Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nickelback Feed the Machine Tour

Everett and I went to last nights Hershey Park Stadium stop of the Feed the Machine Tour featuring Nickelback, Daughtry & Shaman's Harvest.  It was a great show great weather under a full moon Nickelback played a little over 2 hours, Daughtry played about and hour and Shaman's Harvest starting it off with a 45 minute set which started at 6 pm, with Nickelback wrapping it up at 11PM.

Nickelback's Bassist Mike Kroeger
Nickelback's Guitarist Ryan Peake

Nickelback Set-List:
1) Feed the Machine
2) Woke up this Morning
3) Photograph
Daniel Adair & Chad Kroeger "Photograph"
4) Far Away
5) Too Bad
6) Someday
7) Lullaby
8) Savin' Me W/Chris Daughtry
Chad & Chris Savin' Me
9) Song on Fire
10) Something in your Mouth
11) Rockstar
12) Hotel California
13) When We Stand Together
14) Animals
15) Figured You Out
16) How You Remind Me
17) Gotta Be Somebody
18) This Afternoon
19) If Today Was Your Last Day
20) Hero
21) Born on the Bayou W/Chris Daughtry & Nate Hunt
Nate, Chad & Chris 
22) Burn it to the Ground

Daughtry Set-List:
1) Go Down
2) Feels Like Tonight
3) Crawling Back To You
4) Waiting for Superman
5) Life After You
6) Nothing Else Matters
7) Back Bone
8) It's Not Over
9) Home
10) September
11) Over You

Shaman's Harvest Set-List:
1) Red Hands Black Deeds (Prelude)
2) The Devil in Our Wake
3) Broken Ones
4) Dirty Diana
5) Blood in the Water
6) Country as Fuck
7) The Come Up
8) In Chains
9) Dragonfly (Behind Blue Eyes Intro)

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