Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Collector's Crack Super Bowl Contest

The annual contest is now open for guessing!  follow link below it get involved.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Play at the plate's contest

Hello all Play at the plate is having a blog contest for new years and here is the pimping of it to prove it! see link.  couple ways to win a blaster box or a rack pack check it out.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Box and Pack opening

Here are some of the cards from the box and the packs from the This or That post of the other day.  My son got me the box of 2013 Football but I decided to trade it in on an assortment of packs and a box to rip open instead was hoping for autographs but didn't hit any of those.
Rookies from 2013 Prestige Rack Pack
Mike Glennon Crusade & Danny Amendola Longevity Rookies & Stars Rack Pack
Laurinatis Mini, Wallace Pink /399, Palmer 4,000 Yards, Marshall 1,000, Watt Future Legends & Boldin insert from 2013 Topps Rack Pack

Cordarrelle Patterson Jersey, DeAndre Hopkins Hogg, Brice Butler & Arian Foster Red Spectrums 2013 Absolute Box, Pack & Rack Pack
As you can see no major pulls from any of them best card I think is the Patterson Jersey.

Friday, December 27, 2013

This or That..........

Check out the picture below.....

Would you rather have them or a factory set of 2013 Topps Football 440 cards plus the 5 Variations of the rookies?

 Let me know what you think the cost is about the same!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Waite Hoyt

I picked up this nice autograph of deceased (1984) Baseball Hall of Famer Waite Hoyt off of Ebay for $10.50 shipped.  Will make a nice addition to the collection and fills in a hole.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stocking Stuffers

In my stocking this morning I got 3 Packs of Topps 2013 Football & 5 Packs of 2013 Topps Update Series. No really good pulls and no autographs, I did get some inserts. Here are the inserts by pack below.
Pack #1 Steven Jackson 1000 Yard Club Odds 1:4

Pack #2 Manti Te'o Rookie RedOdds 1:6, Geno Smith Gold #'d 2013 Odds 1:8 

Pack # 3 Eddie Lacy Future Legends Odds 1:4

Pack #1 Stephen Strasburg 1971 Mini odds 1:4

Pack #2 Aaron Harang Emerald odds 1:6, Chris Archer Gold #'d/2013 odds 1:5

Pack # 3 Miguel Cabrera Postseason Heroes odds 1:8, Ross Ohlendorf Gold #'d/2013odds 1:5

Pack #4 Miguel Cabrera 1971 Mini Odds 1:4, Jayson Nix Gold #'d/2013 odds 1:5

Pack # 5 Jim Palmer Postseason Heroes odds 1:8, Michael Cuddyer Red Border odds 1:4

Merry Christmas

To all my fellow bloggers wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Basketball HOFers

I found a bunch of cards all from the same seller that filled some needs in my Basketball HOF collection so I wound up winning 7 auctions totaling 8 cards for a total of $24.19 shipped so comes out to about $3 a piece. winning bids were from .99 to $5.00.  Fills in 5 HOFers I didn't have so was worth it they are as follow:
1) Leon Barmore 2013 Leaf Metal Basketball # BA-LB2.
2) Joan Crawford 2013 Leaf Metal Basketball # BA-JC2 2 times.
3) Tom "Satch" Sanders 2013 Leaf Metal Basketball # BA-SS3.
4) Chet Walker 2012 Leaf Legends of Sport # BA-CW1.
5) Jamaal Wilkes 2013 Leaf Metal Basketball # BA-JW2.
6) Matthew Railey 2013 Leaf Perfect Game Baseball # A-MR1 #'d 08/25.
7) Greg Childs 2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft # GC1.

Patriots @ Ravens 12/22/2013 OUCH!

