC.... It was a fun day.  The following is who and what I was able to get signed along with some picture of the day. Total of 10 players & 34 Autographs.

  1. Connor Norby - O's Logo Card. (After Q&A Session).
  2. Rick Dempsey - 2 Cards. (After Q&A Session).
  3. Brian Roberts - a Card. (After Q&A Session).
  4. Larry Bigbie - 8 Cards & Postcard. (Alumni Table).
  5. Rick Krivda - 2 8 1/2 X 11 & Postcard. (Alumni Table).
  6. Al Bumbry - 2 Cards & Postcard. (Alumni Table).
  7. Joe Orsulak - 9 Cards. (Alumni Table).
  8. Tippy Martinez - Postcard. (Alumni Table).
  9. Brian Bass - 4 Postcards. (Alumni Table).
  10. Austin Wynns - 8x10 ($15 Grab Bag).
Larry Bigbie & Rick Krivda Signing.

On-Field in Centerfield.

On-Field Right field Fence/Foul Line.

Connor Norby Q&A.

Colton Cowser Q&A.

Brian Bass Signing.

Tippy Martinez Signing.

Brian Roberts Q&A.

W/1983 World Series Trophy.

Joe Orsulak Signing.

Al Bumbry Signing.

Completed Signed Cards 

Other Signed Items.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Twitter Purchase

About a week ago I made an offer to twitter seller @KaynCards for 5 autographed football cards 3 are current Ravens (Bolden, Mason & Isabella)  1 is a "Dion" (Sims) and a Dexter Lawrence.

  1. Dion Sims - 2013 Topps Turkey Red # 29.
  2. Ben Mason - 2021 Panini Contenders # 227.
  3. Slade Bolden - 2022 Leaf Draft # BA-SB1 Gold.
  4. Andy Isabella - 2019 Panini Prizm Draft Picks # 280 #'d 24/75.
  5. Dexter Lawrence - 2019 Panini Contenders Draft Picks # 223.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Travis Jones

I purchased this 2022 Leaf Draft # BA-TJ2 Travis Jones off of Ebay for not much and I needed him for the Ravens autograph PC so would be a nice place holder.  As a side note card arrived Tuesday, I actually got Travis in person at Sunday's game.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Browns @ Ravens

Dave and I went to the Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens game on October 23, 2022.  This was the 10th anniversary celebration for the Super Bowl XLVII, there was to be 50 players and coaches back for the game and a halftime presentation it was all nice we weren't able to get any there autographs.  We did do Pre & Post game autographs before was a little better then it's been this season after was horrible I got 1 guy before it started raining.  I did ask Broderick Washington for his game gloves and he remembered me went back to the bench and asked an equipment guy for a sharpie signed them and thro up to me after the game. Very nice of him! Also caught a Devin Duvernay glove that he throw into crowd. I was also able to add 45 autographs from 30 People see the complete list and some pictures of the day below.

  1. J.W. Johnson - Browns Logo.
  2. Isaiah Thomas - Browns Logo.
  3. Dakota Allen - Browns Logo.
  4. Je'Rod Cherry - 2 Cards & 3x5.
  5. Larry Jackson - 3x5.
  6. Anthony Weaver - 4 Cards.
  7. Kenyan Drake - 3 Cards.
  8. Calais Campbell - A Card.
  9. Justice Hill - A Jersey Card.
  10. Devon Kennard - A Card & 3x5.
  11. Morgan Moses - 2 Cards.
  12. Chris Horton - 2 Cards & A Sticker.
  13. Tee Martin - 3 Cards.
  14. Gus Edwards - A Card.
  15. Mike Devlin - 3x5.
  16. Greg Roman - 3x5.
  17. Mike MacDonald - 3x5.
  18. Travis Jones - 3x5.
  19. Broderick Washington - 3x5 & 2 Gloves.
  20. A.J. Klein - 3x5 (To: Dion)
  21. Charlie Kollar - 3x5.
  22. Del'Shawn Phillips - 3x5.
  23. Jordan Stout - 3x5.
  24. Damarion "Pepe" Williams - 3x5 Pepe only!
  25. Antonia - Postcard.
  26. Jaime - Postcard.
  27. Kayla - Postcard.
  28. Lexy - Postcard.
  29. Mindy - Postcard.
  30. Natasha - Postcard.

Ed Reed With SB47 Trophy & Cigar.

SB47 all on field in there commemorative white jackets

Signed Broderick Washington Gloves & a single Devin Duvernay glove.

Friday, October 21, 2022

EBay Purchases

I bought 2 cards off EBay both are Football autographs and are currently on the Ravens that I haven't been able to get in person so bought them as place holders in the collection.
  1. Jason Pierre-Paul 2010 Hit #  A90.
  2. Daryl Worley - 2016 Panini Select # RS-DW #'d 17/25 Think it's a Tied-Dye version.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Trade # 27

I made a PWE Twitter trade and the card arrived today. Thanks to @Oriolesfanacct1 for the deal. My side was this Justice Hill 2019 Panini Luminance # RI-JH #'d 047/349. Plus he threw in an Elvis Peguero RC!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Elliot Williams

I claimed this Elliot Williams autograph a couple weeks ago and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  I want to thank @JGfan24ever.
  1. Elliot Williams - 2010 Upper Deck World of Sports # 51.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Morgan Moses

I received this 2014 Leaf Draft Morgan Moses # A-MMI Autograph in the mail today it came from an EBay purchase last week.  I needed Moses as I haven't been able to get him in person at a Ravens game yet so this will be a place holder until I do and fills a need in the Ravens autograph PC.  It was only a couple bucks so why not!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Bengals @ Ravens Sunday Night Football + Nelly!

