Saturday, May 31, 2014

Timmy Jernigan

2014 Press Pass Timmy Jernigan Autograph card #'d 32/99

I picked up my 1st new Baltimore Raven of the new season with this nice 2014 Press Pass Timmy Jernigan # PPS-TJ #'d 32/99. Jernigan was the Ravens 2nd Round Draft pick and probably a lock to make the team with the loss of Arthur Jones. I got this in the mail today was an Ebay pick up for a total of $4.87.  With the NFL and the Ravens become less and less autograph/fan friendly I guess I will be picking up some of the newer guys on company signed cards as there available and only if there the right price.

Sugar Land, No McGrady

Between the Boone and Hayes signings we went over to the Lancaster stadium to see if we could catch Tracy McGrady coming off the bus I had heard he signed when he got to the stadium on Friday night.  But there was no glory as Tracy was the last player off the bus and came off on the phone and walked the 5-10 feet into the clubhouse doors was able to get 3 cards of Brandon Wood and 9 of Rusty Ryal so wasn't a complete waste could have had Gary Gaetti since he was first off but wasn't sure when Tracy would be off so held off and didn't get him.

Bob Boone/Von Hayes in Lancaster, Pa

I went to the event at Play it Again Sports in Lancaster, Pa today they had a couple of FREE signings today Bob Boone was from noon to 1:30PM and then Von Hayes was from 3-5PM. I had a baseball game this morning so got to the Boone part at about 1PM was able to get thru the line twice and get a total of 8 cards signed.  For Hayes got back there about 3:30PM and went thru line twice and was able to get 9 cards signed.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sugar Land @ Lancaster 5/30/14

I went to Lancaster to do some pre-game autographing did well but did not get Tracy McGrady he was there and I saw him signing just wasn't able to get him, He was in the bullpen area and wasn't signing I was getting other players closer to the dugout he then started signing when i got there there was a group with a fence in between then he stopped signing so I went back to get other players I had cards of then he went to the dugout I heard he sighed getting off the bus and I saw him sign a few inside the stadium so may venture back tomorrow for the bus before the game.  Here is who I got.
1) Clint Everts - 3 Cards.
2) Brandon Wood - 9 Cards.
3) Chris Smith - 3 Cards.
4) Roy Corcoran - 2 Cards.
5) Ryan Langerhans - 9 Cards.
6) Jared Wells - a Card.
7) Rusty Ryal - 9 Cards.
8) Neil Medchill - a Card.
9) Nick Stavinoha - 5 Cards.
So not a bad couple of hours 9 players 42 cards.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Basketball Ebay Lot

I purchased this 16 cards lot on ebay and it came in the mail today the total was $11.55 with free shipping so comes out to about .72 a piece here is who I got.
1) Jason Terry 2002-03 Topps Ten # TA-JT.
2) Al Harrington 2002-03 Topps Xpectations # XA-AH.
3) Kedrick Brown 2002-03 Topps Xpectations # XA-KBR.
4) Jerome Moiso 2002-03 Upper Deck # 242 #'d 009/113.
5) Jarron Collins 2002-03 UD Authentics # JA.
6) Larry Hughes 2002-03 Upper Deck Hardcourt Commemoratives # LH-C.
7) Jamaal Magloire 2002-03 UD Play Makers # JA-AW Jersey #'d 49/50.
8) Speedy Claxton 2001-02 SP Authentic # SC.
9) Andre Miller 1999-2000 Fleer Mystique.
10) Jason Collier 2000 Hit A50.
11) Eddie Gill 2000 SP Top Prospects # EG.
12) Jaron Rush 2000 SP Top Prospects # JR.
13) Matt Santangelo 2000 SP Top Prospects # MS.
14) Cory Carr 1999-00 Skybox Autographics.
15) Darrell Armstrong 1999-00 Upper Deck MVP # DA.
16) Tariq Abdul-Wahad 1998-99 Skybox Autographics

Monday, May 26, 2014

Trade with Dave

I buddy of mine had some random baseball autographed items that he really didn't want as he is collecting just Baltimore Ravens items so we worked out a deal.  I gave him some Ravens stuff he wanted and I got the baseball stuff which include cards, 8x10's, postcards & magazines.  The following is the list of items.
1) Leo Gomez - a Card.
2) Dave Johnson - a Card.
3) Mark Williamson - a Card.
4) Johnny Oates - a Card.
5) Glenn Davis - a Card.
6) Chris Hoiles - a Card.
7) Gregg Olson - a Card.
8) Tim Hulett - a Card.
9) Mike Devereaux - a Card.
10) Dave Parker - 2 Cards.
11) Ben McDonald - a Card.
12) Rick Bauer - Postcard & Magazine.
14) Elrod Hendricks - Postcard.
15) John Parrish - Postcard.
16) Tony Batista - Magazine.
17) Marty Cordova - Magazine & 8x10.
18) Melvin Mora - Magazine.
19) B.J. Surhoff - Magazine.
20) Jeff Conine - 8x10.
21) Mike Hargrove - 8x10.
22) Jim Palmer - 8x10.
23) Boog Powell - 8x10.
24) Chris Gomez - Fanfest Flyer.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Indians @ Orioles May 25, 2014