My son and I went to the lopsided loss 41-7 yesterday so for a team that could win there division with winning there last 2 games it's a disappointment to see them come out and lay an egg! Oh well we move on win next week and get some help and were in the playoffs, "PLAYOFFS"! I did some autographing before and after the game the following is who I got yesterday.
1) Danny Amendola - 2 Cards.
2) Kyle Arrington - a Card & Team Logo.
3) Julian Edelman - a Card.
4) Chandler Jones - a Card.
5) Logan Ryan - a Card & Team Logo.
6) Brandon Spikes - 2 Cards.
7)  Matt Mulligan - Team Logo.
8) Tavon Wilson - Team Logo.
9) Danny Aiken - Team Logo.
10) Ryan Wendell - Team Logo.
11) Duron Harmon - Team Logo.
12) James Develin - Team Logo.
13) Isaac Sopaga - Team Logo.
14) Joe Vellano - Team Logo 2x.
15) Scott Zolak - 3x5.
16) Ross Tucker - 3x5.
17) Dick Cass - 8x10.
18) Dan Parsons - 3x5.
19) Marlon Brown - 3x5.
20) Brynden Trawick - 3x5.
21) Jessica - Postcard.
Game-Used Equipment:
1) Brynden Trawick - Glove.
2) Jimmy Smith - Towel.
3) Aaron Mellette - Sideline Hat.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ebay Autograph lot purchase

Last week I purchased a lot off of Ebay for $11 total shipped the lot consisted of 25 autographed football cards from 2006-2012 not bad for .44 cents a piece.  The following are the specifics of the lot.
1) Michael Egnew 2012 Hit #A28.
2) Jason Ford 2012 Hit #A37.
3) Leonard Johnson 2012 Leaf Draft #LJ2.
4) Jeff Maehl 2011 Hit #A23 Silver.
5) Stephen Paea 2011 Hit #A24 Red.
6) Chase Reynolds 2011 Hit #A66 Red.
7) Robert Sands 2011 Hit #A67 Silver.
8) Denarius Moore 2011 Hit #A87 Red.
9) Ryan Kerrigan 2011 Hit #A94 Silver.
10) Brody Eldridge 2010 Donruss #13.
11) Stephen Williams 2010 Donruss #92.
12) Sean Weatherspoon 2010 Hit #A17 Red.
13) Nate Byham 2010 Hit #A88 Silver.
14) Andy Kemp 2009 Aspire #A5.
15) Mike Teel 2009 Hit #A16.
16) Roy Miller 2009 Hit #A36.
17) Alphonso Smith 2009 Press Pass #PPS-AS.
18) Rashad Jennings 2009 Press Pass #PPS-RJ.
19) Brent Miller 2008 Aspire Hula Bowl #H15 #'d 170/250.
20) Jabari Arthur 2008 Hit #A33 Blue.
21) Beau Bell 2008 Hit #A69 Blue.
22) Paul Raymond 2008 Hit #A71 Silver.
23) Leodis McKelvin 2008 Press Pass #PPS-LM.
24) Anthony Morelli 2008 Stadium Club #170.
25) Jerious Norwood 2006 Topps Chrome #241.

Card Show Purchase

I went to the local mall card show today, There wasn't a whole lot that I was interested in but did pick up a few singles of some Patriots that I didn't have cards of for tomorrow also picked up 4 Autographs they cost me $4/each here is what I got:
1) Lee Evans 2005 Upper Deck Portrait # SP-6.
2) Jason Campbell 2005 Upper Deck Portraits # SP-66.
3) Reggie Brown 2005 Upper Deck Portraits # SP-72.
4) Shane Doan 2006/07 Be A Player Portraits # SP-SD.

These are all the oversized cards approximately 8x10.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Post # 600 - A couple of Ebay purchases

I got in the mail today 2 purchases from Ebay the first is a 2013 Panini Playbook Deonte Thompson Autograph # 103 #'d 02/49($3.49) and the other is a slabbed Early Wynn HOF Yellow Plaque card($21.60) another one checked of the baseball HOF list.

An Angels Happy Holidays!

I received this email wishing a happy Holiday from the Angels today! check out the link below.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Autographs

I received these 6 autographed cards in the mail today.  I got these from Ryan for some Ravens stuff and had gotten for down at the stadium from this season.
1) Geno Smith 2013 Panini Prizm # 238.
2) Zach Ertz 2013 Panini Prizm # 300 #'d 35/99.
3) Mike Gillislee 2013 UD Rookie Lettermen # RL-GI #'d 64/75.
4) Keenan Allen 2013 UD Rookie Letterman# RL-KA #'d 02/15.
5) Alfred Morris 2012 Upper Deck SP # 94SP-42.
6) Michael Huff 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces # SOG73.  

