Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camden @ York 7/29/2013

I went to the game last night and did some graphing prior to the start didn't have alot for either team but here is who I got:
1) Juan Rincon - 3x5.
2) Anthony Slama - 3x5.
3) Brett Tomko - 3x5.
4) Zack Segovia - 6 Cards.
5) Armando Gabino - 3x5.
6) Ron Karkovice - 9 Cards.
7) D'Angelo Jimenez - 7 Cards.
8) Delwyn Young - Cards.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sugar Land @ York 7/25/2013

I went to the beginning of the game last night to get some autographs, Since I just go the Skeeters in Lancaster the day before I decided to do the York side.  York had just activated Brett Tomko and he was the starter so was thinking he wouldn't be signing but when he came out I asked him and he said let me go to the dugout and I'll get ya on the way back I said I know you guys usually had a schedule and don't sign prior to a start he basically said at this point in his career autographs prior don't matter. I guess 40 years old and in independent league you have that outlook.  I had got the same earlier in the year from Scott Elarton. here is who I got last night:
1) Chris Cody - 2 pocket schedules.
2) Anthony Slama - a Card.
3) Mark Teahen - 6 Cards.
4) Brett Tomko - 8 Cards & a Program.
5) Ofilfo Castro - 3 Cards.
6) Juan Rincon - 6 Cards.
7) Chad Tracy - a Card.
8) Julio DePaula - 3x5.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sugar Land @ Lancaster 7/24/2013

I went to game today it was an 11 am start and was able to get some autographs from the Skeeters.  Here is who I got today:
1) Reid Gorecki - Ticket Stub.
2) Scott Elarton - 3x5.
3) Jay Marshall - 3x5 & Team Card.
4) Russ Mitchell - 3x5 & Team Card.
5) Jared Wells - 3x5 & Team Card.
6) Roy Corcoran - Team Card.
7) Aaron Bates - Card & Team Card.
8) Josh Pressley - Card.
9) David Pauley - 7 Cards.
10) Adam Miller - 2 Cards.
11) Ryan Langerhans - 4 Cards.
12) Gary Gaetti - 9 Cards.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yvon Cournoyer

I received in the mail yesterday from Ebay this nice 2005-06 In The Game Ultimate Autograph.  This will make a nice addition to the hockey Hall of Fame collection especially with the total cost of $6.81 shipped.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gail Goodrich

I received in the mail today this 2013 Leaf Best of Basketball Autograph card of Gail Goodrich #GG1.  The total cost of this Basketball Hall of Famer was $5.00. A nice addition to the HOF collection.

Marshall Faulk

I purchased on Ebay a 4x6 Madden 12 autographed promo card of Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk.  The total cost was $6.00 not bad for a HOFer. The card was bent along the top during shipping which you can't tell in the picture.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

All-Star Fanfest July 12th 2013

Ed Kranepool at 2013 ASG Fanfest
Ed Charles at 2013 ASG Fanfest
John Franco at 2013 ASG Fanfest
Dwight Gooden at 2013 ASG Fanfest
A friend and I went up to the Javits center for the first day of Fanfest.  It was a long day leaving at 4am and getting home about midnight, but was a good time.  We got some autographs, Freebies and a Topps redemption. So all in all a good day. The following are the autographs I got:
At the Opening ceremony:
1) John Franco - Card.
2) Mookie Wilson - Card.
3) Edgardo Alfonso - 2 Cards.
Autograph stations:
4) Dwight Gooden - Ball.
5) Ed Charles - Card.
6) Art Shamsky - Card.
7) Ed Kranepool - Card.
8) John Franco - 2 Cards.
9) Rollie Fingers - Ball.
Negro League Players:
10) Dale Miller - 3x5.
11) Jim Robinson - 3x5.
12) Bob Scott - 3x5.
13) Pedro Sierra - 3x5.
Radio Shows:
14) Mike Lupica - 3x5.
15) Cliff Floyd - 5 Cards.
16) Joe Bengino - Event Schedule.
17) Evan Roberts - Event Schedule.
18) Jim Kramer - Big Foot Truck Driver.
It was nice that MLB Authentications were at each auto station and stickered/authenicated  each item signed at each autograph station.  The only people I missed were Steve Garvey and Darryl Strawberry as these were not MLB signers and were not really advertised at the fanfest we were in line for Fingers when we saw Strawberry come in by the time we got Fingers there was no way to get Darryl, pretty much same thing for Garvey.

Big Autograph Ball at 2013 ASG Fanfest

Franco, Wilson & Alfonso @ Opening Ceremony at 2013 ASG Fanfest

Opening Ceremony at 2013 ASG Fanfest

Ebay Purchase

I purchased alot of autographed football cards on ebay last week for $5 shipped and I got them in the mail yesterday.  Here are the cards I got:
1) Mike Thomas - 2009 Press Pass Gridiron Graphs #GG-MT.
2) Paul Smith - 2008 Press Pass #PPS-PS.
3) DaJuan Morgan - 2008 Upper Deck Draft Ed. #32.
4) Ronnie McGill - 2007 Donruss Classic #232 #'d 812/999.
5) Ko Simpson - 2006 Score Select Inscriptions # 348 #'d 093/250.
6) Drew Olson - 2006 Topps Chrome #264.
7) Andrae Thurman - 2004 Press Pass.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tommy Hunter

I went to the Orioles store in the York Galleria Mall for the free signing with Baltimore Oriole Tommy Hunter.  As usual it was scheduled for 11 am to Noon and it got started a half hour late but was out of there in 20 minutes. I got the game used ball I purchased a couple months ago that Hunter had pitched in a game on August 12, 2012. Also picked up a couple of unsigned postcards since it was one per as usual for these signings.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013