Wednesday, May 30, 2012

College World Series Contest over @ Autographed Cards

See the link for the contest:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eric Hosmer Error

Before the game yesterday while getting autographs a friend of the blog (Austin) we were getting Eric Hosmer and he signed a card of Jarrod Dyson Austin tried to tell him he was signing the wrong card but Eric didn't seem to hear anything Austin did then try successfully to have Eric sign an actual card of him. I traded the same card of Dyson unsigned for the Dyson Hosmer signed card.

Royals @ Orioles 5/26/12

I went to the game yesterday and did autographs before and after the game. The game was a 4-3 win for the Royals. The following are the graphs I got:
1) Steve Tolleson - 3x5.
2) Stu Pomeranz - 3x5.
3) Dana Eveland - 3x5.
4) Dan Duquette - 3x5.
5) Mike Bordick - 8x10 & 2 Cards.
6) John Russell - 2 Cards.
7) Nick Johnson - 3 Cards.
8) Kevin Gregg - 2 Cards.
9) Ned Yost - 5 Cards.
10) Mike Moustakas - a Card & Team Logo Sheet.
11) Jeff Francoeur - a Sports Illustrated & 3 Cards.
12) Everett Teaford - a Card.
13) Chris Getz - 3 Cards.
14) Alcides Escobar - a Card.
15) Aaron Crow - a Card.
16) Humberto Quintero - a Card.
17) Steve Foster - 5 Cards.
18) Kevin Seitzer - a Card.
19) Dave Eiland - a Card.
20) Eric Hosmer - Team Logo Sheet.
21) Irving Falu - Team Logo Sheet.
22) Kelvin Herrera - Team Logo Sheet.
23) Tim Collins - Team Logo Sheet.
24) Will Smith - Team Logo Sheet.
25) Nathan Adcock - Team Logo Sheet. 
26) Luis Mendoza - Team Logo Sheet.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Art of Dying

I went to the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA for the concert last night there were four bands OurAfter, Brookroyal, New Medicine & Art of Dying. The show was not well attended couple hundred people maybe which I really didn't mind not sure if it was because it was a Sunday night or lack of interest.  But all four bands were good which was a nice surprise since never heard the 1st two bands before last night. I did do some autographing mainly Art of Dying and did get a drum stick from them and a couple picks, did get a pick of Mike Dudley of OurAfter too.  The following is what I got signed:
New Medicine:
1) Jake Scherer - Poster.
2) Matt Brady - Poster.
3) Dan Garland- Poster.
4) Ryan Guanzon- Poster.
Art of Dying:
5) Johnny Hetherington - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick & 3 8x10's.
6) Cale Gonthier - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick, Pick(Signed) & 5 8x10's.
7) Greg Bradley - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick, Pick(unsigned) & 6 8x10's.
8) Tavis Stanley - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick & 4 8x10's. 
9) Jeff Brown - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick & 1 8x10.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chris Doleman

I went to the Yorktowne Hotel in York, PA this morning, where Chris was the keynote speaker for the BT Express(William Penn H.S.) Club. I got Chris to sign 5 football cards, great from the 2012 Hall of Famer!  

Friday, May 18, 2012


I went to Power Plant Live in Baltimore, MD. last for a free concert the bands were Foxy Shazam, Redlight King & Buckcherry.  Gates were @ 9pm and the show was over @ about midnight.  Didn't do any autographs but did get a setlist from the stage from Buckcherry. See the list attached it's pretty cool if you can see it in the background they use Dirty Harry (45 and Clint Eastwood)  paper to print the setlist on.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Up for Sale!

Hey guys I have put a few autographed items up on Ebay, It will probably wind up being 50 when i'm done towards the end of the week.  Items range from postcards, 8x10's and a couple Raven programs. If your interested just search for seller Dionlo or here is a link to the 1st item.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rays @ O's 5/12/2012

I went to the O's game on Saturday night and got autographs before and after the game. It was an O's win to keep the lead in the East Tampa basically gave the game away comitting 5 errors.  The following is who I got a total of 16 players and 31 autographs.
1) Barndon Guyer - 3x5 & Ticket Stub.
2) Jim Hickey - 3x5.
3) Jake McGee - A Card.
4) J.P. Howell - 3 Cards.
5) Fernando Rodney - A Card.
6) Elliot Johnson - 2 Cards.
7) Will Rhymes - A Card.
8) Jeff Keppinger - A Card.
9) Burke Badenhop - A Card.
10) Tom Foley - 5 Cards.
11) Wade Davis - 2 Cards.
12) Brandon Allen - 3 Cards.
13) Sean Rodriguez - A Card.
14) Jim Palmer - A Card.
15) Brian Matusz - 2 Cards & Frederick 2010 Pocket Schedule.
16) Jim Presley - 3 Cards.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

