Saturday, April 30, 2011

Washington Redskins Draft Party

I made the trek to DC today to try and get some autographs. I did get some alumni players but was not as good as I had hoped. Here is who I got:
1) Ken Houston - 8x10 & a Card.
2) Ricky Ervins - 4 Cards.
3) Ravin Caldwell - 3x5 & 5 Cards.
4) Pat Fischer - a Card.
5) Raleigh McKenzie - 3x5 & a Card.
6) George Starke - 2 Cards.
7) Doc Walker - a Card.
8) 40 Redskin Cheerleaders on a picture.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Opening Day @ York

I went to opening day at york tonight was a nice opening ceremony were they gave out the rings for 2010 Atlantic League Champions. I got a few autographs of the Camden Riversharks before the game here is what I got.

1) John Bale - 3x5.

2) Brian Burgamy - a Card.

3) Ruddy Yan - 3x5.

4) Mike Koplove - 3x5.

5) Toby Hall - 2 Cards.

6) Jason Johnson - 2 4x6's, O's Postcard & 5 Cards.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

York & Road Warriors Scrimmage

I went to York to watch some of the scrimmage with the Road Warriors and got some autographs here is who I got.
Road Warriors:
1) Roy Howell - 9 Cards.
2) Kyle Aselton - a Card.
3) Rafael Montalvo - 3x5.
4) Jason Botts - 9 Cards.
5) Liu Rodriguez - a Card.
6) Octavio Martinez - 2 Cards.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Camden @ Lancaster

I went to Lancaster today for some autographs prior to an Atlantic League exhibition game between Camden and Lancaster was scheduled for 1pm but due to the weather the game was pushed back to 2 pm gates still opened at noon so I had an hour of watching the grounds crew work the field and some side throwing by Les Walrond and John Koronka with Marty Janzen instructing them. I didn't stay for the game but did well with get most of the guys I was looking for here is who I got:


1) Mike Lamb - 16 Cards.

2) Toby Hall - 4 Cards.

3) Jake Dittler - 1 Card.

4) Von Hayes - 1 Card.

5) Jay Marshall - 4 Cards.


6) T.J. Beam - 4 Cards.

7) John Koronka - 3 Cards.

8) Les Walrond - 3x5 Card.

9) Jerome Williams - 3 Cards.

10) Tommy Everidge - 3 Cards.

11) Fernando Seguignol - 1 Card.

12) Terry Tiffee - 2 Cards.

13) Marty Janzen - 3x5 Card.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sturgis Roadshow day 2

I went to the second day of the show for the concerts again 1st was Bachman-Turner and then the headliner Styx. Bachman-Turner was good running through there hits from the 70's "Ain't seen nothing yet" and "American Women" etc. The real show was Styx who if you like the music and have not seen them find out when there going to be around you and go it was a GREAT show! as for autographs none with flooding in Harrisburg yesterday into last night was not possible I did get a Tommy Shaw pic and was able to get my camara in and took a bunch of pictures so wasn't a complete loss and the show well worth it.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sturgis Roadshow comes to Harrisburg PA.

I went to the Sturgis Roadshow, It's a 3 day show Friday-Sunday wasn't thrilled with the show but was really going for the Friday night concert by Tesla, which are included with multiday pass. Great show they played from 10:00PM to about 11:40PM. a buddy of mine and I hung out by the bus for a little bit after the and got to meet and autographs from 3 of the 5 band members. Here is what I got:

1) Frank Hannon(Guitars) - CD, 3x5, ticket stub & Sturgis Program.

2) Troy Luccketta(Drums) - CD, 3x5, ticket stub & Sturgis Program.

3) Dave Rude(Guitars) - 3x5, ticket stub & Sturgis Program.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Matt Wieters Trade

I received this Matt Wieters team postcard in a trade today. the trade was with Austin, Hey man it took a while and the package got caught in some machinery at the post office in Baltimore it showed up all ripped up in a plastic bag with a nice note saying basically that shit happens and they try to not have it happen but.......... hey I got it and the 4 corners are a little dinged but after seeing the envelope all ripped up i'm glad it's in as good of condition that it is.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chiefs @ Iron Pigs 4/10/2011

Went to lehigh valley to catch a AAA game between Syracuse Chiefs and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs was a great time nice ballpark and good baseball weather. Was there early for autographs and stayed after for some graphing in between the Chiefs won a 2-0 game. The following is a list of who I got autographs of: Iron Pigs: 1) Ryne Sandberg - a ball & a card. 2) Drew Carpenter - 3x5. 3) Jason Grilli - 3 cards. 4) Scott Mathieson - 4 cards. 5) Michael Stutes - card. 6) Mike Zagurski - 3 cards. 7) Dane Sardinha - 3x5. 8) Josh Barfield - card. 9) Ronnie Belliard - S.I. Cover & 2 cards. 10) Tagg Bozied - card. 11) Brandon Moss - card. 12) Rich Thompson - 3 cards. Chiefs: 13) Randy Knorr - 2 cards. 14) Jerry Browne - 3 cards. 15) Collin Balester - 5 cards. 16) Matt Chico - 7 cards. 17) Ross Detwiler - 3 cards. 18) Jesus Flores - 7 cards. 19) Carlos Maldonado - card. 20) Brian Bixler - 3 cards. 21) Chris Marrero - card.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rangers @ Orioles 4/9/2011

Went down to Baltimore for the 1st game of the doubleheader today and to try and get some autographs before the game was great but was able to get some outside the stadium before the game and four more guys inside the stadium before the 4:35 game start. It would have been a poor day until the last guy I got which was Josh Hamilton kinda turned the day around since I had not previously had the chance to get his autograph. here the list of the 27 total autographs I did get today.

1) Josh Hamilton - ESPN Mag. Cover & A MLB Practice ball I got at batting practice.

2) C.J. Wilson - 2 Cards, 8x10 & Team Logo.

3) Mark Lowe - 2 Cards.

4) Wayne Kirby - 3 Cards.

5) Dave Anderson - 3 Cards.

6) Ken Singleton - 3x5 & Golf Brochure.

7) Mike Napoli - Card & Team Logo.

8) Mitch Moreland - Team Logo.

9) Derek Holland - Card.

10) Mike Gonzalez - 2 Cards.

11) Jeremy Accardo - 3 Cards.

12) Ron Washington - Card.

13) Darren Oliver - Card.

A winner!

I got this envelope in the mail today and it had my address as the return address also and having not sent out any through the mail requests and it not being my hand writing I was interested to opena it up and find out what it was it turned out to being an autographed card of Danny Kanell which I won for answering a question about Danny some time ago maybe 6 weeks or so, So check out the site it's Also, Thanks to Alex for running these monthly giveaways.