Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long Island Ducks

Went to see the Long Island Ducks @ Lancaster, PA and got the following autographs the one player I wanted but did not get was former White Sox and Pirates Pitcher Kip Wells he came out after the game started and left in the 7th inning? guess he is starting tomorrow and needed some rest.
1) Bill Simas - 3x5
2) Chris Spurling - 3 Team Logos
3) Robinson Cancel - 2 Team Logos
4) Javier Colina - 1 Card
5) Dustan Mohr - 5 Cards
6) John Rodriguez - 5 Cards

Ralph Kiner HOFer

Just got in the mail today a nice 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia # 174 card #'d 097/150 to add to my Hall of Famer collection paid $12.99 including the S/H from Ebay.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ravens Camp 7/30/2010

I went to today's afternoon practice took a ton of pictures and got a few autographs. Ray Lewis signed but I did not get him and Ray Rice signed a couple did not get him either but here is who I did get.
1) Ozzie Newsome - HOF 8x10
2) Ed Dickson - 2 8x10's
3) John Beck - 3 Cards
4) Anquan Boldin - 3 Cards
5) Willis McGahee - 3 Cards
6) Derrick Mason - Card
7) Sammi Jo - Cheerleader Card

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bears @ Barnstormers 7/28/2010

Went to the Lancaster game last night to see the loaded(former major leaguers) Newark Bears and the Lancaster Barnstormers. Lancaster won 9-7 but it was cool to see Newark go Back(E. Dukes) to Back(D. Ward) to Back(C. Everett) off Jason Simontacchi in the 7th inning. The following are the autographs I got:
1) I.M. Fun - 2 Programs
2) John Koronka - 3 Cards
3) Daryle Ward - 3 Cards
4) Pablo Ozuna - 7 Cards
5) Brian Barton - 2 Cards
6) Carl Everett - 4 Cards
7) Elijah Dukes - 2 Cards
8) Armando Benitez - 9 Cards
9) Bob Zimmermann - Card
10) Derek Blacksher - 3x5
11) Ryan Glynn - 3x5
12) Willie Banks - 9 Cards
13) Ron Karkovice - 9 Cards
14) Tim Raines - Card
15) Eric Munson - 3x5

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Opening day of Ravens camp 7/27/2010

Went to today's opening day of training camp for the Baltimore Ravens and got 13 autographs of 8 different people. So as expected the no policy the Ravens have put into effect has deeply hindered the ability for adults to get players/coaches autographs at camp. The morning session was a complete wash-out was great if you 6-15 but there was no signing for anybody else. Did get John Harbaugh(3 programs & a card) as he was walking from the lower field to the upper field at about 8am. As for the afternoon session got coach Chuck Pagano(3x5), Coach Clarence Brooks(3x5), Coach Greg Mattison(8x10) & Fabian Washington(8x10) as the were going to the lower field and got the only 3 players to come over after the session were Lardarius Webb(3x5), Troy Smith(2 Cards) & Matt Lawrence(2-8x10's) at about 5pm so needless to say I will probably not be making all that many trips to camp this year.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jeff Suppan

I won this card from check it out free autographs are always good. Thanks, Alex

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lancaster @ York 7/24/2010

Went to York just for autographs didn't stay for the game got the following autographs.
1) Jason Simontacchi - Card
2) A.J. Murray - 3x5 & Team Logo Card
3) Liu Rodriguez - 3x5
4) Jose Herrera - 3x5
5) James Heuser - Card
6) Derell McCall - Card
7) Andy Etchebarren - 2 Cards

Twins @ O's 7/23/2010

Went to the O's game yesterday/last night and did some autographing I got a total of 28 autographs from 16 different people here is the list of what I got:
1) Ernie Tyler - 2 O's HOF plaques 4x6 & 8x10
2) Dave Johnson - Card
3) Corey Patterson - 2 Cards
4) Nick Blackburn - 8x10
5) Matt Guerier - 8x10 & logo Card
6) Jose Mijares - 8x10
7) Carl Pavano - Card
8) Drew Butera - 2 Cards
9) Danny Valencia - 8x10
10) Denard Span - 8x10
11) Jason Kubel - 2 Cards
12) Jerry White - 6 Cards
13) Scott Ullger - 8x10
14) Rick Stelmaszek - 2 Cards
15) Dan Gladden - Card
16) Bert Blyleven - Card (Personalized)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Baltimore Raven's New Autograph Policy

I see this policy as a major hindrance in collecting autos this camp but I will go a couple of days and see what happens if it sucks will not go back and probably be shopping my season tickets. by cutting out the people that pay the bills is not a good business decision in my eyes but teams make decisions all the time that hurt the collector/bill payers. Let me know what you think. I'm not sure why the angle is always shifted to get kids autographs when 90-95% of them have no clue who they are getting and are just getting for there parents or a dealer anyway just another point of view. see policy below.

