Thursday, August 29, 2013

Johnny "Football" Manziel

This has to be the biggest farce the "investigation" into Manziel.  a 1/2 game suspension to a game that will be a blow-out is no penalty at all.  As an autograph collector and one that try's not to pay for autographs it just makes no sense for a guy to sign thousands of auto's and not get paid it's common sense that someone was paid if not Johnny Football then someone Johnny knows was paid there is just no reason to believe otherwise and the NCAA to suspend for a half is a joke there is just to much money on the line for the NCAA & Texas A&M for this to have any other outcome the to let him play. It's hard enough to get these guys to sign one item let alone to sign 400 for one person(Dealer), so if your signing 400 and it's a known dealer/seller of autographs there is no reason to do it unless you or someone you know is getting paid! What Johnny should have done is dropped out of college sold his autograph to the highest bidders and worked out and entered next years draft the only loser in this would have been the NCAA and Texas A&M. He would have got paid and turned pro this way and there is no problem. Please comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Denny Mclain

I traded with a friend, I got this Denny Mclain Detroit Tigers 8x10 inscribed 31-6 1968 and gave up a Lenny Moore Baltimore Colts 8x10 inscribed HOF 75 & # 24.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Carolina Panthers @ Baltimore Ravens 8/22/2013

I went to the pre-season game in Baltimore between the Panthers and Ravens and did autographs pre and post game. I game was a weird on with the Panthers winning on a Special teams TD and 3 Defensive TD's and non on offense. Can't think that either coach was happy with this being the real tune up for the season and no starters expected to play next weeks last pre-season game.  Here is the list of how/what I got signed at the game.
1) Lenny Moore - 2 8x10's.
2) Jon Gruden - 8x10.
3) Ricardo Silva - Team Logo.
4) Hayworth Hicks - Team Logo.
5) Drayton Florence - Team Logo & A Card.
6) Dale Moss - Team Logo.
7) Anderson Russell - Team Logo.
8) Zack Pianalto - Team Logo.
9) Morgan Lineberry - Team Logo.
10) Brandon Williams - Team Logo.
11) Jordan Gay - Team Logo.
12) Byron Bell - Team Logo, Panini Book & 3x5 .
13) Ben Jacobs - Team Logo.
14) Justin Wells - Team Logo.
15) Haruki Nakamura - Panini Book.
16) Ted Ginn Jr. - 2 Sports Illustrated Covers.
17) Chase Blackburn - 3x5.
18) Thomas Davis - 3x5.
19) Dwan Edwards - 3x5.
20) Kawann Short - 3x5.
21) Luke Kuechly - A Card.
22) Brandon LaFell - 4 Cards.
23) Jon Beason - A Card.
24) Ken Dorsey - A Card.
25) D.J. Moore - A Card.
26) Anthony Allen - 3 Cards.
27) Bryant McKinnie - 3 Cards.
28) Brandon Williams - Custom Card & 3x5.
29) Matt Elam - 2 Cards.
30) Omar Brown - 3x5.
31) Juan Castillo - 3x5.
32) Gino Gradkowski - 3x5.
33) Caleb Hanie - 3x5.
34) Kyle Juszczyk - 3x5.
35) Anthony Levine - 3x5.
36) A.Q. Shipley - 3x5.
37) Alex Silvestro - 3x5.
38) Steve Spagnuolo - 3x5.
39) Asa Jackson - 3x5.
40) Tyrod Taylor - 3x5.
41) Damien Berry - SB 8x10.
42) Michael Oher - 8x10.
43) Arthur Jones - SB Collage 8x10.
44) Randy Brown - SB 8x10.
45) Matt Weiss - SB 8x10.
46) Jim Hostler - SB 8x10.
47) Jim Caldwell - SB 8x10.
48) Don "Wink" Martindale - SB 8x10.
49) Teryl Austin - SB 8x10.
50) Wade Harman - SB 8x10.
51) Todd Washington - SB 8x10.
52) Jerry Rosburg - SB 8x10.
53) Andy Moeller - SB 8x10.
54) Wilbert Montgomery - SB 8x10. 
55) Ted Monachino - SB 8x10.
56) Joe Flacco - SB 47 Jersey.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Somerset @ York 8/21/2013

I went to the York game with Somerset to do some pre-game autographs.  I only did the Somerset side and got the following players:
1) Cory Aldridge - 3x5.
2) Jorge Cortes - 3x5.
3) Brett Jodie - Ticket Stub.
4) Jeff Baisley - 5 Cards.
5) Angel Sanchez - 3 Cards.
6) Yunesky Sanchez - A Card.
7) Corey Smith - 4 Cards.
8) Shane Spencer - 5 Cards.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bryan Hall

I saw the store in the York Galleria who had Bryan Hall from the Ravens in a few months ago for a signing had JSA Authenticated signed 8x10's for $5 so I figured I'd pick one up since I didn't have the picture Bryan is not a hard graph but for the 8x10, Autograph and the JSA it was worth the $5.

