Saturday, June 23, 2018

Contest Winner!

I entered a contest for an autographed MLS Soccer card of Waylon Francis had to guess the # to of 50 contest was put on by Sports Card Collectors original post
My guess was #37 it was right on,Thanks for the contest! I like winning these kind of contest for items I wouldn't normally purchase.  I don't purchase much of the soccer cards as I don't follow it as much as Baseball, Football or Hockey but always interested in adding ink I don't have to the collection.  He also throw in 3 blue parallels #'d/99.  See cards below


Ducks Part # 2

Last night I went back to Lancaster to try and get the guys I missed the first night. See who and what I got signed still no K-Rod heard  rumors that he was an ass after the first night but who knows I didn't even see him either night.
1) Jair Jurrjens - 6 Cards.
2) Travis Snider - 8x10 & 5 Cards.
3) Emilio Bonifacio - 2 8x10's.
4) Ramon Cabrera - 8x10.
5) Daniel Fields - 8x10.
6) David Washington - 8x10.

Snider & Jurrjens Signed Cards

Cabrera & Bonifacio 8x10's

Snider & Washington 8x10's

Bonifacio & Fields 8x10's

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Long Island Ducks

I went to Lancaster tonight to do pregame autographs of the Ducks.  It was a good night got most of who I had stuff for except didn't even see Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez or Jair Jurrjens.  I was able to get the following 13 Players and 39 Autographs.
1) Ramon Cabrera - 8x10 & a Card.
2) Jake Dunning - 8x10.
3) Lew Ford - 8x10 & 2 Cards.
4) Colton Murray - 2 8x10's & a Card.
5) David Washington - 8x10.
6) Audie Afenir - a Card.
7) Kevin Baez - 6 Cards.
8) Emilio Bonifacio - 4 Cards.
9) Daniel Fields - 2 Cards.
10) Cody Puckett - 3 Cards.
11) Travis Snider - 9 Cards.
12) Jordany Valdespin - 2 Cards.
Plus a bonus of
13) Dave Stewart - 2 8x10's. Unannounced guest threw out first pitch and think was in the area scouting.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Super Bowl Ring

It's nice to know that there will now always be a Super Bowl ring with my name on it!  My niece Nicole Soskin works for the Eagles and they received there rings last Thursday at a party in Philadelphia.  I saw her over the weekend and was able to see it, feel it, hold it & wear it! it is so cool to know we have one of these Trophy/Rings in the family!
Congratulations to Nicole you earned it!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day Winner

Last weekend I entered an online contest at my local rock station 105.7 The X for a couple of Game tickets and signed ball from either a Senators or a Phillies player.  I got a call earlier this week saying I won the Phillies ball and a pair of Harrisburg Senators tickets.  The ball is signed by Zach Eflin and comes with an MLB online verification sticker.  Not bad for typing my name in on there website, see priza pack below.  Was told it's Eflin and the postcard with is Eflin but I'm thinking it isn't his and MLB Authenication doesn't have the code yet.  sent email of code to MLB to see authentication? Will update when I here back.  My guess is Adam Morgan......


Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Britain Bees @ Lancaster

I went to the last 2 games in Lancaster for the Bees had 17 guys that I had items for and only got 8 night 1 so went back tonight.  I did autographs pre-game only both times.  I was able to get a total of 14 players and 48 total autographs.
1) Wally Backman - 4 Cards.
2) Reid Brignac - 9 Cards.
3) Darren Ford - 8x10.
4) Sam Gervacio - 8x10.
5) Mauro Gozzo - 8 Cards.
6) Mark Hamburger - 8x10 & a Card.
7) Josh Outman - 7 Cards.
8) Elvin Ramirez - 8x10 & a Card.
9) Jason Rogers - 8x10 & 2 Cards.
10) Deibinson Romero - a Card.
11) Kyle Simon - 3 Cards.
12) Josh Thole - 8x10 & 3 Cards.
13) Matt Tuiasosopo - 8x10 & a Card.
14) Manny Ramirez Jr. - Ticket stub. 

Ford, Gervacio & Tuiasosopo

Hamburger, Ramirez, Rogers & Thole

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Anthony Levine Sr. Ravens Softball Game

Dave and I went to Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD today. for the 9th annual charity game.
It was a horrible day to start gates opened at Noon after an hour and a quarter ride down. As we got there the weather was starting to turn and the long story short is that we never saw a softball as they kept pushing the start times back and never got it going so 3 hours and 45 minutes after gates opened they cancelled all events (Home Run Contest & Game) and announced that there would be a short autograph session on the concourse so we hung out while everybody that didn't know what concourse meant went to the field in the drizzle so I guess the organizers decided to change where they would sign and made it the field??? out in the rain instead of under the deck dry in the concourse.  So I was able to the following 14 players and a total of 23 autographs.
1) Justin Tucker - Yearbook & a Card.
2) Tavon Young - Yearbook & Autograph Card.
3) Matt Judon - Program.
4) Morgan Cox - Program.
5) Joe Flacco - a Card.
6) Eric Weddle - 3 Cards.
7) Kaare Vedvik - Autograph Card.
8) Albert McClellan - a Card.
9) Tyus Bowers - a Card.
10) DeVier Posey - 3 Cards.
11) Maurice Canady - 3 Cards.
12) Tim Williams - 2 Cards.
13) Robert Nelson Jr. - 3x5.
14) Trent Seig - 3x5.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Geoff Tate

