Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Karrie Webb

I just got in the mail this Karrie Webb Autograph 2003 SP Authentic card it was $8 from Ebay including the shipping not bad for a World Golf Hall of Famer.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jason Smith

I went to a card show today wasn't much of a show 4 dealers did find this 2009 SPX Jason Smith Triple Jersey autograph card #'d 159/549 card is # 123 for $3.00.


A friend of mine (Mike) is a huge Oakland Raiders fan and he got me a couple of autographs. The first is a Derrick Ramsey 1982 Topps card # 197 Derrick was the guest at the York Raiders Fan club event recently. The other is Hue Jackson (Current Offensive Cooridinator) on a 3x5 card more importantly for me he was one of the former Baltimore Ravens coaches that I needed not anyomore. Thanks, Mike.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Paul Di'Anno

Last night I went to Bourbon St. (The Quarter) in Baltimore to see Paul Di'Anno who was the original singer of Iron Maiden, it was a good show considering Paul wasn't feeling well, some idiot was throwing beer cans on stage, they had a guitar malfunction causing them to skip a song and they decided not to play the last song of the set all in all tho played a total of 17 songs(13 Maiden 4 of his own) hung around after and got a couple signatures of Paul on my Killers album and on the set-list also got his backing band Icarus Witch to sign the set-list (Quinn Lukas Guitar, Ed Skero Guitar, Jason Myers Bass, Steve Johnson drums & Christopher Shaner Vocal) and got a pick from guitarist Ed Skero.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brad Park Hockey HOFer

I just received this one in the mail today to add to the Hockey Hall of Fame collection it's a Brad Park 1995 Signature Rookies Championship Series #CS3 #'d 323/5500 total cost was $6.58.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Alot purchased from Ebay

This lot of 9 Football autographed cards arrived today was a total of $8.24 including S/H which comes to about .92 cents a piece. here they are.
1) Joey Elliot 2010 Hit
2) Anthony Dixon 2010 Hit
3) Charles Scott 2010 Presspass
4) Joe McKnight 2010 Presspass
5) Aaron Kelly 2009 Donruss Classics
6) Kory Sheets 2009 Donruss Classics
7) Alphonso Smith 2009 Sage
8) Hunter Cantwell 2009 Upper Deck Draft Edition
9) John David Booty 2008 Presspass

Manny Ramirez

Another Ebay purchase it cost me $9.00 including the shipping but figured wasn't going to get a Ramirez for any less so what the heck. it's a Signature Rookies Tetrad Club Set #90 and is 1/50.

Shawne Merriman

I got in the mail today a 2005 Bowman's Best Shawne Merriman autograph card # 156 and serial #'d 546/599. Cost me a total of $4.50 including S/H.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ravens Autos from 12/19/10

I went to the Baltimore Ravens WIN against the Saints today it was a great game! Was down early for autos and got the following
1) Justin Harper - Xmas Card.
2) Prescott Burgess - Xmas Card.
3) Jameel McClain - Xmas Card.
4) Cary Williams - Xmas Card.
5) Bryan Mattison - Xmas Card.
6) Tavares Gooden - Xmas Card.
7) Brendaon Ayanbadejo - Xmas Card.
8) Fabian Washington - Xmas Card.
9) Brandon McKinney - Xmas Card.
10) Tony Moll - Xmas Card.
11) Marshal Yanda - Xmas Card.
12) Haruki Nakamura - Xmas Card.
13) Lamar Divens - Xmas Card.
14) Chris Carr - Xmas Card.
15) Josh Wilson - Xmas Card.
16) Matt Birk - Xmas Card.
17) Ben Grubbs - Xmas Card.
18) Chris Chester - Xmas Card.
19) Oniel Cousins - Xmas Card.
20) Matt Lawrence - Xmas Card.
21) Brady Bond - Xmas Card.
22) Andre Ramsey - Xmas Card.
23) Danny Gorrer - Xmas Card.
24) Joe Flacco - Game Program.
25) Anquan Boldin - 8x10.
26) Harry Swayne - 8x10.
27) Ray Rice - 8x10.
28) Jason McKie - 3x5.
29) Marcus Smith - 2 Cards.
30) Tom Zbikowski - Card.
31) Marc Bulger - 2 Cards.
32) Derrick Mason - Card.
Saints Radio Commentator:
33) Hokie Gajan - 2 Cards.
Also, caught a Jarret Johnson Game-Used Glove and a Matt Lawrence Wristband.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a purchased Ebay lot

This lot also came in the mail today paid $6.99 for it including the shipping and handling. If anyone is interested in the one or all of the jersey cards I'd be willing to make a trade for them This is what was included:
1) Peja Stojakovic 2004-05 Ultimate Collection Jersey serial #'d 152/175 # UGJ-PS (Kings).
2) Stephon Marbury 2002-03 UD Metallics Hardcourt Jersey #SM-J (Suns).
3) Brian Brohm & Harry Douglas 2008 Donruss Threads RCCM-13 Serial #'d 499/500.
1) Anthony McCoy 2010 Presspass # SS-AM.
2) Stafon Johnson 2010 Presspass # SS-SJ.
3) Bret Lockett 2009 Sage Aspire #A-10.
4) Eugene Monroe 2009 Upper Deck Icons #135 serial #'d 114/150.
5) Dre Moore 2008 Upper Deck Icons #129 serial #'d 103/155.
6) Ben Patrick 2007 Leaf Certified Materials #179 serial #'d 359/399.
7) Thomas Clayton 2007 Playoff Contenders #228.
8) Gabe Watson 2006 Presspass.
9) Chris Brown 2007 UD NFL Artifacts #NF-CB.
10) Siaha Burley 2005 UD AFL #2. (Not certified but who is forging Siaha Burley autos? lol).
11) Dan Severn 2009 Press Pass Fusion #SS-DS #'d 007/199.

