Thursday, June 30, 2016

Def Leppard & REO Speedwagon

I won tickets to the Hersheypark Stadium show last night, it was the 3rd time seeing Def Leppard and 1st time for REO.  I see Leppard about every 16-17 years saw them in 1983, 1999 & 2016. I got there late and missed Tesla who opened the show.

REO Speedwagon Set-List:
1) Don't Let Him Go
2) Take It on the Run
3) Keep Pushin'
4) Can't Fight This Feeling
5) Tough Guys
6) Time for Me to Fly
7) Back on the Road Again
8) Ridin' the Storm Out
9) Keep On Lovin You
10) Roll With the Changes

Def Leppard Set-List:
1) Let's Go
2) Animal
3) Let It Go
4) Dangerous
5) Foolin'
6) Love Bites
7) Armageddon It
8) Rock On (David Essex Cover Song)
9) Rocket
10) Bringin on the Heartbreak
11) Switch 625
12) Hysteria
13) Let's Get Rocked
14) Pour Some Sugar on Me
15) Rock of Ages
16) Photograph

Vivian Campbell on Big Screen

Joe Elliott on Big Screen

Rick Savage on Big Screen

Def Leppard Hersheypark Stadium

Phil Collen on Big Screen

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bobby Shantz and Local card show

This morning I went to a card show in Lancaster Pa. they had some autograph guest for prices I didn't want to pay Bernie Parent - $25, Keenan Reynolds - $25 Don Wert - $5 and they also had Bobby Shantz for free with admission. I wound up getting 3 Shantz's the friend that went with me gave me his ticket and some other guy gave me one so I got an 8x10 (Inscribed "8 Gold Gloves") and 2 cards signed.  The only other autograph was a purchased card of Nate Solder (2011 Sage A-49 #'d 29/50) for a buck!
Don Wert signing
Bobby Shantz

Shantz & Solder Autograph's
Bobby Shantz's 1952 AL MVP Award
Flyer's HOFer Bernie Parent

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Completed Trade

I received the following 2 cards in a trade that arrived in the mail today.
1) Daniel Norris 2012 Bowman Platinum # AP-DN.
2) Delone Carter 2011 Hit A2.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bridgeport @ York 6/18/16

I went to the game tonight in York for autographs of the Bridgeport Blufish and the Guest of York's Faith and Family night which featured former NASCAR driver Ernie Irvan. The following is what I got signed, a total of 8 people and 25 autographs.
1) Ernie Irvan - 8x10 & 2 Cars.
2) Josh Vitters - 3 Cards.
3) Endy Chavez - a Cards & S.I Cover.
4) Adron Chambers - 2 Cards.
5) Brian Moran - 5 Cards.
6) Paul Demny - 2 Cards.
7) Jesse Litsch - 5 Cards.
8) Luis Hernandez - 3 Cards.

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Smithereens

Last night in Harrisburg, PA I went to see a FREE concert by The Smithereens, the weather was iffy but the rain held off for the out door show a Sawyer's a downtown bar the show was but on by the bar and the local radio station 105.7 they hit the stage about 8:45 and played about an hour and 20 minutes. The sounded really good and was an enjoyable night out during a weeknight.  I found out about the show late, so wasn't prepared for autographs. But the whole band hung out at a table and signed some autos but didn't get any was able to get a pick though and a few pictures.

Pat DiNizio

Severo "The Thrilla" Jornacion

Andy Burton

Dennis Diken

Jim Babjak

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

L.I. Ducks

I went to the Ducks & Revolution game tonight for some pre-game autographs of the Ducks. I didn't have a lot of cards but did wind up getting 7 Players and 10 Autographs. Here is who I got.
1) Tyler Colvin - 3 Cards.
2) Ruben Gotay - a Card.
3) Cody Puckett - a Card.
4) Blake Tekotte - 2 Cards
5) Sean Burroughs - 3x5.
6) Eury De La Rosa - 3x5.
7) Darin Downs - 3x5.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Philadelphia Eagles @ Rockvale

Today I went to the annual event at the Eagles Store at the Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster, PA.  It was the usual 4 players at 2 times but 4 lines so a day of going from line to line to get each player.  Mychal Kendricks had to cancel with a family emergency and was replaced by Nelson Agholor. The other three players were Beau Allen, Eric Rowe & Jordan Hicks. It was one player auto per person I was able to get through the Allen & Rowe line twice and was able to have people that didn't have anything for Rowe and Hicks so made out pretty well.
1) Eric Rowe - 2 8x10's and an Event advertising picture.
2) Jordan Hicks - 2 8x10's.
3) Beau Allen - 2 8x10's.
4) Nelson Agholor - 3x5.
5) Dana - Cheerleader Postcard.
6) Janel - Cheerleader Postcard.

Beau Allen Signed 8x10's
Beau Allen
Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks Signed 8x10's
Eric Rowe

Eric Rowe Signed 8x10's

Agholor 3x5 & Rowe Event Sign
Nelson Agholor Signing

Friday, June 3, 2016

York Revolution & Chris Doleman

I went to the game in York tonight.  It was Chris Doleman (NFL HOFer & York High Grad.)
bobblehead night and Chris was in the house sad part was no autographs just a photo op so I took what I could get see below. Also, Did pregame autographs of the Revolution here is who and what I got. Total of 7 players and 14 autographs.
1) Alfredo Marte - 3x5.
2) Tony Pena - 3x5.
3) Jason Repko - 3x5.
4) Telvin Nash - Card.
5) Julio DePaula - Card.
6) Josh Wilson - 7 Cards.
7) James Simmons (Pitcher) - 2 Cards.