Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bridgeport @ York

I went to the game tonight it was a doubleheader since last nights game was rained out.  I stayed for the 1st 7 inning game and did autographing before and after the game which Bridgeport won 5-3.  Here is what and who I got (36 Players & 70 Autographs).
Bridgeport Bluefish:
1) Matt Wessinger - 3x5.
2) Robert Carson - 3x5.
3) Sammy Gervacio - 3x5.
4) Josh Prince - 3x5.
5) Luis Rodriguez - 3x5.
6) Scott Maine - Ticket Stub.
7) Jonathan Galvez - 5 Cards.
8) Kameron Loe - 2 Cards.
9) Eric Niesen - 5 Cards.
10) John Harris - 8 Cards.
York Revs:
11) Josh Judy - 3x5& Auto Card..
12) Eric Patterson - 3x5 & Auto Card.
13) Edward Paredes - 7 Cards & Auto Card.
14) Brandon Boggs - 2 Cards.
15) Yeicok Calderon - a Card & Auto Card.
16) Telvin Nash - 3 Cards & Auto Card.
17) Salvador Paniagua - 3 Schedules & 2 Programs.
18) Nick Ferdinand - Auto Card.
19) Beau Vaughan - Auto Card.
20) Andres Perez - Auto Card.
21) Santo Manzanillo - Auto Card.
22) Mark Mason - Auto Card.
23) Wilson Valdez - Auto Card.
24) Mikey Reynolds - Auto Card.
25) Starlin Rodriguez - Auto Card.
26) Bryan Pounds - Auto Card.
27) Matt Neil - Auto Card.
28) Stephen Penney - Auto Card.
29) Anthony Lerew - Auto Card.
30) Mike DeMark - Auto Card.
31) Enohel Polanco - Auto Card.
32) Letson Septimo - Auto Card.
33) Frank Gailey - Auto Card.
34) Logan Williamson - Auto Card.
35) Shannon Wilkerson - Auto Card.
36) Sean Smith - Auto Card.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Darryl Strawberry in York, PA.

I went to the York Revolution Promotion tonight which was a faith and family night with the speaker being Darryl Strawberry.  The game was rained out as soon as they opened the gates at 5:30, to be made up as a double header with Bridgeport tomorrow at 5pm may go to that for autographs of both teams.  Darryl started off with a 20 minute or so speech on faith and family and then at 6:15 started signing autographs til about 7:30 was able to go through the line twice first time got a MLB ball signed and inscribed 83 NL ROY, The second time was at the end of the line and rules had loosened up a bit people handing him 3 cards so I gave him the 3 Magazines I had signed them all but with the abbreviated auto.  The line was not cut off so was going to get a friend one when a team worker said if you were already thru the line he wasn't letting us in again I said I was getting it for someone else and he said give to him and he would get it for me, that was fine with me.  Here are the items I got 4 for me and the game program for Andy. Notice difference in signature on Ball vs. Magazines.

Darryl Strawberry Autographed Ball

Darryl Strawberry Autographed S.I. Covers

Darryl Strawberry Autographed Magazines.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Flyers Package

I returned home from my sons graduation from Drexel University today to find a PWE of Flyers goodness in my mailbox from Jeff at 2 by 3 Heroes.  It was 29 Flyers cards with a nice mix of newer and older players, see below it also had a very very nice 2013-2014 Panini Rookie Anthology Scott Laughton # 176 #'d 030/249 Autograph card with one white jersey swatch and one orange. Absolute keeper for the collection.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Patriots at Barnstormers

I went to the game tonight for some pregame autographing I got everyone I wanted on Somerset tonight and a couple of bonuses Luke Hughes and The Bachelorette winner and former minor leaguer Josh Murray (He is also NFL QB Aaron Murray's brother) He was very nice signing and taking pictures.  Somerset built a 5-0 lead early that was when we left.  I good autographing night of 11 people and 46 total graphs. Here is who and what I got tonight:
1) Luke Hughes - 3 Cards.
2) Robert Andino - 2 Postcards & 8 Cards.
3) Thomas Neal - 3 Cards.
4) David Vidal - a Card.
5) Scott Cousins - 6 Cards.
6) Mat Gamel - 9 Cards.
7) Shane Spencer - a Card & 2 8x10's.
8) Gregory Hopkins - 2 Cards.
9) Andrew Carnignan - 3 Cards.
10) Buddy Boshers - 3 Cards.
11) Josh Murray - 2 8x10's & 5x7.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Caleb Joseph

My son Eric went for me to the Orioles Store in the York Mall for the 1st of this season's local appearances at the store it ran from 11 AM to Noon. He was able to get the 8x10 signed that I had made for this years fanfest but had not gotten it signed yet.

Caleb Joseph Autograph 8x10

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Eagles @ Rockvale Outlet

Today I went to The Rockvale Outlet in Lancaster, Pa for the annual Philadelphia Eagles appearances at the Eagles Pro Shop as usual there was 4 signers at 2 different times and 4 different lines so not the best set-up but was able to get all four players today and with some help from other people in line that were not getting autographs was able to get 2 of Curry, Parkey & Matthews below are pictures from today and the items signed. The Matthews line was so slow that at the end he just got up and started to walk down the line and signing for each person not sure if he signed for everyone but was still quite a line when I got mine signed as you can see in the picture of him below he is standing.

Brandon Graham

Vinny Curry 

Cody Parkey

Jordan MAtthews

Vinny Curry Autographs

Brandon Graham Autograph

Cody Parkey Autographs

Jordan Matthews Autographs