Sunday, June 22, 2014

A package from Bob Walk the Plank

I came home yesterday to find a package on the kitchen table trying to remember what trade I had made or what Ebay purchase I hadn't received and coming up empty.  So not expecting anything this was truly like X-mas in June, Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank had sent 3 nice autographed cards.  I had left a comment on his blog about an Alex Avila he had pulled 2 of from separate blasters looking to trade for it so I will be looking for some items to send to Matt. Thanks! here they are.
1) Alex Avila 2014 Panini Prizm.
2) Tyler Gonzales 2013 Bowman
3) Jay Gibbons 2003 Donruss Champions #'d /475.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scott Stapp Lancaster, PA 6/20/2014

Scott Stapp Band Lancaster, PA June 20, 2014
I went to the show last night in Lancaster it was a great show a good mix of solo songs and Creed about 50/50.  Went on at 10 PM and played an hour and a half a total of 16 songs set-list below.  Was kinda disappointing on the autograph side was able to get a set-list and get 4 or 5 to autograph and the no was Scott Stapp.  Also get autographs of the opening act who were from Australia Monks of Mellonwah and a pick from the 1st band Whiskey Demon from Reading PA.

Andy Wood @ Lancaster, PA

Chad Szeliga @ Lancaster, PA
Travis Comer @ Lancaster, PA

Andy Waldeck @ Lancaster, PA

Scott Stapp @ Lancaster, PA

Scott Stapp @ Lancaster, PA

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sugar Land @ Lancaster 6/19/2014

I went to the pre-game tonight to try and get some of the newer guys that have signed with Lancaster the last couple of weeks and to take a shot at Tracy McGrady again since I was 0 for 2 the last time they were in Lanc. and I wasn't able to try for him in York. It was a successful autograph night 13 Players 41 total graphs, here is who/what I got.
Sugar Land:
1) Tracy McGrady - a Jersey Card.
2) Koby Clemens - 2 Cards.
3) Michael Rockett - a Card.
4) David Pauley - 9 Cards.
5) Gary Gaetti - 9 Cards.
6) Mark Rogers - 2 Cards.
7) Shunsuke Watanabe - a Jersey Card.
8) Cory Wade - a Card.
9) Jerry Owens - a Card.
10) Fu-Te Ni - 8 Cards.
11) Ben Francisco - 4 Cards.
12) Butch Hobson - 8x10.
13) Rich Rundles - 8x10.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Raiders Boosters of York 25th Anniversary 6/14/2014

Last night I went to the 25th Anniversary celebration of the York Chapter of the Oakland Raiders boosters, Mike a friend of mine is the current V.P. and with this being there 25th they had a nice line-up of former players coming in for the celebration including 2 Hall of Famers.  It was a great evening including food, drink stories, question and answer with the players and of course pictures and autographs the event started at 6PM and went to midnight so there was enough time for everything for the about 125 guest. here is the list of players and what I got signed.
1) "Mr. Raider" Jim Otto - Program, 3 8x10's, Book, HOF Lithograph, Goal-Line Art-Card & 6 Cards.
2) Willie Brown - Program, 4 8x10's, Book, HOF Lithograph, Goal-Line Art Card, Super Bowl Poster & 4         Cards.
3) Otis Sistrunk - Program, 8 1/2x11, 3x5, Super Bowl Poster & 6 Cards.
4) Morris Bradshaw - Program, 8 1/2x11, 3x5, Super Bowl Poster & 2 Cards.
5) Derrick Ramsey - Program, 8 1/2x11, 3x5, Super Bowl Poster & a Card.
6) Michael Grant (Coppin St. Basketball Head Coach) - 3x5.

Signed Hall of Fame Lithograph

Signed Super Bowl Poster

Monday, June 9, 2014

Pocono NASCAR Race 6/8/2014.

A friend won a couple tickets to the race on Sunday.  We went up earlier to check out the fan zone get some freebies and to see if anyone was signing.  We found that Kurt Busch was signing at his Hauler for 45 minutes had to buy something to get a ticket not a bad deal $2 sticker and he signed 5 cards.  Then we went to the Geico area for Casey Mears totally free no tickets just a line, got a card, Driver card & Geico sunglasses signed. The last signing we found was Reed Sorenson's pit crew got 2 driver cards done different pictures on each side so got both sides done on different cards.

Penn State Alumni @ Barnstormers Game 6/7/14

My son and I went to the Barnstormers game and I wasn't going to do autographs and didn't for baseball. Then I heard an announcement that said there was Penn State Football Alumni were signing autographs so I went to see who was signing and got 2 programs signed. Here is who was there.
1) Todd Rucci (Would have liked to have known he was going to be there had 2 Patriots Cards of him).
2) John Greene
3) Mike Malinoski
4) Stephen Pitts (Redskins, Bengals & 49ers)
5) Shawn Lee (The other S. Lee)
6) #80 (Not sure was signing when I went to get the 2nd program done) Any help on is the furtherest right signature.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Eagles @ Rockvale Outlet 6/7/14

I went to the Rockvale outlet mall in Lancaster, PA for the annual Philadelphia Eagles autograph signing to support the Eagles Pro Shop there.  As usual it's run a little weird and not the way I would do it but I did get each of the four signers.  There was 4 signers at 2 different time slots and four different lines so basically your in line for 3 hours, but guess I can't complain it's a free signing and usually you can get each player sometimes more then once when the times get to the end and everyone has gone thought you can hope over and get another one.
Here is who/what I got done:
1) Brandon Boykin - 3 8x10's.
2) Riley Cooper - 3 8x10's.
3) Jon Dorendos - 2 8x10's.
4) Earl Wolff - 2 8x10's & Advertising Picture.
Brandon Boykin Autographed Picture

Jon Dorendos Autographed Pictures

Riley Cooper Autographed Pictures

Earl Wolff Autographed Pictures

Brandon Boykin @ Rockvale 

Jon Dorenbos @ Rockvale

Earl Wolff @ Rockvale

Riley Cooper @ Rockvale