Harry Gallatin

I received in the mail today a card I purchased off of Ebay to add to my basketball HOFers it is a Panini Court Kings 2009-10 #101 and is #'d 03/49, not bad for $6.25 including the S/H.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Igor Larionov

I purchased the following Igor Larionov off of Ebay, A hockey hall of famer for $3.49 including the shipping and handling. It's a 2002 Signature Series In The Game #183.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A completed trade.

I made a trade for 9 cards for 13 Baltimore Ravens that Ryan Needed the cards I got are as follows:
1) Jeremy Ward 2002 SPX Prospect # 149.
2) Alan Trammell 2002 UD Sweet Spot Legendary # L-AT.
3) Bucky Dent 2002 UD Sweet Spot Classic Signature # S-BD.
4) Carlos Castillo 1999 SP Signature Edition #CC.
5) Shawn Green 2000 UD Ionix # SG.
6) Mark Grudzielanek 1997 Donruss Signature Series.
7) Chris Brown 2003 Leaf Certified Material Mirror Signature # MS-25 #'d 043/100.
8) Rod Gardner 2003 UD Patch Collection #SP-RG.
9) Ricky Williams 2002 SPX # 172 #'d 865/999 Jersey.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A free autograph

I received in the mail today this 1995 shybox Kyle Brady autograph I won it from http://www.free-autographs.net/ check it out he gives two cards away each month.

Last of the items from yesterday

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Raven's Autos 12/5/2010.

I went down for autograph's only since when I was unemployed I had sold my Steelers @ Ravens tickets so here is who I got today it was cold and windy not a great weather but most of the usual guys stopped and signed I will post pictures of items tomorrow.
1) Tarvares Gooden - a Card.
2) Wilbert Montgomery - 3 Cards.
3) Marcus Smith - 2 Cards.
4) Marc Bulger - 2 Cards.
5) Jim Zorn - a Card.
6) Kelly Talavou - 3x5.
7) Jameel McClain - 3x5.
8) Jonathan Ogden - 3x5.
9) Cam Cameron - 3x5.
10) Kelly Gregg - 3x5.
11) Billy Cundiff - 3x5.
12) Sam Koch - 3x5.
13) Morgan Cox - 3x5.
14) Matt Birk - 3x5.
15) Chris Chester - 3x5.
16) Oniel Cousins - 3x5.
17) Chris Carr - 3x5.
18) Brendon McKinney - 3x5.
19) Fabian Washington - 3x5.
20) Josh Wilson - 3x5 & 8x10.
21) Cary Williams - 3x5 & 8x10.
22) Brendon Ayanbadejo - 2 Program Covers.
23) Ben Grubbs - Program Cover.
24) Derrick Mason - Program Cover.
25) Anquan Boldin - 8x10.
26) Joe Flacco - 8x10.
27) Justin Harper - 8x10.
28) Todd Heap - 8x10.
29) Jarret Johnson - 8x10.
30) Paul Kruger - 8x10.
31) Art Modell - 8x10.
32) Tony Moll - 8x10.
33) Donte Stallworth - 2 8x10's.

A Contest Win?

I actually forgot I entered this, but after checking on it today I found out I came in 18th spot and won a Panini NFL T-shirt with a picture I took of Ray Lewis before a game earlier this season here is the link, if you want to check all the winners and prizes from The Cardboard Connection.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Completed Trade.

At the VF outlet today I made some trades of 8x10's he's from Pittsburgh so was basically Ravens 8x10's for Pirates and Steelers we traded 11 autographed pictures here is the list of who I got in the trade.
1) Mike Logan - Steelers.
2) Stefan Logan - Steelers.
3) Josh Miller - Steelers.
4) Isaac Redman - Steelers.
5) Emmanuel Sanders - Steelers.
6) Brittany Lincicome - LPGA.
7) Matt Lindstrom.
8) Jim Rooker - Kansas City Royals.
9) Ian Snell - Pirates.
10) Neil Walker - Pirates.
11)Delwyn Young - Pirates.

Michael Irvin

Today I received in the mail a card I bought off of Ebay. It is a certified autographed 1992 Pro-Line Profiles of Hall of Famer Michael Irvin card #'d 5 of 9 the final cost including the S/H was $11.40

Larry Bowa

I went to VF outlets in Reading PA this morning for there annual signing and tent sale was good got an autographed 8x10 and about 10 pieces of clothing, some t-shirts and pullovers of the Ravens and Angels at great prices don't think I paid more then $5 an item.

Anthony Mitchell

I actually got this signed @ the Buffalo vs. Ravens game for a friend he already had it done so kept the the better graph and was nice enough to give me the duplicate.

One I missed from the Tampa Game.

I found this signed 8x10 in my bag guess I put it in a different pocket and forgot to check it when I got home. It is Dannell Ellerbe.