Saturday, September 30, 2023

Jadeveon Clowney

With autographing at the Ravens games getting harder I figured I should look for some of the newer guys that have certified autographs on eBay and came across and won this 2015 Topps Field Access # 65 for about $5 so will make a nice place holder until I can get him in person.

Friday, September 29, 2023

Jeremiah Moon & Artis Gilmore

Double mail day with one coming from an ebay purchase the Jeremiah Moon 2022 Panini Prizm Daft Pick # RA-JMO He was a new Raven need for the autograph team collection as he was elevated to the active roster from the practice squad last week vs. the Colts.  The other card came from @KevinSpollen and the #CCC_Friday X thread and was Basketball HOFer Artis Gilmore Immaculate Ink /75 a nice thick card and looks great in person nice addition to the HOF autograph collection


Thursday, September 28, 2023

Jack Butler

Yesterday I added Bill Cowher to the HOF autograph Collection today another Steeler Jack Butler who is my 276th HOF in the collection this was listed on ebay and I made an offer that was accepted, so I feel good about this one. Jack passed away in 2013, the signed picture came with a ticket from the event in 2011 where Jack was an autograph guest.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Bill Cowher

I saw that Bill Cowher had a book out and there were signed copies on Ebay but I did a search on Amazon and found a copy for half the price so I bought it Bill is the 275th Football HOFer in my collection.  The book is in good condition with I nice crisp autograph with a note saying "this signed edition has been specifically bound by the publisher". Great add the the autograph collection.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

CCC_Weekend & CCC_Friday

I made a couple claims on the X threads for 2 autographs the first was back on 8/26/23 as part of CCC_Weekend from @JGfan24ever.  I just received it today as he forgot to put it in the mail which is fine as I thought USPS might have lost it, the card is a Roman Phansalkar 2022 Panini Elite Extra Edition #HG-RP. The second was from @Williecaljoun1 from CCC_Friday last week and was this nice Gilberto Celestino 2021 Bowman Inception # PA-GC #'d 467/600.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Tavius Robinson

I purchased this 2023 Panini Prizm Draft Picks #DPA-TAR Tavius Robinson card off EBay for less than $3.  Tavius was Drafted by the Ravens in the 4th round out of Ole Miss.  With autographs getting harder to obtain at Ravens games I'm filling in when I can by purchasing or trading for them.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Justice Hill

I won a giveaway on X from @roroweber1 last week and the prize arrived today.  It's a double PC item for me as a Raven and an Autograph.  The prize is a 2019 Panini Contenders Justice Hill Acetate Rookie Ticket # 129 & #'d 10/10.  I very nice add for collection.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Long Island Ducks

I went to Lancaster for the second playoff with the Long Island Ducks.  I did autographs before the game and was able to get the following 6 players and 21 autographs.
  1. Ruben Tejada - 3 8x10's & 11 Cards.
  2. Hector Sanchez - 3x5.
  3. Jake Fishman - 2 8x10's.
  4. Alex Dickerson -  A Card.
  5. Boog Powell - 2 Cards.
  6. Jimmy Yacabonis - A Card.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Staten Island

Friday night I went to Lancaster for the opening game of the final regular season series with Staten Island.  I did autographs before the game but that was slim pickings as the guys I wanted and had stuff for weren't in the starting line-up or where pitchers and none of them came out prior to the game actually starting.  I was only able to get 2 people 1 card by Kelsie Whitmore & 3 cards from Manager Homer Bush.  I did also find a batting practice ball in the seats when the gates opened. 

Thursday, September 14, 2023

High Point @ York

I went to the games on Tuesday 9/12/23 and Wednesday 9/13/23 and did autographs before and after the game as this was High Points only series in either York or Lancaster all season. Got about half before and the other half after and had to wait by bus to get most of the pitchers.  

  1. Frank Viola - 2 8x10's and 10 Cards.
  2. Jeremy Rhoades - a Card. (He signs the back as the picture is not of him).
  3. Sam Selman - 3 8x10's and 6 Cards.
  4. Cam Bedrosian - 4 8x10's and 4 Cards.
  5. Shed Long Jr. - An 8x10 and 3 Cards.
  6. Beau Taylor - An 8x10.
  7. Mickey Jannis - An 8x10.
  8. Taylor Guerrieri - 2 8x10's and 11 Cards.
  9. Brandon Leibrandt - A Card.
  10. Trent Giambrone - An 8x10.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Ralph Sampson

I purchased this 2007 Press Pass Legends Ralph Sampson autograph to add the the basketball HOF collection it came from @Yofkndadho on the X.  Was a nice add at a great price $5 shipped.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Trenton Simpson

