Thursday, December 29, 2016

Secret Santa

Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank organized a secret Santa, but I got in late so he suggested we exchange with each other.  So today my package from Matt arrived and it was full of some Autographed goodness, The package included 9 autographed cards 5 Baseball & 4 Basketball.
They are as follow:
1) Gary Brown 2015 Panini National Treasures # 183 #'d 19/25 with a Sweet Patch.
2) Delino DeShields Jr. 2014 Bowman Platinum #AJR-DD W/Jumbo White Jersey.
3) Michael Choice 2014 Panini National Treasures # 15 W/ Jumbo Red Jersey.
4) Billy Butler 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen # AR-BB # 02/25 W/ Grey Jersey.
5) Rich Hill 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGA-RJH Framed Mini.

6) Rich Yonakor - 2011 Upper Deck UNC # 38.
7) Vonteego Cummings 1999 Press Pass.
8) William Avery 1999 Press Pass Signature Edition.
9) John Celestand 1999 Press Pass Signature Edition.

Thanks, Matt!

Football Lot

I bought a 10 card autographed football lot from Israel, the following are the cards that were included in the lot.  Not bad for about 70 cents each delivered.
1) Cam Thomas 2015 Upper Deck # 159.
2) Kevin Norwood 2014 Topps Chrome # 142.
3) Jonathan Cyprien 2013 Score # 360 Purple Border.
4) Kevin Minter 2013 Score # 389 Purple Border & Green Border.
5) Desmond Trufant 2X 2013 Score # 398 Purple Border.
6) Phillip Thomas 2013 Score # 412 Purple Border.
7) Ahmad Black 2011 Press Pass  #PPS-AB2 Gold #'d 21/99.
8) Lawrence Timmons 2007 Upper Deck # RI-LT.

If any one needs a Desmond Trufant  since I got 2, let me know sure we can work a trade out.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hockey Lot

I bought a 3 card lot of hockey cards for C$ 2.00 from Canada and they arrived today.
1) 10/11 Certified Marc-Andre Cliche Rookie Sighature # 211 #'d 389/799.
2) 11/12 Certified  Rookie  Cameron Gaunce Freshman Signatures # 193.
3) 11/12 Certified Rookie Tomas Kubalik Freshman Signatures # 194.
A nice lot for about 50 cents each in my US dollars lol who knows with these exchange rates changing daily.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


I received 2 cd's in my stocking for Christmas (Actually purchased for myself). A few weeks ago I got an email from Fret 12 which is the Label for Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist  Mark Tremonti they were having a 12 Days of Xmas sale and was able to pick up cheap band signed CD's.  Interesting that Tremonti's bass player on his second album Cauterize released in 2015 is Wolfgang Van Halen which is autograph is above bottom Left along with Mark's signature upper left and Garrett Whitlock upper right and Eric Friedman Bottom Right.  Below is the 2012 released debut album "All I Was", which is autographed by Tremonti, Whitlock & Friedman.  The CD's aren't actually signed they printed up seperate panels the same size as a CD and had them sign those nice but not as nice as if it were the the actual CD covers.  But for $13 total shipped a great deal 2 CD's, 7 autographs.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Skyler Green

I purchased this 2006 Bowman Signs of the Future Skyler Green #SF-SG for 76 cents shipped I have a few others from this set so a nice addition for the price. He plated in college at LSU then went to the NFL for parts of 3 years with Dallas, Cincy & New Orleans then it was off to the Canadian football league for a couple seasons with Edmonton and then back to the states for three more seasons in the Arena league with New Orleans, so i'd say he got around. He has a nice clean autograph that you can actual read too!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Eagles @ Ravens

I went to today's game the weather was not great for autographs due to rain.  I was able to get couple pre-game before the rain came and a few Ravens after the game. As for the game the Ravens coaching made this a game by calling a pass and Joe throwing an interception with 6:30 left and a ten point lead deep in Eagles territory.  On 1st down run the ball 3 times run some clock or make them use the OT's and either score the TD or kick the FG and go up by 2 TD but we didn't and the Eagles scored a FG and late TD with .04 remaining just glad the 2 pt'er was deflected at line and we win 27-26 much harder day then it needed to be once again we try to out coach ourselves. with that said if they win the final 2 games Ravens win division and would be playoff bound.  The following is who and what I got signed.  Also was able to get Juney Barnett's Coach's sideline hat and a Glove from Lardarius Webb.
1) Jalen Mills - Team Sheet.
2) Allen Barbre - Team Sheet.
3) Jim Schwartz - 3x5.
4) Mike Quick - a Card.
5) Brennen Beyer - 3x5.
6) Jarell Broxton - 3x5.
7) Stephen Houston - 3x5.
8) Nick Boyle - 3x5.
9) Marqueston Huff - 3x5.
10) Michael Pierce - 3x5.
11) Tavon Young - 3x5.
12) Buck Allen - a Card.
13) Dennis Pitta - a Card.
14) Mike Wallace - 2 Cards.
15) Bobby Engram - a Card.
Fox Sports:
16) Daryl Johnston - 3 Cards.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Grice & Lippett

I purchased these 2 autographs off of ebay from the same seller cost was .75 each the first is a 2014 Topps Turkey Red of Marion Grice # 82 and the other is a 2015 Leaf Draft of Tony Lippett #BA-TL2.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Pop Evil & Citizen Zero

