Saturday, April 28, 2012

Washington Redskins Draft Party

I made the trip to DC today for the annual Draft Day party since the Ravens have decided a Draft day party is not neccesary figured I go to someones.  Was not a great day autograph wise which is the only reason I really go to these events.  The hand listed 15 current and former players on the website and in the informational package for the event and it said to MEET them??? which was kinda hard since they had no scheduled activities to actually meet anyone that was there unless you where a kids club member (I'm not) or in there WOW-Women of Washington club (I'm not). So if you were a guy the only way was to try and get to the players on the field after the interview was done and that was only 6 players 3 each @ noon and 3PM. The only other station that had players was for a Kidney Walk or something which was set up by the organization and not the Redskins but they did have 2 players for an hour signing. So here is who I did get one way or another.
1) Anthony Armstrong (Current Player) - 2 8x10's
2) Brig Owens (Alumni Player) - a Card & 8x10
3) Darrell Young (Current Player)- 2 8x10's
4) Reed Doughty (Current Player)- 3x5 & Flyer
5) Larry Michael (Comcast Sportsnet)- 3x5
6) "Doc" Walker (Alumni Player)- 3x5 
7) Chief Zee (Superfan) - 3x5

Ebay HOF purchases

I purchased three items from ebay over the last couple weeks and they all showed up yesterday in the mail.  Here are the three Hall of Famers that I added to my collection and how much each cost me including the S/H.
1) Red Schoendienst - 1990 Perez-Steele Great Moments # 55 serial #'d 2676/5,000 $23.25 & Encapulated PSA.
2) Stanley Coveleski - HOF Yellow Postcard Certified JSA $12.03.
3) Buck Leonard - 8x10 JSA Sticker $11.03.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rammstein 4/25/2012

My son and I went to see Rammstein last night at the 1st Mariner arena in Baltimore MD. It was a great show if you've heard anything about there show it's all true here are a few pictures from the show.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

York FanFest

After I was done at the Lancaster Fanfest I figured I'd stop by the York one for the end of the game watched the last 2 innings of the 10-1 blowout and wound up only get 3 guys this is what I got.
1) James Shanks - a Card.
2) Liu Rodriguez - a Card & 2 Program covers.
3) Salvador Paniagua - 3 Custom Cards.
Not a bad day of graphing total of 34 people and 85 autographs.

Lancaster FanFest

I went over to the Lancaster Barnstormers fanfest today which was followed by an exhibition game with the Camden Riversharks. The main reason for going was the team autograph session which was great I believe every Barnstormer player and coach was there or at least all the ones I had cards and 8x10's of here is the list of players I got today.
1) Alan Johnson - 2 Cards & 2 8x10's.
2) Mike Johnston - a Card.
3) Kody Kirkland - 3 Cards.
4) Rich Rundles - 2 Cards.
5) Beau Vaughan - a Card.
6) Butch Hobson - 3 Cards & 2 8x10's
7) Francisco Hernandez - 4 Cards.
8) Marty Janzen - a Card.
9) Tim Hamulack - 3 Cards.
10) John Halama - 4 Cards.
11) Tommy Everidge - 7 Cards.
12) J.D. Durbin - 7 Cards.
13) Jeff Bennett - 2 8x10's.
14) Les Walrond - 2 8x10's & 3x5.
15) Jaime Pedroza - Ticket Stub.
16) Brad Boyer - 3x5.
17) Todd Doolittle - 3x5.
18) Emerson Frostad - 3x5.
19) Fehlandt Lentini - 3x5.
20) Dwayne Pollok - 3x5.
21) Terry Tiffee - 3x5.
22) Eduardo Perez - 3x5.
23) Blake Gailen - 3x5.
24) Adam Godwin - 3x5.
25) Chris Caves - 3x5.
26) Marcus Jones - 3x5.
27) ? - 3x5.
28) Drew Macias - 2 8x10's & a Card.
29) Felix Pie - 3 Cards & ticket stub from his "Cycle" Game.
30) Zach Hammes - 2 Cards.
31) Ron Karkovice - 9 Cards.
Will fill in the ? once I get a roster with numbers I who they are but just want to make sure get right name with graph.

