Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ravens Flock Festival

On Saturday Dave and I attended the Baltimore Ravens Draft Flock Festival we purchased entry and autograph session. The autograph session were a secret as you didn't know who was in your session until they basically showed up not the best way to do it in my opinion so no planning bring all my Ravens stuff and hope it someone you wanted from the list of names that were announced.  Our session was Danny Woodhead and Jermaine Lewis so not bad as I needed Woodhead and I had 8x10's from Super Bowl XXXV for Lewis.  Other highlights of the event included the team store with Game Used items locker room tours Lombardi Trophy photo ops etc..... Along with trying get other players as they came into the stadium which was good to Ogden didn't sign and I missed Flacco as he signed on way in but not out and I was in line for my auto session when he arrived.  I bought a Game-used Jersey C.Williams thought it was Calvin Williams but doing research he was 80 not the 89 which is on the jersey so thinking it was 1997 pre-season when he got his usual # but then didn't make the team. Still a nice Jersey with the original Raven bird sleeve logo and it's from Russell Athletics and for $50 not a bad deal. I got a total of 12 layers and 28 autographs.
1) Bobby Humphrey - 3x5. (Marlon's Dad ex Denver Bronco).
2) Tony Jefferson - 8x10, SI Cover, Flock Festival Program & 3x5.
3) Brandon Carr - 8x10 & 3x5.
4) Danny Woodhead - 8x10, Card & Ticket Stub.
5) Jermaine Lewis - 5 8x10's.
6) Edwin Mulitalo - 8x10 & Flock festival program.
7) Jeff Blackshear - Flock festival program.
8) Carl Davis - 3 Cards.
9) C.J. Mosley - 3 Cards & 8x10.
10) Vonta Leach - a Card.
11) Crockett Gillmore - a Card.
12) Matt Judon - Flock festival program.

2017 NFL Draft Experience

On Friday I went to the Parkway in Philadelphia for the outdoor Fanfest type event put on in connection with the 3-day NFL Draft running April 27-29. The main attraction for me was the autograph signings the VISA, NFL Shops & Panini were having.  I didn't get the 2 man signers as lines were cut off prior to me getting to them for Donovan McNabb & Randall Cunningham. I was able to get everyone in the Panini autograph stage they ran it all day with a new signer every hour a total of 6 different.  Was also able to get both that VISA had at there tent I was actually first in line for LeVeon Bell (He would only sign the hand out blank card ugh!)  at Panini stage was 1 per but would what you had or the blank card they had you would have thought that maybe be your business they would have had something with the players picture or made up oversize cards or  regular size cards but guess they felt it wasn't worth the effort to me didn't make them look good or proper representation you want to show potential new customers but hey who am I.   they also had some Q&A's (Carson Wentz & Adam Schefter) and Oikos photo op with Jeremiah Trotter. The following is what I got done in the 6 hours or so I was there.
Autographs (9 people & 12 Autos):

VISA Booth:
1) LeVeon Bell - Handout Card.
2) Greg Olson - 2 Cards.

Panini Stage:
3) Greg Olson - a Card.
4) Trey Burton - 8x10 & Handout Card.
5) Jon Runyon - 8x10.
6) DeAngelo Williams - Handout Card.
7) Garry Cobb - 8x10 & Handout Card.
8) Tony Richardson - Handout Card.

9) Adam Schefter - a Card (signed but with an attitude that he would see it on Ebay that night BLAH                                BLAH BLAH).
LeVeon Bell, DeAngelo Williams & Jon Runyan items.

Trey Burton Signed items.

Garry Cobb signed items
Me & LeVeon Bell

Garry Cobb Signing.

Tony Richardson Signing
Trey Burton Signing

Q&A with Adam Schefter

Me with Greg Olson

Jon Runyan signing

Me with Jeremiah Trotter 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ravens Flock Party

On Thursday night Dave and I went to Hightopps Grille in Timonium, MD for the Ravens Draft Flock Party I was a free event we arrived and were able to get a table inside had some dinner and drinks.  along with the draft they also had 3 Ravens alumni players appear to sign some autographs and take picture each was about 30 minutes.  I was able to get all 3 autographs as follow:
1) Mike Flynn - 8x10 & Alumni Card.
2) Brad Jackson - 8x10 &Alumni Card.
3) Rob Burnett - 8x10, Alumni Card & Card.