Mike and I went to the Orioles game today and did some autographing before the game,  We only did before since it was a Sunday game and both teams were hitting the road afterwards. As for the game the Indians got 2 runs in the first that would be it as the Orioles would score 4 with a couple of them coming on a home run by Manny Machado and Nelson Cruz hitting his major league leading 16th bomb.
Here is who I got today:
1)  Jim Hunter - 8x10.
2) T.J. McFarland - a Card.
3) Mike Bordick - 3 Cards.
4) Nick Hundley - 3x5.
5) Brad Brach - 3x5.
6) Corey Kluber - Ticket Stub.
7) Scott Atchison - a Card.
8) John Axford - 3 Cards.
9) Mark Lowe - 2 Cards.
10) David Murphy - 2 Cards.
11) Marc Rzepczynski - 3 Cards.
12) Bryan Shaw - a Card.
13) Josh Tomlin - 3 Cards.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kevin Frederick

I bought this 2002 SP Authentic Autographed card of Kevin Frederick from the Minnesota Twins on Ebay and got it in the mail this weekend. Nice card #'d 48/125 not bad for .68 cents delivered.

Cullen Jones

I went to York Revolution game Friday night where Olympic Gold Medal swimmer made an appearance.  I got him to sign before the First pitch which he throw out and got 1 8x10 signed he said he only does one. There was a sit down signing in the concourse during the game so I got another 8x10 signed there and fellow blogger and collector Todd had his daughter gave me a hand and got my 3rd 8x10 done. It was a quite night for baseball autographs tried to get the few Rev's I needed but was ignored by Wilson Valdez and Eric Patterson, I did get Anthony Lerew on a card but all the others I needed were pitchers (Hendrickson, Lewis) who didn't come out before the game stated.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Baltimore Ravens Draft Party

A friend and I went to the Ravens Draft party on Thursday night cost with the ticket service fees was $22.  It Should have come with one autograph voucher but some how I screwed up or didn't see where I had to check off some box when ordering to get them so didn't have the voucher so the only autographs were from asking as players were coming and going from other attractions.  Torrey Smith I saw signed but he flat out told me he wouldn't sign for me guess he thinks I'm a dealer because he saw I had a book with my 8x10's in it and he commented I know what your doing???? apparently not Torrey but whatever, Was also blown off by Chris McAlister twice and once by Courtney Upshaw at the radio show not sure why you go to a fan events as a player and don't sign but it is what it is.  All in all it was only OK but with the Ravens becoming less and less fan friendly over the years ex. no camp any more you have to take what you can get when you can get it.  We were also asked by security and the police to leave the area before the gates opened where the players arrive after we got Gino Gradkowski. At the rummage sale I bought a Stadium Banner for $20 it is large the picture below is only showing half of it it has the Ravens head on one side and "Ravenstown" on the other.  So here is who/what I got.
1) Kyle Juszczyk (@ Photo Booth) - 3x5.
2) Kyle Richardson (@ Photo Booth) - 3x5.
3) Qadry Ismail (Outside) - a Card.
4) Jaime Sharper (Radio Show) - 3 Cards.
5) Bernard Pierce (Photo Booth) - a Jersey Card.
6) Ma'ake Kemoeatu (Photo Booth) - 4 Cards, 8x10 & Stadium Banner.
7) Gino Gradkowski (Outside) - 8x10.
Raven Cheerleaders:
8) Ali - Postcard.
9) Jackie - Postcard.
10) Sam - Postcard.


Bridgeport @ York May 7th, 2014

I went to the Game and did autographing before and after the game only did Bridgeport and missed 2 guys (Jaye Chapman & Tomo Ohka) I wanted but it's early in the season so hopefully fill them in later. Here is the list of who/what I got (A good night 13 players 63 total autographs):
Bridgeport Bluefish:
1) Winston Abreau - 8x10.
2) Hunter Jones - 8x10.
3) Brian Omogrosso - 8x10.
4) Scott Maine - Ticket Stub.
5) Kanekoa Texeira - 9 Cards.
6) Jesse English - 9 Cards.
7) J.R. Towles - 9 Cards.
8) Denny Almonte - a Card.
9) Luis Lopez - 4 Cards.
10) Sean Burroughs - 15 Cards.
11) Prentice Redman - 2 Cards.
12) Brandon Boggs - a Card.
13) Willie Upshaw - 9 Cards.

Topps contest over at play at the plate!

Play at the plate is having a contest for his 2,000th post and the prize is a hobby box of 2014 bowman which was donated by Topps! Nice! so go enter NOW......... see link to contest below.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Somerset Patriots @ Lancaster

I went to the game in Lancaster, PA last night to do a little pre-game autographing of the visitors Somerset Patriots.  The following is who I got:
1) Shane Spencer - 8x10 & 7 Cards.
2) Nate Spears - 2 Cards.
3) Edwin Maysonet - 5 Cards.
4) Damaso Espino - 2 Cards.
5) Matt Maloney - 3 Cards.
6) Luis Montanez - 7 Cards.
7) Derell McCall - 4 Cards.

Mel Hein

Mel Hein Certified Autograph
I recently got this in the mail a nice addition to the Football Hall of Fame collection total cost was $20 delivered it was $25 but had $5 ebay bucks so a nice discount.  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Washington Capitals

I friend of mine went to a minor league (Frederick I believe) baseball game a week or so ago and they had two former Washington Capital players (Craig Laughlin & Alan May) signing autographs so he got me these two personalized 8 1/2 x 11 pictures. Thanks, Lefty!