Sunday, August 7, 2022


I wasn't able to go to this years Baltimore Ravens annual open practice at M&T Stadium.  But my buddy Dave went and was able to get 9 3x5's signed for me.

  1. Isaiah Likely - Rookie Draft pick so will need him.
  2. Mike Davis - Vet RB should make team as RB Insurance.
  3. Isaiah Mack - Upgrade to what I had played in 2021.
  4. Kevon Seymour - Upgrade from a USC card I had.
  5. Vince Biegel - Free Agent signing will need if makes team.
  6. Jaryd Jones-Smith - Didn't have him played in 2021.
  7. Tyler Huntley - Upgrade from a Utah card I had.
  8. Kyle Hamilton - 1st Round Draft Pick Need!
  9. Tony Jefferson - already had but nice extra.

The National Final post

This is the remaining of what I got at the National some where a giveaway, an In Person free signing, and some lump some purchases from different dealers dime boxes & $3 box (looking back probably shouldn't have bought these). 

Giveaway from the Wild Card booth spin the wheel get what it landed on mine landed on a #'d insert 1/5 of Desmond Ridder.

In Person signing at the Topps booth, 3 Athletes Unlimited Basketball players Taj Cole, Toccara Ross & Laurin Mincy. 
$3 Box autographs and couple PC Ravens
Dime Box finds most are of Atlantic League players I'm hoping to get them signed.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

The National - Bobby Layne

The most expensive piece I bought at The National was this JSA Certified signed Magazine page by football Hall of Famer Bobby Layne.  Bobby is my 257th member of the HOF in my collection. This has a nice clean ball point pen signature, he was inducted to the Hall in 1967 and passed away in 1987.

Friday, August 5, 2022

The National - Sam Snead

The final piece bought from the same dealer at The National last Friday is a JSA Certified signed check by Sam Snead.  Interesting piece as it was a check written to purchase a 1983 BMW for $24,000, it would be great to find a picture of him with the car.  This was a needed signature for my Golf HOF collection.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

The National - Jason Taylor

This is the second piece I bought at the National last Friday It's JSA Certified Jason Taylor 8x10 I also didn't have Jason before so he becomes the # 256 different autograph in my Football HOF Autograph Collection.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The National - Earl Campbell

I went to 1 day of The National while I was on vacation last week.  I went on Friday and will be doing a bunch of posts over the next few days Todays is a look at 1 of 3 items I bought from the same dealer.  I bought an Earl Campbell Heisman TriStar autographed 8x10, I needed Earl for the Football HOF auto collection and I now have 255 different members of the Hall in my collection. Tomorrow I will have another from this purchase posted.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022


This is the 3rd and last of the vacation posts and was also from #PWEFriday the Friday before I left for the beach and came from @dabtendo91.  This claim was for 2 Basketball autographs from the same set 2020-21 Panini Illusions Trophy Collection of Calvin Natt # TC-CNT & Slick Watts # TC-SLW. I didn't have either players autograph so nice additions to the basketball collection.


Monday, August 1, 2022

Peter Uihlein

This is the 2nd of my vacation mail and was from twitter's #PWEFriday & @KevinSpollen. The card is a Peter Uihlein 2013 SP Authentic # 92 #'d 685/699. Nice addition to the golf autographs collection.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Trade # 24

I just got back from vacation and had 3 envelopes this is the first of those.  This was my side of a PWE trade with @gregjbarry a Greg Jones 2020 Bowman Sterling # BSPA-GJ.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Trade # 23

I forgot to do a post for this trade a few weeks back with @Collec_Sport Matt & I have completed quite a few PWE trades in the past this one was for the following autographs and a Ray Lewis card.
  1. Cameron Rising.
  2. Jerome Ford.
  3. Quinn Nordin.
  4. Adetokunbo Ogundeji #'d 10/49.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Trade # 22

I made a trade with @tomdicaprio my side of the deal was 17 cards with 15 being autographs 6 certified and 9 in person along with a couple PC Angels. the following list are the 15 players received.
  1. Wayne Gandy.
  2. Roosevelt Potts.
  3. Paul Gruber.
  4. Gene LaMont.
  5. Donn Pall.
  6. Reggie Harris.
  7. Doug Piatt.
  8. Jim Vatcher.
  9. Scott Livingstone.
  10. Wilson Betemit.
  11. Eric Cyr.
  12. Yamil Benetiz.
  13. Nelson Lara.
  14. Andrew Stevenson.
  15. Geoff Goetz.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Trade # 21

