Sunday, January 30, 2011

O's Fanfest 2011 pictures pt.2

O's Fanfest 2011

I went to the fanfest yesterday. It was a good time anytime you can be talking baseball and meet players in January is a bonus. Still not thrilled with the buying of autographs so the O's can donate to charity but whatever, It will be what it will be. I did buy 2 tables 7 players(Randolph, Palmer, Accardo, Berken, Showalter, Bell & Hardy) for $30 and was in the 1st 250 of the season ticket holders and got another table including Reynolds, Harris, Bergesen & Bumbry. Also, purchased $20 worth of grab bag autographed 8x10's @ the memorabilia sale and got the following 4 players John Parrish, George Sherrill, Ty Wiggington & Matt Wieters. in total I got 30 people and 56 autographs so all in all not a bad autograph day. here is the complete list of who and what I got done.
1) Kevin Gregg - 2 Cards.
2) Robert Andino - 2 Cards.
3) Jim Johnson - a Card.
4) Chris Tillman - a Card.
5) J.J. Hardy - a Card, 8x10 & Program.
6) Jake Fox - a Card & Ticket stub from 1st O's Game.
7) Jeremy Accardo - 3 Cards & 2 Postcards.
8) Mark Reynolds - 2 Cards (1 smeared).
9) Rick Vandenhurk - 3 Cards.
10) Jason Berken - a Card & 2 Postcards.
11) Nolan Reimold - a Card & a Bobblehead.
12) Brendan Harris - a Card & 8x10.
13) Mike Bordick - 5 Cards.
14) Wayne Kirby - 2 Cards.
15) Willie Randolph - a Card.
16) Matt Wieters - 8x10.
17) Ty Wigginton - 8x10.
18) John Parrish - 8x10.
19) George Sherrill - 8x10.
20) Buck Showalter - Ball.
21) Josh Bell - 8x10, 3x5 & Postcard.
22) Brandon Erbe - 3x5.
23) Tyler Henson - 3x5.
24) L.J. Hoes - 3x5.
25) Dave Johnson - 3x5.
26) Brad Bergesen - Postcard.
27) Al Bumbry - 4x6 & 2 Postcards.
28) Jim Palmer - 4x6 & Postcard.
29) Brandon Snyder - Postcard.
30) Jen Royle (MASN) - 3x5.

Hanover Sports Night

On Thursday January 22nd 2011 I went to Hanover Sports Night. There was a buffet dinner followed by a program that included Rick Demsey, Marty Bystrom, Michael Adams, Joe Battista & Greg Hodnett. Future Hall of Fme basketball college coach was suppose to attend but did not make it due to snow. It was a good time and program there was a short autograph session afterward and here is what I got.
1) Rick Dempsey - Program, 4x6 picture & 5 cards.
2) Marty Bystrom - Program, 6 cards.
3) Michael Adams - Program, 14 cards.
4) Greg Hodnett - Program, 3x5 card.
5) Joe Battista - Program.
6) Davy Crockett - Program.
7) Joanna Campbell - Program.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Motorsports 2011

I went to the Motorsports 2011 show in Oaks, PA on Saturday there was a $12 entry fee with a coupon. The autograph signers at the show were David Pearson, Kenny Wallace, John Force, Don Miller & Danny Bonaduce. The following is what I got signed:
1) David Pearson - 2 8x10's.
2) Kenny Wallace - 2 Driver's Cards, 2 8x10's & 3 Cards.
3) John Force - McFarlane action figure, 2 Driver's Cards & 2 8x10's.
4) Don Miller - 4 Cards.
5) Danny Bonaduce - Promo Picture.

David Kloser

I went to hear author David Kloser speak at a local dinner and purchased his book "Stepping up to the plate" where he interviewed over 300 major leaguers and included what they had to say on what it takes to me a pro level athlete and how to deal with the mind set of an athelte and how that relates to real life.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Completed Trade

A buddy of mine was in from Pittsburgh for Sports Night and we made some trades while he was in I got 9 8x10's and a signed action figure here is the list.
1) Garret Jones - Action Figure.
2) Augie Ojeda - 8x10.
3) Phil Bourque - 8x10.
4) Chad Tracy - 8x10.
5) Doug Slaten - 8x10.
6) Justin Wayne - 8x10.
7) Chris Gomez - 8x10.
8) Andy Laroche - 8x10.
9) Willie Harris - 8x10.
10) Bryan Trottier - 8x10.