Bud Norris

Bud Norris and I @ York Signing
Bud Norris Autographs
Bud Norris @ York, PA
I went to the York Galleria O's Store for the Noon to 1 pm signing by Bud Norris. As usual for these signings it started late about 25 minutes but was not as full as other signings so he was actually signing more then one at a time and went through the line a couple times I got 2 postcards and 5 cards done.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trip to Little league World Series 8/19/2013

A couple of buddies and I took the trip to Williamsport, PA for a day at the Little league World Series.  We also did a little autograph since there is a few former major leaguers and ESPN personalities there for the 10 days of play/coverage.Here is the list of what I got and three collector pins and a towel.
1) Orel Hershisher - 3 Sports Illustrated, a Card & his Book.
2) Nomar Garicaparra - 8x10 & 5 Cards.
3) Chris McKendry - 3x5 & 2 8x10's.
4) Jay Crawford -  3x5 & 2 8x10's.

Ravens Autograph gift

A buddy of mine went to the Ravens game last Thursday and got a some 3x5's signed and doesn't collect them so he added to my collect. the 3 players were Bobby Rainey, Jack Cornell & Chris Canty.  Of the 3 Canty is def the high light of the group since I did not get him.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Atlanta Falcons @ Baltimore Ravens 8/15/2013

We went to the game last night and got autographs before and after the game.  The Falcon starters clearly out played the Raven starters, but the guys the Ravens are going to cut outplayed the guys the Falcons are cutting so the net is a Ravens win.  This what the preseason is Ravens are 2-0 Falcons 0-2 and in 2 weeks none this will matter when we start for real. Here is the list of who and what I got signed last night:
1) Matt Ryan - 2 Cards & 8 1/2 x 11.
2) Sean Weatherspoon - 2 Cards, 3x5 & Panini Book.
3) Chase Coffman - a Card & 3x5.
4) Dominique Davis - 2 Cards, 3x5 & Panini Book.
5) Sean Renfree - a Card & 3x5.
6) Mike Nolan - 3x5 & Panini Book.
7) Mike Smith - 3x5.
8) Jeremy Shelley - 3x5.
9) Kevin Cone - 3x5 & Panini Book.
10) Markus Jackson - 3x5 & Panini Book.
11) Drew Davis - 3x5.
12) Robert McClain - 2 3x5's & Panini Book.
13) Shann Schillinger - 3x5.
14) Josh Vaughan - 3x5 & Panini Book.
15) Terrence Johnson - 3x5 & Panini Book.
16) Zeke Motta - 3x5.
17) Patrick DiMarco - 3x5.
18) Stephen Nicholas - 3x5 & Panini Book.
19) Neal Huynh - 3x5.
20) Theo Goines - 3x5 & Panini Book.
21) Harry Douglas - 3x5 & Panini Book.
22) Corey Peters - 3x5.
23) Peria Jerry - Panini Book.
24) Terran Jones - Panini Book.
25) Pat Schiller - Panini Book.
26) Devonte Campbell - Panini Book.
27) Lamar Holmes - Panini Book.
28) Charles Davis - 2 3x5's.
29) Lenny Moore - 2 8x10's
30) Joe Flacco - 8x10.
31) Steve Bisciotti - 8x10 & 3x5.
32) Bernard Pierce - 8x10 & a Card.
33) Juan Castillo - 3x5.
34) Don "Wink" Martindale - 2 3x5.
35) Wilbert Montgomery - 3x5 & 3 Cards.
36) D.J. Bryant - 3x5.
37) Ed Dickson - 3x5 & 3 Cards.
38) Rogers Gaines - 3x5.
39) Kyle Juszczyk - 3x5.
40) Anthony Levine - 3x5.
41) Bryant McKinnie - 3x5 & 3 Cards.
42) Bobby Rainey - 3x5 & 2 Cards.
43) A.Q. Shipley - 3x5 & a Card.
44) Marcus Spears - 3x5 & 2 Cards.
45) Omar Brown - Custom Card.
46) Todd Washington - a Card.
47) Tyrod Taylor - a Card & Panini Book.
48) Dallas Clark - a Card.
49) Jah Reid - Panini Book.
50) Alyssa - Postcard.
51) Amanda - Postcard.
52) Christine - Postcard.
53) Keishawna - Postcard.
54) Lindsay - Postcard.
55) Serena - Postcard.
56) Tanya - Postcard.
Kyle Juszczyk - Glove.
Gerrard Sheppard - Skull Cap.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2012 Hit

