Friday, November 29, 2019

Justice Hill

I purchased this lot off of Ebay for .99 but after shipping and tax it wound up being $5.02 started bidding on the Autograph since it was a Raven need (He hasn't signed all year at games) then realized there was 4 other cards included so not to bad the auto is #'d to 125 and the large swatch is #'d to 199.

Monday, November 18, 2019


I had sold my tickets to the Ravens Texans game a while back and haven't been feeling well this week so didn't buy back in to go to the game, but did go for pregame autographs and did get a couple upgrades (Peko & Fort) and a couple needs(Marshall & Jackson), so was worth it. I was able to get 20 players and 29 total autos.
1) Chris Board - 8x10.
2) Matt Skura - 2 Programs.
3) Brdley Bozeman - 2 Programs.
4) Chris Moore - 6 Cards.
5) Trace McSorley - a Card.
6) Josh Bynes - a Card.
7) Gus Edwards - 2 Cards.
8) Jaleel Scott - a Jersey Card.
9) Chris Wormley - 2 Cards.
10) Brynden Trawick - 3x5.
11) Domata Peko Sr. - 3x5.
12) Iman Marshall - 3x5.
13) Bennett Jackson - 3x5.
14) L.J. Fort - 3x5.
15) Chris Hewitt - 3x5.
16) Christopher Ezeala - 3x5.
Ravens Alumni:
17) Matt Stover - 3x5.
18) Evan Oglesby - 3x5.
19) Kim Herring - 3x5.
20) Mark Clayton - 3x5.

Dan Aykroyd

I went to the Centerville, PA Wine and fine spirits store on Friday for a bottle signing by Dan Aykroyd.  This is the second time I've done one of these for Dan last time was in 2016.  They were both a zoo with a ton of people there scheduled for 2 hours but he signs for like 6 hours each time.  I was able to get My Blues Brothers Album and a Coneheads 8x10.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Brent Celek

Friday Keith and I went to the annual Janus School Thanks(for)Giving luncheon this years guest was former Eagle and Super Bowl Champion Brent Celek.  This is always a laid back event and guest are usually accommodating with pictures and autographs.  I was able to get 9 total this year as we got 3 as soon as we walked in Brent was taking pictures with guest at a bus that was painted up all Eagles, So I got my 3 over sized items signed and back to the car. Then at the VIP Meet & Greet after lunch I was able to get my cards and some programs signed.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Door Prize winner

I entered a world series contest over at Collectors Crack and did horrible in my picks as I had the Dodgers finally winning it but was way off.  I was lucky enough to win his door prize which was a 1990 Pink Classic set and a bunch of Angels including a CJ Cron Auto, #'d Vlad & Mark Trumbo Jersey along with a nice assortment including Trout's & Pujols.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Marcus Peters

I bought a Marcus Peters autograph 2019 Legacy Prizm from EBay total cost wound up being $5.02 for a .99 auction.  The Shipping and taxes makes small purchases not worth it anymore pricing out low end single cards...... I need a Peters autograph since he was traded to the Ravens and I've heard not a great signer.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Jimmy Eat World

On November 12th I went to the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center for the Jimmy Eat World and opening act pronoun concert.  I wasn't planning on going to the Sold Out show but Alt 99.3 had a contest and one of the winners had backed out and I was next on the list. So I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth or turn down a free show so Dave and I went.  I wasn't feeling great but was a good time.

Here is a link to the Set-List:

Link to the song "Sweetness"

Link to the song "The Middle"

Sunday, November 10, 2019


Last night Ben & I went to Club XL in Harrisburg, PA for the Vixen show.  Opening act was Eternal Frequency a local band.  both bands after there sets came back into the club for Meet & Greets at merch tables.  I was able to get 2 Vixen Set-lists and a pick from Britt.

