Friday, February 24, 2012

Duke Snider Contest

Check out the link below to "Cards beyond oceans" for a chance to win the Duke Snider Relic!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ebay purchase

I purchased a group of 1997 Leaf 8x10 autographed Cards was for a total of $11.16 including the S/H comes out to $1.86 each here is who I got:
1) Pat Barnes
2) Yatil Green
3) Joey Kent
4) Tony Martin
5) Leeland McElroy
6) Chris Sanders

Jim Phelan

A Co-Worker was able to get me an autograph of College Basketball HOFer Jim Phelan.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chipper Jones, Matt Duff & Jeff Danker

Also today @ the Eastern Sports & Outdoor show for Major League Bowhunters were Former Pitcher Matt Duff and Current Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones Appanertly They own this company and were an Exhibitor at the show and had there own booth. Chipper couldn't have been nicer posing for pictures & Signing autographs he was doing multiples and went thru the line twice.
1) Chipper Jones - 7 Cards, 4 8x10's & Baseball with 99 NL MVP! inscription.
2) Matt Duff - 3x5 & 5 8x10's.
3) Jeff Danker - 3x5 & 2 8x10's.

Ted Nugent

I went to the Eastern Sports & Outdoor show in Harrisburg PA today. They had two different signings by Ted Nugent the 1st was for the Outdoor Channel from 11-noon by the time we got there the line was to long so we went to the second signing area that was scheduled for 1-3pm. He was signing two items per person was able to get 3 8x10's done with the help of a buddy Andy who was only getting one.

Casey Hampton Trade

I made a trade today for a signed 8x10 of Steeler Nose tackle Casey Hampton.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kareem Jackson

Made a trade for a 2010Panini Threads Autograph of Kareem Jackson #249 #'d 347/399 from Ryan. Thanks.