P.O.D. 5/8/2012

I went to the Chameleon club in Lancaster PA for the concert last night. Got there a little late doors opened @ 5:30 got there 6:30ish Love and Death were already on stage which is Brian "Head" Welch's new band formerly of Korn they were done @ 7.  Next was Red they played about 50 minutes as did the headliners P.O.D., the show as packed as full as I've seen the place. The show was over @ 10PM due to a noise restiction law in Lancaster on weeknights???? So I hung out for a while behind the venue which is where the buses park P.O.D. came out signed stuff took pictures and talked for a while the guys were great very nice. During the show I got a pick from Marcos and after the show I asked Sonny for his hat (The Whoso3v3rs) and signed it and gave it to me, was soaked with sweat but hey it's concert used and autographed and it's dry now! lol. Here is what I got signed.
1) Sonny Sandoval - 2 8x10's, Ticket Stub & his Hat from the show.
2) Wuv Bernardo - 2 8x10's & Ticket Stub.
3) Marcos Curiel - 2 8x10's & Ticket Stub.
4) Traa Daniels - 2 8x10's & Ticket Stub.
5) ????????(Keyboards & added Percussion) - Ticket Stub.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bridgeport @ York 5/6/12

I went to the Bridgeport - York Game today for autographs. On Sundays York has a team pre-game autograph session in which most of the team signs, then went to the bridgeport side for some pre-game autos from the visitors. Here is who I got a total of 29 players and 76 autographs:
1) Adam Thomas - Autograph sheet.
2) Omar Javier - Autograph sheet.
3) Travis Scott - Autograph sheet.
4) Liu Rodriguez - Autograph sheet & 2012 Rev's Pocket Schedule.
5) Andres Perez - Autograph sheet.
6) Dumas Garcia - Autograph sheet.
7) Stephen Penny - Autograph sheet.
8) Jason Richardson - Autograph sheet.
9) Jesus Sanchez - Autograph sheet.
10) Enohel Polanco - Autograph sheet.
11) Stephen Douglas - Autograph sheet.
12) R.J. Rodriguez - Autograph sheet.
13) Joe Spiers - Autograph sheet.
14) Chris Nowak - Autograph sheet.
15) Michael Hernandez - Autograph sheet.
16) Ian Thomas - Autograph sheet.
17) James Shanks - Autograph sheet.
18) ????#25          - Autograph sheet.
19) James Houser - 8 Cards.
20) Danny Gonzalez - 2 Cards.
21) Ryan Freierabend - 3 Cards.
22) Chris Cody - 2 Cards.
23) Andy Etchebarren - 4 Cards.
24) Pedro Lopez - 6 Cards.
25) Ramon Vazquez - 8 Cards.
26) Eddie Rogers - 3 Cards.
27) Terry McGriff - 2 Cards.
28) Joey Gathright - 9 Cards. 
29) Jorge Julio - 9 Cards & a O's Postcard.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sugar Land @ Lancaster on Cinco De Mayo

I went over to the Lancaster game tonight to get autographs before the game of the Sugar Land Skeeters did pretty well got most of the guys I was looking for except Bobby Livingston and Alex Cintron, Bobby wasn't before the game started and heard that Alex has signed with a team in Mexico and is no longer with the team. Here is who I got total of 10 players and 41 autographs:
1) Bubba Bell - 4 Cards.
2) Jason Botts - 2 Cards.
3) Britt Burns - 9 Cards and a Baseball Digest Cover.
4) Gary Gaetti - 9 Cards.
5) Ben Harrison - A Card.
6) Pedro Liriano - A Card.
7) Gary Majewski - 6 Cards.
8) Colt Morton - A Card and Ticket Stub.
9) Michael Nix - 5 Cards (including 3 Custom cards and gave him one). 
10) Heath Phillips - A Card.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Harry Hooper Autograph

I recently added this long deceased Hall of Famer (Died 1974) to my collection of Baseball Hall of Famers the item is a Razor 2009 Sports Icon Update #'d 1/5 Cut Signature Edition Update and encapsulated by Beckett. Very nice looking card was a little pricey $52.89 including the shipping and handling but haven't really seen anything of him for less or this nice so figured why not.