I made a trade with @tomdicaprio on twitter.  My side of the deal was for these 5 autographs (3 Football & 2 Baseball). Here is a listing and a picture of them.
  1. Jaylen Twyman - 2021 Leaf Flash # PA-JT1 #'d 30/50.
  2. Tamorrion Terry - 2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks # DPA-TTE #'d 153/199.
  3. L.J. Scott - 2019 Panini Contenders Draft Picks # 128.
  4. Gus Varland - 2020 Bowman Sterling # BSPA-GV.
  5. Trea Barrera - 2020 Panini Contenders # 141.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Gastonia Honey Hunters

I went to the Gastonia - York Game last night and did autographs before and after the game.  This was Gastonia 13 straight win and was 10-0 including 5 home runs.  I was able to get 8 players and a total of 32 autographs. Here is the list and what I got signed.
  1. Sam Bordner - a Card.
  2. Luis Castro - a Card.
  3. Goose Gozzo - 3 Cards.
  4. Reggie Harris - 6 Cards.
  5. Jack Reinheimer - 4 Cards & 2 *x10's.
  6. Jake Skole - 7 Cards.
  7. Chad Sobotka - a Card & an 8x10.
  8. Troy Stokes Jr. - 6 Cards.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Levi Norwood

I received this 2015 Topps Chrome Levi Norwood autograph from @MBalsley in the mail yesterday.  This card was part of the Sunday #Giveaway thread sponsored by @ngtcollectibles. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Charleston Dirty Birds

I went to Lancaster to do some pre-game autographs.  A couple of the guys I had stuff for weren't there either inactive Injured or gone as usual for the Atlantic League.  I was able to the the following 6 players and a total of 13 autographs, which was basically everyone that I had and was there.

  1. Engle Beltre - 3 Cards & 2 8x10's.
  2. Scott Burcham - 2 8x10's.
  3. Kevin Siegrist - an 8x10.
  4. Anfernee Seymour - 3 Cards.
  5. Alfredo Gonzalez - A 3x5.
  6. Nick Heath - A Card.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Staten Island FerryHawks

I went to York to do Pre-Game autographs of the FerryHawks. I was able to get 7 of the 8 people I had stuff of, the only one I didn't get was newly acquired Rusney Castillo.  So I was able to get 7 players and a total of 18 autographs see the list and pictures of items below.

  1. Edgardo Alfonzo - 2 8x10's.
  2. Nelson Figueroa - 4 8x10's.
  3. Dilson Herrera - 3 8x10's & 3 Cards.
  4. Justin O'Conner - 3 Cards.
  5. David Martinez - 8x10.
  6. Kelsie Whitmore - 8x10 Inscribed "1st Pro Female in Atlantic League"
  7. Alex Katz - 8x10.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

High Point @ Lancaster

Tonight I went to the High Point at Lancaster game to do some pre-game autographs.  I only need a few guys and was able to get everyone that I wanted 5 players and a total of 20 autographs.  Also found a batting practice ball in the stands when I arrived.
  1. Logan Morrison - 14 Cards.
  2. Michael Martinez - a Card.
  3. Frank Viola - a Card.
  4. Oscar De LA Cruz - 3 Cards.
  5. Brooks Hall - a Card. 

Monday, July 11, 2022

Stack Sale

I purchased 10 cards from @JeffreyD81.  They arrived today a few PC cards Seaver, Dion, Trout & Lamar. The others are the following 6 autographs 3 Football & # Basketball.

  1. Jason Peters - 2020 Panini Illusions # SU19.
  2. Stepfan Taylor - 2013 Panini Certified #334 #'d 273/499 Double Jersey.
  3. Cornellius Carradine - 2013 Panini Prizm # 218.
  4. Chris Kaman - 2020-21 Panini Select # AM-CKM #'d 13/99 Jersey.
  5. Chris Kaman - 2020-21 Panini Select # AM-CKM #'d 169/249 Jersey.
  6. Devin Harris - 2017-18 Panini Vanguard # IF-DHs #'d 59/99.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Frederick Keys & Trenton Thunder

Jim & I went to the game in Frederick last night this is the new MLB 6 team Draft league.  I knew none of the players and seemed like each team had 40+ players.  We went for the coaching staffs of each team did get one player as he was on the program cover.  I was able to get 6 people and a total of 27 autographs pre-game.  

  1. Anthony Herron Jr. - 2 Programs.
  2. Dennis Rasmussen - 9 Cards.
  3. Joe Oliver - 3 Cards.
  4. David Miller - 1 Card.
  5. Angel Sanchez - 5 Cards.
  6. Shawn Chacon - 7 Cards.
See below for items signed and a couple game pictures.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Justin Davis

I received this 2017 Leaf Draft Justin Davis autograph from @kerBearKeriS from a #PWEFriday on Twitter.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Trade # 19

I made a trade with @Scribble4me on twitter my side of the deal was this Chase Silseth 2022 1st Bowman autograph.  Double nice for me as an Autograph and an Angel.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Kentucky Wild Health Genomes Part 2

Kentucky was in Lancaster during the week and I went for a second night of pregame autographs I was able to get 8 players and 32 total autographs.  Who and what I got is as follows and some pictures of the items as well.