I purchased this 2022 Bowman University's Best of Trenton Simpson # BA-TS He was a need as a newly drafted Raven and since he made the 53-man roster need for the all-time Ravens autograph collection.  I got this off EBay and was less then $2 so figured I had to especially with the limited autographing at Ravens games going forward.  Nice card in his Clemson uniform.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Texans @ Ravens

Dave and I went to the Texans @ Ravens in Baltimore for pregame and post game autographs.  The ravens have decided to limit access for pregame access so very slim autographing for the home team anymore the Texans where actual a little better pregame.  Post game is ridiculous anymore Ravens are a no go with so many people and the new limiting set-up by security Dave got no Ravens after the game and the Texans weren't much better as I got 2 players before the Texans security ran us off the area where we could actual see and get players.  Here is who I did get and some pictures of what I got in addition to the autographs I did get a towel from Case Keenum as well. Total of 28 people for a total of 32 autographs.

  1. Arthur Maulet - 3x5.
  2. Jameel McClain - 3x5.
  3. Brent Urban - 3x5.
  4. Craig Van Steeg - 3x5.
  5. Mike MacDonald - 3x5.
  6. Anthony Weaver - 2 Cards.
  7. Nico Collins - a Card.
  8. M.J. Stewart - a Card.
  9. Robert Woods - a Card.
  10. Cory Littleton - 2 Cards.
  11. CJ Stroud - a Card.
  12. Roquan Smith - a Card #'d 15/25.
  13. Rob Woodson - 3 Cards.
  14. Lenny Moore - a Card.
  15. Qadry Ismail "Missle" - a Card.
  16. Del'Shawn Phillips - a Ryan Custom Card.
  17. Charlie Kolar - a Card.
  18. Mike Devlin - a Card.
  19. Noah Brown - 8x10 of Stadium.
  20. Alex Austin - 8x10 of Stadium. 
  21. Kurt Hinish - 8x10 of Stadium. 
  22. Denzel Perryman - 8x10 of Stadium. 
  23. Andrew Beck - 8x10 of Stadium. 
  24. George Fant - 8x10 of Stadium. 
  25. Allie - Ravens Cheerleader Postcard.
  26. Morgan - Ravens Cheerleader Postcard.
  27. Sarah - Ravens Cheerleader Postcard.
  28. Tereese - Ravens Cheerleader Postcard.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Jordan Usher

Last Sunday I claimed this autograph from the X giveaway thread hosted by @ngtcollectibles. The Jordan Usher 2022 Panini Chronicles Certified Draft Picks # CRC-USH was offered by @NewbyMiles89.  Jordan went to Georgia Tech after starting at USC, he went undrafted in the NBA draft and is currently playing in Australia for Perth.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Trade # 25

I made an X trade with @Timtom07 my side was a bunch of PC items including Ravens a couple Angels and 8 autographs as listed below.

  1. Logan Wagner - 2022 Panini Elite Extra Edition #HG-LW.
  2. Daniel Barker - 2023 Panini Chronicles Origins Draft # OA-DBA.
  3. Marvin Jones Jr. - 2023 Panini Score # 22.
  4. Sean Tucker. - 2023 Panini Score # 318 #'d 42/50.
  5. Keaton Mitchell. - 2023 Panini Score # 334.
  6. Cooper Rush - 2023 Panini Select # S-CR.
  7. Will Anderson - 2022 Bowman University's # BA-WA #'d 141/150.
  8. Jeremiah Gemmel - 2022 Panini Prizm Draft Picks # SS-JGE. 

Friday, September 8, 2023

Jim Finks

I found a signed book on EBay about Jim Finks Sr. Football Hall of Famer as an Administrator and is also in the Vikings ring of honor and Saints HOF.  The book and the Christmas card that came with it are signed by his son who was an author So I kinda messed that up thinking it was Sr. autographed but the book came out in 2003 Sr. died in 1994 and Jr. passed away in 2012. So just a signed book not an HOF added autograph to the collection still a nice piece.


Sunday, September 3, 2023

Kyu Blu Kelly

I purchased this 2023 Panini Chronicles Impeccable Draft of Kyu Blu Kelly Canvas Creations # CC-KBK #'d 133/199 off of EBay as he was the Ravens 5th round draft pick this year. I was thinking I would need him for the Ravens all-time roster autograph collection, But he was one of the cuts on cut down day and then claimed by Seattle. with that he will be one of the few players drafted by the Ravens to not play for them and will still find it's way into my Ravens autograph binder for that reason.  It's a nice card and was at a minimal price.