Last night I went to the concert at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore, MD.  I actually won tickets the day before and wasn't going to do autographs but Citizen Zero came out and spent the rest of the night at there merch table after there set, so I bought CD and got it signed along with a 3x5 of each member of the band. As for Pop Evil no autos but was able to get a Set-List and a pick from Nick Fuelling which includes his signature, a Pop Evil logo and a Pittsburgh Penguins logo on the Pop Evil logo nice touch but being a Flyers fan........ enough said.
Pop Evil Drummer Hayley Cramer

Pop Evil's Nick Fuelling Pick

Pop Evil Set-list & Pick

Citizen Zero Autographed CD

Citizen Zero Guitarist/Singer Josh Lemay

Citizen Zero Drummer John Dudley

Citizen Zero Bassist Sam Collins
Pop Evil Guitarist Nick Fuelling
Pop Evil Guitarist Dave Grahs
Pop Evils Singer Leigh Kakaty & Bassist Matt DiRito

Citizen Zero Guitarist Sammy Boller
Citizen Zero Autographs Sammy Boller, Sam Collins, John Dudley & Josh Lemay

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Midnight Eternal 12/4/2016

This will be the 3rd and final concert post from the show on 12/4/2016, and will feature the opening band Midnight Eternal which features female vocalist Raine Hilai.  The show was a little more then 30 minutes and afterwards the band hung out at the merch table for the rest of the shows so after Queensryche I stop by and got a band photo signed and a solo shot of Raine Hilai.

The following are some pictures from the 12/4/2016 Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club show.

Midnight Eternal Vocalist Raine Hilai

Midnight Eternal Guitarist Richard Fischer

Midnight Eternal Bassist Greg Manning

Midnight Eternal Drummer Dan Prestup

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Armored Saint 12/4/2016

7The following is the second post from the 12/4/2016 concert and features Armored Saint. The show was about 55 minutes of solid 80's type metal.  I was able to get one of the set-lists 2 picks one from Jeff Duncan and one from Phil Sandoval and after the the concert was able to obtain autographs from the entire band.
The Following is who and what I got signed.
1) John Bush - Set-list & 2 8x10's.
2) Joey Vera - Set-list & 2 8x10's.
3) Jeff Duncan - Set-list & 3 8x10's
4) Phil Sandoval - Set-list & an 8x10.
5) Gonzo Sandoval - Set-list & 2 8x10's.

The following are some pictures from the 12/4/2016 concert.

Armored Saint Bassist Joey Vera

Armored Saint Vocalist John Bush

Armored Saint Drummer Gonzo Sandoval

Armored Saint Guitarist Jeff Duncan

Armored Saint Guitarist Phil Sandoval

Monday, December 5, 2016

Queensryche 12/4/2016

I went to the Queensryche, Armored Saint, Midnight Eternal & Metalwulf (Local Band) concert last night at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA.  Gates opened at 6 PM and show ended at a little before 11:30 PM. So it was a long night standing but I was in the second row so it was well worth it. I'm going to do three different posts for this concert of items I got and autographs I received after the show. So get the autographs made it even a later night sticking around about an hour or so after the show.

For the 1st post I'm going with the headliner Queensryche, they put on a great show and sounded fantastic it was the 1st time seeing them with Todd La Torre on vocals and I was happy with the performance your never sure when a band has a different lead singer but he did a great job. As for autographs and stuff I was able to get one of Scott Rockenfield's drumsticks

and was able to get autographs from.
1) Michael Wilton - 2 CD's & 3 8x10's.
2) Todd La Torre - 3 8x10's.
3) Parker Lundgren - 2 8x10's.

The following are pictures from Last nights show.

Queensryche Bassist Eddie Jackson

Queensryche Guitarist Michael Wilton

Queensryche Guitarist Parker Lundgren

Queensryche Drummer Scott Rockenfield

Queensryche Vocalist Todd La Torre

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Ravens 12/4/16

I sold my tickets to the Dolphins - Ravens game so went to the stadium just for pre-game autographs. The following is who and what I got this morning 25 Players and 32 autographs.
1)  Randy "Mayor" Brown - 3x5.
2) Juan Castillo - 3x5.
3) Leslie Frazier - 3x5.
4) Nick Boyle - 3x5.
5) Robertson Daniel - 3x5.
6) Marqueston Huff - 3x5.
7) Asa Jackson - 3x5.
8) Ryan Jensen - 3x5.
9) Kyle Juszczyk - 3x5.
10) Chris Moore - 3x5.
11) Jerruad Powers - 3x5.
12) Matt Skura - 3x5.
13) Za'Darius Smith - 3x5.
14) Brent Urban - 3x5.
15) Carl Davis - 3 Cards.
16) Bobby Engram - 2 Cards (1 Smudged).
17) Devin Hester - a Card.
18) Ryan Mallett - 3 Cards.
19) Dennis Pitta - a Card.
20) Terrance West - 3 Cards (1 Smudged).
21) Richard Angulo - 8x10.
22) Mike Wallace - 8x10.
23) Matt Stover - Goalpost.
24) Sam Koch - Goalpost.
25) Morgan Cox - Goalpost (WolfPack, Smudged Cox).

Sam Koch & "Wolfpack!" Inscription signed piece of Goalpost.

Morgan Cox & Matt Stover signed piece of Goalpost

Richard Angulo & Mike Wallace signed 8x10's