Miami Dolphins

I made a purchase the other day of a group of 6 signed 8x10's 5 with PSA/DNA Certs and one with a TriStar Cert the total cost of the 6 was $98.80 including the S/H. Not bad for $16.46 each, 2 HOFers' and possible 2 future HOFers'. The players I got are as follows:
1) Dan Marino.
2) Dwight Stephenson.
3) Junior Seau.
4) Ricky Williams.
5) Chris Chambers.
6) Damon Huard.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rochester @ Lehigh Valley 4/15/2012.

I went to the game on Sunday With some friends we did autographing before and after the game. I got a total of 60 autos from 25 people. Was a great day, weather, game & Autographing.
1) Jeff Manship - 8x10 & 4 Cards.
2) Michael Hollimon - 3 Cards.
3) J.R. Towles - 8 Cards.
4) Tom Brunansky - 3 Cards.
5) Joe Benson - A Card.
6) Aaron Bates - 4 Cards.
7) Anthony Slama - A Card.
8) Casey Fein - A Card.
9) P.J. Walters - 2 Cards.
10) Esmerling Vasquez - A Card & 3x5.
11) Samuel Deduno - A Card.
12) Tyler Robertson -A Card.
13) Matt Rizzotti - A Card.
14) Brian Dozier - A Card.
15) Drew Butera - 2 Cards.
16) Carlos Gutierrez - 3x5.
17) Tsuyoshi Nishioka - 3x5.
18) Rene Tosoni - Ticket Stub.
Lehigh Valley:
19) Phillippe Aumont - 5 Cards.
20) Ryne Sandberg - 2 Cards.
21) Scott Elarton - 9 Cards.
22) Pat Misch - 2 Cards.
23) Austin Hyatt - A Card.
24) Tom Cochran - A Card.
25) Joe Thurston - A Card.

Asante Samuel

My next door neighbor gave me a signed 8x10 of Asante Samuel from a charity event it came from the Philadelphia Eagles and came with a Certificate from the team. A nice unexpected autograph.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ebay sale!

Hello all, I'm going to try this haven't sold to much on Ebay compared to what I've purchased. But I saw you can list 50 items and there is no listing fee so figured I would list 50 items (Doubles of Autographs) and see what happens. If you want to take a look my ID is Dionlo guess you can search by seller. or the first item is a Robert Andino postcard could search on that to to find listing. If this goes well I may list 50 items a month just to clear out doubles. Also if any one wants the list of items I have doubles of and wants to trade leave a comment with your email address and I'll send it to you. Thanks, Dion

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Completed Trade.

I completed a trade today down at the O's game with Austin he got a Jay Gibbons signed 8x10 and I got the following two cards.
1) Brad Penny - 2004 Upper Deck USA Baseball #PEN #'d 129/360.
2) Garrett Atkins - 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom Baseball #TSAR-GA #'d 276/489.

Twins @ O's 4/8/2012

I went to the game today and did graphing I got 17 autographs they are as follows. As for the game Jason Hammel had a no-hitter for 7 innings in the 3-1 O's win.
1) Jason Hammel - 3 Cards.
2) Chris Davis - 3x5.
3) Justin Morneau - a Card.
4) Josh Willingham - a Card.
5) Trevor Plouffe - 3 Cards.
6) Ben Revere - 3 Cards.
7) Dan Gladden - a Card.
8) Bert Blyleven - a Card.
9) Richard Anderson - 2 Cards.
10) Jerry White - a Card.

Harrisburg Stampede vs. Maryland Reapers 4/7/2012

I went to the game last night just to take in an indoor football game and wasn't thinking about autographs at all forgetting that Marques Colston is Co-owner of Harrisburg. Long story short Colston is in attendence for the opening game of the season and I have nothing for him but My son and I both got him on the back of a team schedule (Business card) also as part of the package I purchased was an AIF game ball so at half time got him to sign that to looks nice black sharpie on a red panel of the red, white & blue ball. Then walking around at half time found that LeSean McCoy and my son and I also got him to sign the back of schedules. So not bad go to a indoor football game and come away with two NFL pro bowlers.

Bert Bell

I purchased a 1954 autographed check of Football Hall of Famer Bert Bell the total cost was $17.99 including the shipping and handling was a need for the Football HOF collection.

John Clay

Picture of the S.I. Cover that was done at the Steelers Charity Basketball GameAdd Image.