Wednesday, February 28, 2018

L.A. Guns

On February 24th Everett and I went to see L.A. Guns at Reverb in Reading PA was a good show too many opening acts 4 missed the 1st ans beginning of the 2nd but the L.A. Guns set was great with 16 songs all the good ones and played almost an hour and a half.  Stayed a little after the show attempting for Autographs was able to  get 2 of the 5 and neither of the main guys Phil Lewis or Tracii Guns so not a home run.  Was able to get Guitarist Michael Grant ans drummer Shane Fitzgibbon was also able to get a pick from the Bassist Johnny Martin.  This was surprisingly a Groupon show so was $15 for 2 tickets so well worth it.
1) The Devil Made Me Do It.
2) Electric Gypsy.
3) No Mercy.
4) Over the Edge.
5) Bitch is Back.
6) Sex Action.
7) The Flood's The Fault of The Rain.
8) Speed.
9) One More Reason.
10) Don't Look at Me That Way.
11) Purple Rain. (Prince Cover).
12) Malaria.
13) Never Enough.
14) Jelly Jam.
15) The Ballad of Jayne.
16) Rip and Tear.

Phil Lewis

Shane Fitzgibbon

Tracii Guns

Johnny Martin

L.A. Guns Farewell

Michael Grant & Tracii Guns
Michael Grant & Shane Fitzgibbon Autographs

Johnny Martin Pick

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Delone Carter

I purchased this 2011 Upper Deck # 77 of Delone Carter on Ebay for 75 cents shipped, Nice picture in his Syracuse uniform.  My son currently is a senior at Syracuse.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Baseball Lot

I purchased this 9 card lot off of Ebay for .95 and 1.55 Shipping, so about .28 cents/per card. they are as follows and pictured below:
1) Jason Dewey - 2000 Skybox Autographics.
2) Ben Davis - 1999 Just Minors.
3) Angel Pena - 1999 SP Signature Edition #AP.
4) Ruben Rivera - 1995 Signature Rookies SR Force #'d 875/2500 #F13.
5) Dave Mysel - 1995 Signature Rookies Mini # 25 #'d 412/500.
6) Mike Zimmerman - 1995 Signature Rookies Mini # 35 #'d 248/500.
7) Brad Fullmer - 1995 Signature Rookies # 21 #'d 651/5,750.
8) Marc Valdes - 1995 Signature Rookies # CII #'d 6682/7,750.
9) Adam Hyzdu - 1995 Signature Rookies # XCII #'d 3353/7,750.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Got a couple of packages in the mail the other day from 2 separate Twitter friends @Scribsports & @BrentCox31.  From Pete I received the 2 cards autogrpahed by Rick Sutcliffe and Tom Neidenfuer rest was a box of about 200 cards from Brent including Angels and Ravens including the signed Chris Long SP Rookie Threads card & Topps Manu Josh Hamilton patch card.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mike Eruzione

A local Giant Supermarket/Coca-Cola brought in Mike Eruzione to take pictures and sign autograph the event was free and was from 5:30 to 7:30.  I arrived about 5:15 and Mike started meeting the crowd that had lined up to meet the former Gold Medal winner from the 1980 Olympics about 10 minutes before the stated start time which is unusual for these event.   The event was well worth going to as I got a picture with him and 3 8x10's signed.
"Do you believe in Miracles? YES!"


Sunday, February 11, 2018


A couple weeks ago I made a trade with @BrentCox on twitter with the weather it took a bit for both of us to get the stuff to each othe but I got mine this weekend for Autographs was 4 a Bryan Harvey 90 UD, Jeff Green 2007-08 UD Black #'d 06/99 with 4 pieces of a jersey, Micah Johnson Rookie 2015 Topps High-Tek #'d 14/25 & a Bowman Platinum 2013 Matt Magill plus a bunch of Angels cards.  See the picture below for the highlights

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Great American Outdoor Show

I went to the outdoor show today the celebrity autograph signing was former Pittsbirgh Steeler Brett Keisel he was signing 11-1 and I was surprised the crowd was not as big as I expected which was great was able to get through the line more then once and got 2 8x10's and a card signed.  Also stumbled onto a separate signing by Chris & Casey Keefer who do a have a show Rival Wild on The Sportman Channel.

Keisel & Keefer Autographs
Me with Chris & Casey Keefer

Friday, February 9, 2018

York Sports Night 2018

Last night I went to York Sports Night at Heritage Hills in York, Pa.  There was 6 guest with 3 of them being Hall of Famers. Juan Marichal, Dave Robinson, Lenny Moore in addition to the HOFers there was Luis Tiant and York Revolution Manager Mark Mason & Coach Enohel Polanco.  Each of the guest were very nice some more talkative then others but it was a good time and I was able to get some autogrpahs. 
1) Juan Marichal - Ball, Sports Illustrated, 2 8x10's, Card & Program.
2) Dave Robinson - HOF Litho, Goalline, 2 8x10's, 2 Cards, & Program.
3) Lenny Moore - 75th Book, 2 8x10's Ticket & Program.
4) Luis Tiant - Ball, Sports Illustrated, 2 8x10's & Card.
5) Mark Mason - Program.
6) Enohel Polanco - Program.
Lenny Moore

Dave Robinson

Luis Tiant

Juan Marichal

Dave Robinson Super Bowl Rings

Mark Mason & Enohel Polanco

Dave Robinson Items

Juan Marichal Items

Luis Tiant Items

Lenny Moore Items