Eternal Frequency:
Vocals - Emelle (Mary Lynn Greger) - Signed Sticker & Drumstick.
Guitar - Eric Castillo  - Signed Sticker & Drumstick.
Guitar - A.J. Lopez I got a pick from A.J. - Signed Sticker & Drumstick.
Drums - Alex - Signed Sticker & Drumstick.

Roxy Petrucci - Drums Signed 2 set-lists, 2 CD's & 2 Booklets.
Share Ross - Bass Signed 2 set-lists, 2 CD's & 2 Booklets.
Britt Lightning - Guitar Signed 2 set-lists.
Lorraine Lewis - Singer Signed 2 set-lists.

How Much Love Video:

Cryin Video:

A.J. Lopez


Share Ross

Britt Lightning

Lorraine Lewis

Roxy Petrucci

Saturday, November 9, 2019

A Day to Remember...

On Thursday Nov. 7th I went to the Degenerates Tour Featuring A Day to Remember, I Prevail, Beartooth & Can't Swim.  The show was at Santander Arena in Reading PA and started at 6:30.  Can't Swim played 20 minutes, Beartooth played 30 Minutes, I Prevail had a 40 minute set & Headliner A Day to Remember played about an hour and a half.  I like to thank Alt 99.3 for the free tickets.  This was the first of back to back concerts a total of 6 bands 2 venues $10.

Links to Set-List & videos:
A Day to Remember:

Degenerates video:

I Prevail Set-List:

Hurricane Video:

Beartooth Setlist:

In Between Video:

Can't Swim Set-List:

Stranger Video:

Monday, November 4, 2019

Hershey Bears

Last night I went to Hershey for the 5 pm start against the Syracuse Crunch.  It was a good game a nice 4-2 win for the home team featuring a 2 goal game by former Islander & Sabre Matt Moulson.  After the game the Bears held there 75 minute on ice meet & greet with the whole team and staff.  Here is what and who I got signed a total of 27 players & 59 Autographs.
1) Christian Djoos - Team Photo & 2 8x10's.
2) Lucas Johansen - Team Photo, 3x5 & 8x10.
3) Shane Gersich - Team Photo & 4 8x10's.
4) Steve Whitney - Team Photo.
5) Axel Jonnson-Fjallby - Team Photo, 3x5.
6) Mike Sgarbossa - Team Photo & 2 8x10's.
7) Garrett Pilon - Team Photo.
8) Philippe Mailet - Team Photo & 3x5.
9) Joe Snively - Team Photo.
10) Kale Kessy - Team Photo.
11) Brett Leason - Team Photo.
12) Matt Moulson - Team Photo, 9 Cards & 2 8x10's.
13) Alex Alexeyev - Team Photo & 2 8x10's.
14) Brian Pinho - Team Photo.
15) Pheonix Copley - Team Photo & 2 8x10's.
16) Erik Burgdoefer - Team Photo, 3x5 & 8x10.
17) Tobias Geisser - Team Photo, 3x5.
18) Chris McCarthy - Team Photo.
19) Kody Clark- Team Photo.
20) Martin Fehervary - Team Photo, 3x5 & 8x10.
21) Bryan Helmer - Team Photo.
22) Patrick Wellar - Team Photo.
23) Jared Elenberger - Team Photo.
24) Scott Allen - Team Photo.
25) Alex Westlund - Team Photo.
26) Mike Wagner - Team Photo.
27) ??????? - Team Photo.

Alex Alexeyev

Erik Burgdoefer

Lucas Johansen

Pheonix Copley

Christian Djoos

Shane Gersich

Matt Moulson

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sport Card Collectors Trade

We made a twitter (@SportCardCollec) PWE trade which I received my package yesterday some of the extras he sent were damaged by USPS apparently "Do Not Bend" doesn't matter or mean anything.  The one Autograph is fine Nick Dini #'d /75, The other auto Alexander Guerrero #'d /499 wasn't as lucky the front is fine but a long crease on the back. Oh well shit happens and the autos will be added to the collection.