I went to the Primetime Sunday Night Football Game in Baltimore on October 9, 2022 between the Ravens and visiting Cincinnati Bengals.  This had all the extras as well Fireworks pregame, Nelly halftime show and a great game and finally a win for the home team.  It came down to a last second walk off FG by Justin Tucker to seal the 19-17 Victory.  I did pregame and post game autographs the Ravens where probably the worst it has ever been very few players stopped to sign in or out if it wasn't that I had some coaches cards would have been terrible.  I was able to get 45 total autographs from 28 players.  I will list who I got belong along with a couple of links to the videos I shot of Nelly,  I was behind the beer garden in the first row which is where he did the performance. 
  1. Stephanie - Playmakers postcard.
  2. Nikki - Playmakers postcard.
  3. Shannon - Playmakers postcard.
  4. Serena - Playmakers postcard.
  5. Ted Karras - Bengals Logo.
  6. Jeff Gunter - Bengals Logo. 
  7. Devin Asiasi - Bengals Logo & a Card. 
  8. Mike Hilton - Bengals Logo. 
  9. Khalid Kareem - Bengals Logo. 
  10. Josh Tupou - Bengals Logo. 
  11. Dax Hill - Bengals Logo. 
  12. Michael Thomas - Bengals Logo.
  13. Melissa Stark - 3x5.
  14. Josh Charles - 3x5.
  15. Broderick Washington - 3x5.
  16. Brent Urban - 3x5.
  17. Brandon Copeland - 3x5 (Was a PC Need 2st time getting him).
  18. Rod Woodson - 3 Cards.
  19. Mike Devlin - 3 Cards.
  20. Tee Martin - 3 Cards.
  21. Cris Collingsworth - a Card.
  22. D'Anton Lynn - 2 Cards.
  23. Frank Pollack - a Card.
  24. Anthony Weaver - 6 Cards.
  25. Chris Horton - 3 Cards.
  26. Jimmy Smith - a Card.
  27. Trayveon Williams - 3 Cards.
  28. Jay Tufele - a Card.  

    Chase & Humphrey

    Pregame Fireworks.
Part #1 of Nelly Halftime Performance:
Part # 2

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Current Raven additions

I purchased 2 current Ravens that I didn't have there autograph for my PC.  These both came from Ebay and arrived in the mail yesterday.  The first is Kyle Fuller on a 2014 Panini Player of the Day # KF it's a sticker and he's in the Bears uniform.  The other is a Ja'Wuan James 2014 Panini Contenders # 146 #'d 22/99 it's also a sticker & he's in a Dolphins uniform but both of these will work until I can get them in person, which is questionable since both are on IR currently so may not be around going forward.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ashtyn Davis

As part of last weeks #PWEFriday I claimed this 2020 Panini Contenders Draft Pick Ashtyn Davis Autograph # 218 from @KevinSpollen.  It arrived safe and sound in today's mail and is a nice addition to the autograph collection.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Buffalo Bills

Everett and I went to the game today was weather effected by Ian so didn't go down early for Ravens autographs but went for the stadium opening time which we lucked out and got a window of time with no rain so we were was able to get a few autographs.  Once the game started it basically rained the whole game.  For the outcome of the game the Ravens jumped out to a 20-3 lead in 2nd quarter but once again couldn't hold onto or score anymore points so the Bills got the win with a FG with no time left after the Ravens passed on a short FG with 4 minutes left to take a lead and throw a INT in the endzone so came away with no points and Bills got the ball on the 20 and drove down and ran clock out for the game winner by Tyler Bass.   I was able to get 14 people and 24 autographs.  After the game was in the rain but was able to get a Pair of gloves from Justin Madubuike & an Arm Sleeve from Brandon Copeland. 
  1. DaQuan Jones - Magazine Cover.
  2. Reggie Gilliam - Bills Logo & 3x5.
  3. Brandin Bryant - Bills Logo.
  4. Cam Lewis - Bills Logo & 3x5.
  5. Chad Hall - Bills Logo & 3x5.
  6. Isaiah McKenzie - Bills Logo.
  7. Tremaine Edmunds - A Card &3x5.
  8. Ryan Wendell - A Card &3x5.
  9. Von Miller - A Card.
  10. Jordan Poyer - A Card.
  11. Rod Woodson - 6 Cards.
  12. Alexis - Postcard.
  13. Brianna - Postcard.
  14. Sarah - Postcard.
JPP First introduction into M& T Bank Stadium

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Atlantic League Championship

I went to Lancaster last night and did pre-game autographs for the last time this season as we are in the Playoffs and Lancaster lead the best of five 2-0 winning both road games at High Point.  I was able to only get 3 guys as it was cold and everybody looked the same in Red Hoodies lol the 3 were Logan Morrison on a Phillies 8x10 Logo(Top right #7), Mitch Atkins on a 3x5 & HOF Signer Frank Viola on 9 cards.  I didn't have any Violas but Glenn had a box so I bought 9 I thought I didn't have.  The Barnstormers won the Game, Series and Championship there 3rd League Title.  Autographs below.