York Sports Night Pictures Pt. 2

here are the rest of the pictures.

The 47th Annual York Sports Night 1/15/2011

Yesterday and last night I attended York Sports Night this is an event that I have been going to for over 20 years always a great chance to add some autographs to the collection. There ia an afternoon sustainer event and auction and an evening 45 minute autograph session before the main event. I pretty much got every celebrity that was there, as in the past there is usually a couple no shows or guys that can only make one or the other signing. The following is who I got autographs from and what I got done(please see pictures):
1) Larry Little - 8x10, 2 Posters & 5 Cards.
2) Steve Garvey - 2 8x10's, Ball & 3 Cards.
3) Brad Bergesen - 2 8x10's, 4 Cards, 2 Postcards & Program.
4) Mitch Lamoureux - 2 8x10's.
5) Dave Parro - 2 8x10's, a Card & Program.
6) Dave Fenyves - 8x10 & Program.
7) Frederic Cassivi - 2 8x10's & Program.
8) Matt Rice - Program.
9) Daryll Clark - 3 8x10's & Program.
10) Andrew Daily - a Card & Program.
11) Andy Etchebarren - 8x10.
12) Corey Thurman - 2 8x10's.
13) Shawn Swarner - 8x10 & Program.
14) Danae - Phila. Eagles Cheerleader Postcard.
15) Lauren - Phila. Eagles Cheerleader Postcard.
16) Gene Keady - 8x10 Auction Item.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trade for 3 needed Ravens

I made a trade with Ryan for these three former Ravens that were on my needed list. the three are as follows:
1) Shawn Byrdsong - DB - 2002.
2) Cash Mouton - CB - Was on injured reserve 2005.
3) Nick Murphy - P - 2004.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anne Donovan

I purchased a Panini 2010-11 Famed Signatures #AD & #422/899 of Anne Donovan Autograph card from Ebay for $7.74 including the shipping a nice addition to the Basketball hall of fame collection.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Trade Completed!

I received in the mail today 40 cards that I traded for from Ryan please see the pictures for the 40 cards there mostly Ravens with 6 baseball. The big in is the Milton Wynn which is needed for the Ravens Collection.

Hockey Purchase

I purchased alot off of Ebay it was for 12 1995-96 Be A-Player cards cost was $6.95 with the shipping so about .58 cents each. The lot includes the following.
1) Kevin Lowe #S40.
2) Murray Craven #S46.
3) Mikhail Shtalenkov #S69.
4) Phil Housley #S72.
5) Vyacheslav Kozlov #S99 X2.
6) Craig Ludwig #S128.
7) Trent Yawney #S146.
8) Jere Lehtinen #S175.
9) Vitali Yachmenev #S181.
10) Alexei Kovalev #S182.
11) Stu "The Grim Reaper" Grimson #S224.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kevin Houser

I friend of mine at the last Ravens home game was able to get newly acquired long snapper Kevin Houser for me after the game since I didn't do autographs, I already had Houser on a Saints team signed item but this is great to add into my Ravens autograph book.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

An open letter to the Orioles!

As a baseball fan and autograph collector I always liked the O's annual fanfest since it was in the winter and for the most part FREE ($10 to enter or free for season tix holders). The beginning of this event was to give back to the fans during the off season,the format was to have forums, sell game used equipment, have question and answer sessions and autographs all-day from current and former players all free. This is a common event for teams during the off season I know the Pirates do it and the Cubs and Cardinals have similar events. I'm not sure where the current thinking is but I assume up someones A$$ in the Orioles front office as they have now turned this event into just another pay for autographs show which will make it no different then any "National" or M-A-B or TriStar Show which is to bad for the local fans that have put up with this pathetic team for more then a decade. Please note that there are teenagers that have never seen a winning season from this Peter Angelos run circus and now there turning the one good event every year into just another money grab disguised as charity, If I want to give to charity I will, And if the Orioles want to give money do it don't charge the fans of your below average team for autographs of your players that no one knows because there never around long enough to get to know in this organization and make the donation! Whatever maybe I'll go to Pittsburgh that week end and go to the Pirates fanfest! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. here is the official report

Monday, January 3, 2011

Otto Graham Football Hall of Famer

I just received in the mail another Football HOFer to add to the collection this one is a 1994 Signature Rookies Gold Standard #HOF9 and #'d 272/2,500, I paid $13.60 on Ebay including the Shipping and Handling.