  1. Chris Shaw - 9 Cards.
  2. Felix Pie - Team Logo & 9 Cards.
  3. Aaron Blair - 3 Cards.
  4. Jimmy Paredes - 4 Cards & Team Logo.
  5. Max Povse - 8x10.
  6. Alejandro Chacin - Ticket Stub.
  7. Edubray Ramos - 3x5 & Team Logo.
  8. Tim Peterson - 3x5.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Henry Owens

When Lexington was in Lancaster I was unable to get Henry Owens but I knew someone who might be able to and did a 50/50 with them for 8 cards so they did get signed after a game and I got 4 back and are below.   I actual have the Bowman so will be exchanging it for one I don't already have signed.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Kentucky wild Health Genomes

The Wild Health Genomes were in Lancaster for a series this week and I went over for autographs before 2 of the 3 games and was able to get a total of 6 Players and 25 Autographs they are as follow.  Before the first game I found 2 batting practice balls in the stands as well one was a 2017 Rawlings ball the other was one of the new balls the league is using by Drake. 
  1. Cleuluis Rondon - A Card.
  2. Chase Vallot - 9 Cards.
  3. Jimmy Paredes - 8x10 & 5 Cards.
  4. Diego Moreno - 8x10.
  5. Moises Sierra - A Card.
  6. Elih Villanueva - 7 Cards.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Trade # 18

I made a twitter trade with @Mackdogking551.  My side of the arrived this week in the mail and was for 7 total autographs 3 Baseball, 2 Football, 1 Basketball & 1 Hockey and are detailed and pictured below.

  1. Adbert Alzolay - 2020 Panini Donruss # SS-AL.
  2. R.J. Dabovich - 2020 Panini Elite Extra Edition # 121.
  3. Willy Fana - 2018 Panini Elite Extra Edition # 185 #'d 33/75 Die-Cut.
  4. Ike Anigbogu - 2017 Panini Contenders # 103 #'d 30/99.
  5. Richie Grant - 2021 Panini Chronicles Prestige Draft Picks # PS-RGR.
  6. Curtis Weaver - 2020 Panini Luminance # 136 #'d 41/50.
  7. Mikhail Grigorenko - 2011-12 In The Game # A-MGR. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Lexington Legends

Last weekend I went to do pregame autographs in Lancaster for the visiting Lexington Legends.  I was able to get a total of 6 players and 21 total autographs over 2 days of graphing.  They are as follow and with pictures of the items.
1) Courtney Hawkins - 2 Cards.
2) Blake Swihart - 6 Cards.
3) Phil Ervin - 4 Cards.
4) Manuel Geraldo - 3 Cards.
5) Keyvius Sampson - A Card.
6) Daniel Corcino - 5 Cards.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Dak Prescott

I won a twitter giveaway from @1218Sports of this nice Dak Prescott 2021 Panini Mosaic Prizm I'm still catching up and this arrived while I was on vacation last week.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Kevin Nash

Last Week Kevin Nash was a guest at the Reading Phils AA game a friend of mine was going and he was able to get my 1998 WCW NWO Sticker Card #S6 signed for me looks pretty good and was an autograph I didn't have so a nice add to the collection.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Stack Sale

I purchased 30 cards during a stack sale that @DocsHockeyCards was having 20 of them being Carter Hart PC cards and 3 Autographs a couple Connor McDavid and misc. others.
1) Dante Fabbro - 2019-20 Upper Deck Ultimate # 175 #'d 133/299.
2) Oskar Lindbolm - 2017-18 Upper Deck AHL # 47.
3) Ryan Murphy - 2013-14 SP Authentic # SOT-RM.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Staten Island Day 2

Wednesday I went back for another Staten Island game mainly to try and get Kelsie Whitmore's autograph as the 1st Female professional player I thought she should be and deserved a spot in my collection.  Also as I was leaving for the game I heard that Dilson Herrera would be making his 2022 debut so had to go back in and get the cards I had of him.  I was able to get both of them plus Nelson Figueroa.
1) Kelsie Whitmore - Atlantic League Ball & a 5x7 picture.
2) Dilson Herrera - 5 Cards.
3) Nelson Figuera - 2 8x10 team logos.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Logan Morrison

This was a RAK for the Atlantic League autograph season this one came from @GregjBarry and was these 2 LoMo's hoping to get them signed soon in Lancaster or York.  These also arrived while I was on vacation last week.