Everett & I went to the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA on Thursday, June 7, 2018 This was the first show of his tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime.  The show started with Operation Mindcrime complete from beginning to end, ans ended with 4 hits from other Queensryche albums.  It was a great show by Geoff and his band which includes his daughter Emily cast as Mary show was a total of an hour and a half in duration.  Opening acts were local cover band Time Bomb and Emily Tate's band Til Deatlh Do us Part. I didn't try for autographs as I have already gotten Geoff a couple times and the show started at 10 pm and was over at 11:30 had work at 6 am the next morning was able to get a pick from Guitarist Kieran Robertson Operation Mindcrime logo on one side his face on the other.

Geoff Tate Set-List:
1) I Remember Now
2) Anarchy—X (instrumental)
3) Revolution Calling
4) Operation Mindcrime
5) Speak
6) Spreading the Disease
7) The Mission
8) Suite Sister Mary
9) The Needle Lies
10) Electric Requiem
11) Breaking the Silence
12) I Don't Believe in Love
13) Waiting for 22 (Instrumental)
14) My Empty Room
15) Eyes of a Stranger
16) Best I Can
17) Silent Lucidity
18) Empire
19) Jet City Woman

Time Bomb

Till Death do us Part

Emily Tate

Geoff Tate Band

Scott Moughton, Bruno & Kieran Robertson

Geoff Tate

Geoff & Emily (Mary) Tate

Kieran Robertson Pick

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rumble Ponies @ Harrisburg

I went to the game last night it was a so so night was totally shut out for autographs pre game which I think is the first time ever that has happened in Harrisburg probably has a lot to do with the Tim Tebow effect plus an hour and quarter rain delay before the start of the game.  Then the game was slow as it wound up being a 6-5 walk off win by Harrisburg in a 3 plus hour game.  I waited after and was able to 5 players and 19 autographs but no Tebow as it appeared he was hand picking his book, kids and women with baseballs and not 50 Y/O men with Sports Illustrated magazines..... lol
1) Peter Alonso - a Card.
2) Champ Stuart - 2 Cards.
3) Scott Copeland - 5 Cards.
4) Tomas Nido - Ticket Stub.
5) Frank Viola - Ball & 9 Cards.

Tebow Warming-up

Tebow's 1st AB scoreboard

Tebow At-Bat

Binghamton Cards

Frank Viola signed Cy Young ball

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Portland Sea Dogs @ Harrisburg

Mike, Eric & I went to the game in Harrisburg last night a 14-4 win by Portland.  It wasn't much of a game as it was 8-0 early.  The "highlights" of the game was a between innings contest of 2 guys bouncing off each other in big air filled bubbles where one contestant apparently blow his knee out causing a 15-20 minute delay! Also there are 3 current Washington Nationals on Rehab assignments with Harrisburg Adam Eaton, Daniel Murphy & Matt Grace.  As for the autographing, the rehab guys Grace and Eaton left before the game was over got Grace, Eaton signed about 5 then told me he couldn't sign because he was missing the hockey game, then added oh and my wife is home with a 2 week old seems priorities askew to me lol Murphy came and got right into a car and left didn't sign. Portland was good got a number of guys and everyone I had cards of a total of 15 players and 29 autographs on the day.
1) Matt Grace - Ticket Stub.
Sea Dogs:
2) Paul Abbott - 5 Cards.
3) Luke Montz - 7 Cards.
4) Trey Ball - 3 Cards.
5) Kyle Hart - 3x5.
6) Dedgar Jimenez - 3x5.
7) Travis Lakins - 3x5.
8) Adam Lau - 3x5.
9) Daniel McGrath - 3x5.
10) Mike Shawaryn - 3x5.
11) Teddy Stankiewicz - 3x5.
12) Austin Rei - 2 Cards.
13) Josh Ockimey - 3x5.
14) Jantzen Witte - 3x5.
15) Tate Matheny - 2 Cards.

Daniel Murphy batting on Rehab in Harrisburg

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Southern Maryland Blue Crabs

I went to Lancaster to do some pregame autographing for the Blue Crabs before the rains came last night.  I was able to get most of the guys I had items for Missed Paul Clemens (Starter) and Drake Britton & Brandon Cumpton didn't come out before the start of the game.  The Following is the 8 players I got and the 14 autographs:
Blue Crabs:
1) Angelys Nina - 3 Cards.
2) Dave Sappelt - A Card & 2 8x10's.
3) Ryan Strausborger - An 8x10.
4) Cory Vaughn - 2 Cards.
5) Cody Eppley - 2 8x10's.
6) Sam Runion - A Card.
7) Daryl Thompson - An 8x10.
8) Shane Watson - A Card.

Thompson & Strausborger

Cody Eppley

Dave Sappelt