Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Matchbox 20 & Counting Crows

Dave & I went to the Hershey Park Stadium show last night.  The show started with the warm up act Rivers & Rust which is a side project of Matchbox 20 guitarist Kyle Cook along with Sheila Marshall They played about a half hour. Then it was the Counting Crows who played an hour and twenty minutes followed by the headliners Matchbox 20's hour and forty minute set.  All three bands sounded great only think is Counting Crows didn't play Mr. Jones (Booo) I had seen a prior set-list and they didn't play Round Here so must switch them if it was me I'd play both.......

Matchbox 20 Set-list:
1) Real World
2) Girl Like That
3) She's So Mean
4) Bent
5) Damn
6) If You're Gone
7) Hand Me Down
8) How Far We've Come
9) Disease
10) Mad Season
11) So Sad So Lonely
12) English Town
13) Hang
14) Unwell
15) Back 2 Good
16) Push (Link to actual footage) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj2Vl0Kcx8s
17) 3 A.M.
18) Long Day
19) Bright Lights

Counting Crows Set-List:
1) Hard Candy
2) Omaha
3) Dislocation
4) Colorblind
5) Good Time
6) Recovering the Satellites
7) Mrs. Porter's Lullaby
8) Miami
9) When I Dream of Michelangelo
10) Round Here  (Link to actual footage) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6dV8p0Kgdg
11) A Long December
12) Hanginaround
13) Rain King

Rivers & Rust

Counting Crows

Matchbox 20

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  1. I hate when bands don't play some of their popular songs at concerts. Still a nice set list from each though.