Brad Jackson Autographed Items 

Mike Flynn Autograhed Items

Rob Burnett Autographed Items

Mike Flynn Signing

Brad Jackson Signing

Rob Burnett Signing

Sunday, April 23, 2017

PSU Blue White Game 2017

Kerry and I went to the spring game at State College yesterday mainly for the autographs.  It was a little rainy early in the day when we arrived but it cleared up and we get there early enough to pick the Gate A grouping of Running Backs and Tight Ends.  The autographs were organized into 5 different gates and a couple of different positions at each.  So with Saquon Barkley and Mike Gesicki at the same gate made it an east decision for us. Get there about 10 AM for 12:15 autograph start and glad we did if you were late you did get through the lines as each was long by start time.  We got through Gate A and then headed to Gate C which had Linebackers wanted Jason Canida didn't get through that line but the handed out pre-signed posters was able to get 2 different of those and was able to get Jason's attention and he came over after he was done signing and signed my 8x10.  Then once we entered stadium we hung out by the tunnel entrance to the field for Alumni and got a few of those.  The only disappointment was early in the day having Franco Harris walk buy us in line so I grab an item out of my bag and followed only to be told he wouldn't sign so got to shake his hand and he said he would take a picture I should have but didn't.  These were some alumni that we saw who either didn't sign or we didn't catch Michael Robinson, Sam Gash, Justin King, Garry Gilliam, Matt Millen & Anthony "Spice" Adams.  All in all a great day at state college I was able to get 33 players and a total of 51 autographs not bad for a free event.
Current PSU Player Autographs:
1) Nick Scott - Poster.
2) DaeSean Hamilton - Poster.
3) Andre Robinson - Poster.
4) Mark Allen - Poster.
5) Jonathan Holland - 2 Posters.
6) Jonathan Thomas - 2 Posters.
7) Miles Sanders - Poster.
8) Saquon Barkley - Poster & 8x10.
9) T.J. Johnson - Poster.
10) Troy Shorts - Poster.
11) Josh McPhearson - Poster.
12) Jason Cabinda - Poster & 8x10.
13) Nick Eury - Poster.
14) Joe Arcangelo - 3 Poster.
15) Jason Vranic - Poster.
16) Danny Dalton - 2 Posters.
17) Steven Grampp - 2 Posters.
18) Nick Bowers - 2 Posters.
19) Mike Gesicki - 2 Posters & 8x10.
20) Tom Pancoast - 2 Posters.

Recruits and Alumni Autographs:
21) Akeel Lynch - 3x5.
22) Geno Lewis - 3x5.
23) Austin Johnson - 3x5.
24) Brandon Bell - 3x5.
25) Wally Richardson - 3x5.
26) Isheem Young - 3x5.
27) LaVar Arrington - 3 Cards.
28) Jesse James - 2 Cards.
29) Bryant Johnson - a Jersey Card.
30) Larry Johnson - a Card.
31) Tony Johnson - a Card
32) Jeff Hartings - a Card.
33) Derrick Williams - 4 Cards.

Barkley, Cabinda & Gesicki signed 8x10's

Jason Cabinda

Saquon Barkley

Mike Gesicki # 88

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ebay Lots

I purchased 2 separate 5 card lots from the same seller in Canada each lot was .99 plus shipping of $4. so comes out to about 60 cents a card.  2 are Just Minors and 8 are Razors. also the stamp from Canada is really cool a large Daryl Sittler Stamp which makes me wonder what other Hockey players they made stamps of?

1) Brad Corley - Just Autographs 2006 # 7.
2) P.J. Phillips - Just Autographs 2006 # 46.
3) David Adams - 2008 Razor # ES-18.
4) Garrison Lassiter - 2008 Razor # 139 #'d 1438/1499.
5) Ross Seaton - 2008 Razor # 149 #'d 0360/1499.
6) Chris Smith - 2008 Razor # 150 #'d 0477/1499.
7) Quinton Miller - 2008 Razor # 183 #'d 1101/1499.
8) Tim Murphy - 2008 Razor # 185 #'d 0390/1499.
9) Bryan Price - 2008 Razor # 188 #'d 0365/1499.
10) T.J. Steele - 2008 Razor # 198 #'d 273/499.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pre-Season game York @ Lancaster

I took a half day off work today and went to the Atlantic League pre-season game between the York Revolution and the Lancaster Barnstormers was a great day out weather-wise clear skies and 65-70 degrees perfect for a game.   The game was York's early as they took a 4-1 lead but in the end it was Lancaster with an 8-4 10 inning win and they were winning by that score after the top of the ninth they played a couple more innings to get all the pitchers there work hey that's what pre-season games are for right.   As for Collecting I was able to get 7 players and 21 total autographs a foul play and a Bryan Pounds Broken bat.
1) Melvin Mercedes - 6 Cards.
2) Jared Mitchell - a Card.
3) Jarret Martin - a Card.
4) Jose Constanza - a Card.
5) Joel Guzman - 2 Cards.
6) Brad Bergesen - 8 Cards.
7) Caleb Gindl - 2 Cards.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Barnstormers Fanfest Part 2 Southern Maryland

This is the second and final part from the Lancaster fanfest from yesterday featuring the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. The following is who and what I was able to get signed by the visitors. a total of 7 players and 13 autographs including 11 cards and 2 8x10's see below for the actual items.
Blue Carbs:
1) Gary Brown - 2 Cards.
2) Zach Cone - 3 Cards.
3) Justin De Fratus - a Card.
4) Pat Misch - 2 Cards & an 8x10.
5) Daniel Muno - a Card & an 8x10.
6) Michael Snyder - a Card.
7) Cory Vaughn - a Card.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lancaster Barnstormers Fanfest Part 1

I went to today's Fanfest at Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, PA for the annual season kick-off event which the highlights for me are the team autograph session and then the first pre-season game for the Atlantic League.  The opponent today was Southern Maryland Blue Crabs which will be Part 2 posted tomorrow.   The following is who and what I got signed today a nice combination of cards and 8x10's (15 players for total of 25 autographs on 13 Cards, 11 8x10's & 1 Promo) .
1) Josh Bell - 3 Cards.
2) Anthony Carter - a Card.
3) Cody Hall - a Card & 8x10.
4) Sean Halton - a Card & 8x10.
5) Lastings Milledge - a Card & 2009 Nationals Group Sales Info packet.
6) Trayvon Robinnson - a Card (Personalized).
7) Darian Sandford - a Card.
8) Tommy Shirley - a Card.
9) Elih Villanueva - 2 Cards.
10) Kristopher (K.C.) Hopson - a Card.
11) Jeff Kobernus - 2 8x10's.
12) Blake Gailen - 2 8x10's (WBC - Israel)
13) Daniel Moskos - 2 8x10's.
14) Rico Noel - 8x10.
15) Caaleb Gindl - 2 8x10's.