"Players will sign autographs for children (ages 6-15) only after the morning practice. Autographs will not be available after the afternoon practices." then they say "We want to keep the spontaneity and closeness we have with our fans who come to training camp" and then "The connectivity we have with our fans at camp is important to us and a Ravens' tradition. We know that every person that comes to camp and wants an autograph cannot get one because of players' schedules. Under our new system, more children will have the opportunity, and that's important to us."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Eastern League All-Star Game

The 2010 Eastern League All-Star game was in Harrisburg, Pa last night the Gates opened at 1pm. I arrived at 12:15 due to the them giving 150 tickets out for NASCAR drivers Kevin Harvick & Ron Hornaday which were making an appearence at 5pm. The main autographs were received at a session with coaches and players from 3:15-4:30. The following is what I received a total of 102 Autographs:
1) Kyle Gibson - Program x2
2) Deolis Guerra - Program
3) Ren Revere - Program x2
4) Rudy Hernandez - Program x2
5) Kevin Mahar - Program & 3x5
6) Mike Nickeas - Program
7) Jeff Smith - Program
8) Stu Cliburn - Program & 9 Cards
9) Chad Jackson - Program
10) Brian Stoneberg - Program
11) Nate Spears - Program
12) Freddy Galvis - Program
13) Brian Jeroloman - Program
14) Austin Romine - Program and Card
15) DJ Mitchell - Program
16) Kyle Drabek - Program & 2 8x10's
17) Vance Worley - Program
18) Josh Stinson - Program
19) Adam Loewen - Program & 2 8x10's
20) Jason Rice - Program
21) Eric Thames - Program
22) Drew Naylor - Program & 2 Reading Program covers
23) Kirk Niewenhuis - Program
24) Darin Mastroianni - Program
25) Brandon Laird - Program
26) Stephen Fife - Program
27) Trystan Magnuson - Program
28) Ray Chang - Program
29) Lance Pendleton - Program
30) Matt Rizzotti - Program
31) Josh Schmidt - Program
32) Tagg Bozied - Program
33) Randy Knorr - Program & 9 Cards
34) Randy Tomlin - Program & a Card
35) Troy Gingrich - Program
36) Atsushi Torida - Program
37) Tony Rogowski - Program
38) Michael Martinez - Program
39) Chase D'Arnaud - Program
40) Lonnie Chisenhall - Program
41) Danny Espinosa - Program & a 8x10
42) Tyler Henson - Program
43) Derek Hankins - Program
44) Adam Carr - Program
45) Josh Harrison - Program & a Card
46) Matt Hague - Program
47) Andy Dirks - Program
48) Jhonathan Solano - Program
49) John Drennan - Program
50) Hector Gimenez - Program & 2 Cards
51) Brooks Brown - Program
52) Tom Milone - Program
53) Pedro Beato - Program & 4 Cards
54) Paolo Espino - Program & a Card
55) Chris Marrero - Program
56) Rafael Martin - Program
57) Rudy Owens - Program
58) Zach Simons - Program
59) Kevin Harvick - 2 Driver cards & 2 Cards
60) Ron Hornaday - 2 Driver cards & 2 8x10's

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

B-52's in Lancaster, PA 7/13/2010

Went to the American Music Theatre for autographs of the B-52's and got three of the four members. I got 2 8x10's of Cindy Wilson, 2 8x10's of Keith Strickland and an 8x10 of Kate Pierson. Didn't see or get Fred Schneider.

Keion Carpenter & Aaron Maybin

A friend went to a football camp on 7/10/2010 in Baltimore there was suppose a bunch of football players there including three were suppose to be Ravens including Ray Rice which is why he went but none showed but he did get me 2 Keion Carpenter's and 3 Aaron Maybin's

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here we go, going to give it a shot! Taylor Tankersley

As you may have seen on my blog I asked about a year long trade and have decide to go forward with it the first cards is a Taylor Tankersley Bowman Certified Autograph #148 with the Florida Marlins he was there June 2004 #1 draft pick. I will be taking offer for this card until midnight July 24th and select one offer on the 25th then that card will be the next one up for trade I will consider all offer any sport, any team, any year, would prefer it to be a Company Certified card but may consider other IE Graded/Authenticated blah blah blah just looking to have a little fun so keep the offer coming you can make as many offers as you would like also please post on link to this on your blog so we can get as much involvement as possible. Please post offers as comments to this post so all can look at them. Thanks, Dion

Completed Trade with Austin

Received an 8x10 Julio Lugo and postcard of Miguel Tejada in the mail today from Austin check his blog out maybe you'll have something he is looking for

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ringo Starr and his all-star band tour

Went to Lancaster, PA to try and get autographs waited a total of 4 1/2 hours before and after the show and only got 2 autographs 1 from Edgar Winter and 1 from Greg Bissonette which was actually pretty good Winter only signed one and Bissonette signed two. Ringo was a no go said "I don't do that anymore" when asked to sign before the show and was rushed by security into a shuttle after the show.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Orioles Postcard trade

Recently traded for 6 Orioles postcards and 3 1968 Dexter Press cards with Eddie they are as follow Postcards:
1) Fred Beene
2) Mike Boddicker
3) Rick Dempsey
4) Jim Palmer
5) Nate Snell
6) Eddie Watt
Dexter Press:
7) Paul Blair
8) Don Buford
9) Boog Powell

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bridgeport Bluefish

Went to the York Revolution game last night a Bridgeport 6-2 win and got the following autographs:
1) Antonio Alfonseca on game ticket stub.
2) Jorge Julio - 9 cards.
3) Willie Upshaw - 9 cards.
4) Josh Phelps - 3 Cards.
5) Hiram Bocachica - 3 cards.
6) Danny Putnam - 5 cards.