I was at Wal-Mart today to pick up some 8x10's and came across there sports card display some where at 40% so I took a look to find a box of 2012 high series Hit 20 packs 5 cards per pack plus 2 Autographs per box so I purchased one box.  Strange packaging for this product the auto's were together in one clear pack, all the packs on the back said that the cards are from 1-75 low series but there not? and you get 100 cards in a 75 cards high-series (76-150) and don't get a complete set which sucks big time you would hope to get a complete set from 76-150. Also, the box says Autographs would be from the High series #'d A76-A150 but the the 2 above A5 & A86 so I'm assuming one is a High and one a low series autograph.  But for the $12.70 for 100 cards and 2 autos guess it's ok, Not a premium product and you can see why.  Hopefully I will be able to get some of the cards signed during the upcoming football season. If it wasn't for the autographs this product wouldn't be worth even the 40% discounted price.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Michael Waltrip

I went to a NAPA store grand opening in Hunt Valley, MD today.  They had a small car show, free food & Michael Waltrip it was a good time as there was not a lot of people looking for autographs so I was able to get 16 items signed including 2 8x10's, 13 cards and a NAPA Filters hat that they were giving away.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hall of Fame on Sunday 8/4/2013

Autographs from the Hall of Fame
We were going to go to the Dolphins - Cowboys game but we waited and it was sold out by the time we made the decision we checked in with a couple scalpers but prices were 2 1/2 face so we decided not to go to the game and just go autograph hunting at the hotel and then get some pizza's ans beers and watch the game since it was on NBC.  Was a long day of just sitting and standing around but we did pretty well I got 9 people and a total of 17 autographs.  Here is the list of what I got done
1) Jimmie Johnson - 3x5 & 2 Cards.
2) Billy Shaw - 2 Cards.
3) Chris Berman - a Card.
4) Dave Wilcox - 2 Cards.
5) Curtis Martin - a Card.
6) Gale Sayers - 2 Cards.
7) Jim Kelly - 2 Cards.
8) Jan Stenerud - 2 Cards.
9) Joe Delamielleure - 2 Cards.
Gale Sayers Signing @ Hotel

Jan Stenerud Signing @ Hotel

Curtis Martin Signing @ Hotel

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hall of Fame Weekend Saturday 8/3/2013

Fawcett Stadium HOF Weekend
HOF Stage 2013
Ogden giving speech
Newsome & Ogden w/Bust
Ogden Bust
Ogden display @ HOF Induction
Saturday morning Dave and I left for Canton, OH mainly for the induction of Jonathan Ogden into the Pro football hall of fame.  As a Ravens season ticket holder since they moved to Baltimore I figured I had to be there for the ceremony inducting the 1st full time player to be inducted, there are 3 other players (Sharpe, Sanders & Woodson) that have played a couple seasons each for the Ravens but Ogden is going in as a RAVEN! It would have been real nice if Art Modell went also but he didn't make the cut not sure how that is but it is. While we were out there we did a little bit of autographing at the stadium and at the hotel. It was a long day waking up at 5 AM driving from 6 AM to 12:30  to Canton, hanging out at the hotel, checking in to our hotel in Alliance, OH and then going to the Ceremony in the evening. On Saturday I got 14 people for a total of 17 autographs see list below:
1) Willie Roaf - Card.
2) Jimmie Johnson - 3 Cards.
3) Lenny Moore - Card.
4) Gale Sayers - Card.
5) John Stallworth - Card.
6) Jack Youngblood - 2 Cards.
7) Frank Gifford - 3x5.
8) Joe Delamielleure - Card.
9) Jerry Rice - Oversized Card.
10) DeMaurice Smith - 3x5.
11) Calvin Hill - Blank Sheet.
12) Phill Simms - Blank Sheet.
13) Kyle Richardson - Blank Sheet.
14) Jim Jackson (Basketball) - Blank Sheet.
Autographs from August 3

Friday, August 2, 2013

Colin Montgomerie

I just received this nice card of Colin Montgomerie in the mail today it was a total of $3.85.  A great autograph to add to the Golf Hall of Fame collection. Gotta like finding deals on Ebay!