Sunday, February 19, 2017

Aaron Donald & a Super Bowl Champ

I went to the Harrisburg card show yesterday they had 3 Steelers players (Jesse James, Stephon Truitt & Sean Davis) signing autograph but each was more then I wanted to pay.  But I did find 3 cards for $1.50 each 2 of Aaron Donald and 1 of Trey Flowers. Donald's Autograph is crap but he is a great player so figured for the price why not.
1) Aaron Donald - 2014 Panini Score # 332.
2) Aaron Donald - 2015 Tops Field Access # 170.
3) Trey Flowers - 2015 Topps Platinum # AR-TF.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Arrival of Super Bowl Winnings

I was part of the 7th Annual almost easiest Super Bowl contest and actually won it. The package consisted of 12 cards some autographs, some numbered and some relics. see link below for final contest post,
I'd like to thank Mark for the chance and the contest and adding in some Baltimore Ravens!
The following is what I received today in the mail.
1) Timmy Jernigan - 2014 Score # 430 Autograph.
2) Chris Redman - 2000 Playoff Contenders # 127 Autograph.
3) Sammie Coates - 2015 Panini Donruss # DRT-SC Rookie Jersey.
4) Adrian Arrington - 2008 Topps # THA-AA Autograph.
5) LaQuan Williams - 2011 Playoff Contenders # 152 Autograph.
6) Adrian Arrington - 2008 Playoff Prestige #PPI-29 #'d 16/25.
7) Joe Flacco - 2016 Panini Certified # 28 #'d 109/499.
8) Joe Flacco - 2016 Panini Player of the Day #3.
9) Joe Flacco - 2016 Panini Donruss # 20 Press Proof.
10) Jeremy Hill - 2016 Panini Spectra #5 Jersey #'d 100/199.
11) David Johnson - 2015 Panini Donruss # 1 #'d 647/999.
12) J.J. Watt - 2016 Panini Certified # 44 #'d 048/225.

Friday, February 10, 2017

York Sports Night

Last night was the annual York Sports Night event which I attended and was able to get 2 autographs of each celebrity guest.  Plus at the Dinner answered a trivia question and received a PSU mini helmut signed by both Shane Conlan and Derrick Williams.
The following is the list of guests.
1) Baseball HOFer Bruce Sutter.
2) Football HOFer JohnRandle.
3) Football CHOFer Shane Conlan.
4) Penn State/Detriot Lion Derrick Williams.
5) former Maryland Terps Football Andrew Zeller.
6) York Revolution Mark Mason.
7) York Revolution Enohel Polanco.
8) York Revolution Frank Gailey.

John Randle signed Litho & 8x10.

Bruce Sutter Signed Ball & 8x10

Mark Mason & Frank Gailey Signed 8x10's and Program Signed by all 3 Revs.

Andrew Zeller signed 8x10's

Derrick Williams Signed Card & 8x10.

Shane Conlan signed 8x10's.

Derrick Williams & Shane Conlan Signed PSU Mini-Helmut.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Giving the hobby a bad name!

These are the things that go on that give the every day autograph collector a bad name when crap like this happens it just makes it bad for everyone else.  I have seen my fair share of these idiots that make the hobby look poorly in the eyes of the athletes to point where they either stop signing or just sign for kids or whatever they feel the response should be to correct it or limit the situation and interactions with fans.  See the Jordan Spieth article from the USA TODAY below.

Jordan Spieth gets into it with 'scums'
© Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports Jordan Spieth gets into it with 'scums'

by Steve DiMeglio, USA TODAY Sports
PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – Don’t mess with Jordan Spieth.
First of all, he’s from Texas.
Secondly, he doesn’t take kindly to professional autograph seekers.
Spieth, the two-time major champion and world No. 6, had a run-in Wednesday with a few gents seeking his autograph following his practice round at Pebble Beach. Tapping into his memory bank of these type of pursuers he’s amassed over the years, Spieth, 23, refused to sign when asked while attending to others who followed him around or were waiting for him.
That’s when, according to Spieth, one of them dropped an “F-bomb in front of three kids” and he responded to the “scums.”
“I felt the need to turn around and tell them that that wasn't right,” Spieth said ahead of his fifth start in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. “And couple of them were saying, ‘You're not Tiger Woods, don't act like you're Tiger.’ I mean it's just like, whatever, guys. You're still trying to benefit off me and I'm not even Tiger Woods. So, you know, what's that say about you?”
In his short time on the PGA Tour, Spieth has quickly built up a database of familiar faces and signs that turn him off in these situations.

“I'm not appreciative of people who travel to benefit off other people's success,” Spieth said “I enjoy signing and sign for kids whenever we get the chance. And when these guys have these items that you've already seen online and people … our team keeps track of that kind of stuff. And these guys that just have bags of stuff to benefit from other people's success when they didn't do anything themselves. Go get a job instead of trying to make money off of the stuff that we have been able to do. We like to sign stuff for charity stuff or for kids, and if you ask anybody universally it's the same way.”
Spieth usually lets his caddie, Michael Greller, handle situations like this. But his instinct, when knowing the foul language was said in front of children, moved him to react.
“When you see guys that follow you around the entire round, they're saying afterwards, ‘We're huge fans.’ A lot of other people did follow the entire round and so I want to make sure I sign for them, if I didn't get them out (on the course),” Spieth said. “So I was just a little frustrated at the end and I didn't appreciate the language that was used and … just some scums that just, it just bothered me.”

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brian Graham

I meet and got Brian Graham's autograph at this years Orioles FanFest but misplaced it until today when I found it along with some blank 3x5's Brian is the Orioles Director of Player Development and has be a coach in the major Leagues with both the Cleveland Indians and Orioles.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Antwon Bailey

I purchased this 2012 Leaf Draft Antwon Bailey # AB2 for a grand total of 66 cents delivered

Friday, February 3, 2017

Tandon Doss

I purchased this 4 card lot (3 Different) of former Raven Tandon Doss for a total of $3 shipped the cards are as follow.
1. 2011 Tandon Doss Plates & Patches Auto Card #ed 51/55 # 177
2. 2011 Tandon Doss Contenders Auto Card # 182
3. 2011 Tandon Doss Absolute Memorabilia Auto Card #ed 287/299 # 116
4. 2011 Tandon Doss Absolute Memorabilia Auto Card #ed 043/299 # 116

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Allen Patrick

I purchased this 13 card (9 Different) Allen Patrick Former Raven lot off Ebay for $8.00 shipped. the cards are as follow:
1. 2008 Allen Patrick Bowman Sterling Auto Card # 124
2. 2008 Allen Patrick Bowman Sterling Auto Card #ed 0091/1050 # 124
3. 2008 Allen Patrick Topps Chrome Auto Card # TC195
4. 2008 Allen Patrick Score Select Auto Card #ed 285/500 # 429
5. 2008 Allen Patrick SAGE Auto Card # A45
6. 2008 Allen Patrick SP Rookie Ed. Auto Card # 153 
7. 2008 Allen Patrick Topps Finest Auto Card # 120
8. 2008 Allen Patrick Topps Finest Auto Card # 120
9. 2008 Allen Patrick Bowman Auto Card # SF-AP
10. 2008 Allen Patrick Bowman Auto Card # SF-AP
11. 2008 Allen Patrick SP Authentic Auto Card #ed 0709/1199 # 201
12. 2008 Allen Patrick SP Authentic Auto Card #ed 0803/1199 # 201
13. 2008 Allen Patrick SP Authentic Auto Card #ed 0632/1199 # 201