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Steve Carlton

I went to the VF outlet in Reading PA today for there annual event and tent sale.  This years signer was Steve Carlton, I was able to go though the line twice and got 2 of the store provided 8x10's done.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Three Ebay purchases

I made 3 purchases last week and they all arrived today in the mail.
1) Redemption for a Nate Thurmond 2012 Panini Signatures Gold #185 #'d /10 for a total of $8.00.
2) Art Shell 2012 Press Pass Legends Hall of Fame Champions Edition #CH-AS #'d 36/50 for a total of $5.00.
3) Ray Bourque 2008 Donruss Sports Legend Museum Collection #MC-3 #'d 42/50 for a total of $8.49.
So some nice additions to the HOF collections.

Friday, November 29, 2013

"Tomlin Tackle"

"Tomlin Tackle"

I was at the game last night a tough as usual 22-20 WIN! by the Ravens as always these games are never easy it doesn't matter if the teams are good or bad it's ALWAYS close.  But what the well respected head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers did last was just flat out bush league and his B.S. answer to it after the game was even worse that he lost track of where he was?????? In my opinion the Ravens should be asking the league for a minimum of a one game suspension and a heavy fine. As a side note the official who ran between the bench and had Tomlin to his field side and didn't throw the flag also needs to miss a game. Just glad that the 2 point conversion wasn't good and we got the win or this would be huge not just for this game but the division and the final playoff spot.

Panini Contest

The panini blog is having a black friday contest and this is the card I submitted.  2012 Panini Momentum Bernard Pierce Large Swatch #'d 49/99 which I had Bernard sign.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

New York Jets @ Baltimore

Autographed Cards
New York Jets Autographed sheet
I went to the game today a nice 19-3 win for the home team to get the Ravens to 5-6 and still in hunt for the last playoff spot.  Only did Autographs Pregame and only of the Jets but here is who/what I got:
1) Geno Smith - a Card.
2) Antwan Barnes - 2 Cards.
3) Muhammad Wilkerson - 2 Cards.
4) Chris Ivory - 2 Cards.
5) David Garrard - 5 Cards.
6) Paul Ricci - 3x5.
7) David Nelson - Jets Logo Sheet.
8) D'Brickashaw Ferguson - Jets Logo Sheet.
9) Matt Simms - Jets Logo Sheet.
10) Will Campbell - Jets Logo Sheet.
11) Ben Ijalana - Jets Logo Sheet.
12) Zach Sudfeld - Jets Logo Sheet.
13) Tommy Bohannon - Jets Logo Sheet.
14) Oday Aboushi - Jets Logo Sheet.
15) Woody Johnson - Jets Logo Sheet.
16) Dick Cass - 3x5.

Also, After the game I was able to get some equipment:
1) Matt Elam - Glove.
2) Ricky Wagner - Glove.
3) Jeromy Miles - 2 Arm Sleeves.
Elam & Wagner Gloves, Miles Arm Sleeves

Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 Topps Football Packs

I went to a card show today and picked up 3 packs for $5 of Topps 2013 Football 10 cards to a pack. Each pack had an insert so was ok see picture of each pack below.
Pack #1 Vincent Jackson 1,000 Yard Club & Gridiron Legend Emmitt Smith

Pack #2 Legends in the Making Joe Flacco & Road to Victory - Redskins

Pack #3 Victor Cruz Future Legends & Redemption

Jacquizz Rodgers Autograph Redemption Card.
So not bad for $5 highlight is the Redemption Auto, I like the Joe Flacco nice purple border on the card.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Box Break results

I watched the box break I was in on last night.  I had the Ravens and got 2 of the 50 cards in the box well that's the good news bad news is neither were a hit so for $3 I got a Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith base cards.  Not worth the $3 bucks but was interesting to watch. Here is a couple of the links if you want to see it for yourself.



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Box Break

I have never done one of these so last night I saw one on Ebay that was ending soon and had only one bid for the Baltimore Ravens so figured I'd try it, actual won it for next to nothing $1.04 plus $2 shipping we will see It was for a box of 2013 Panini Certified which has 10 packs and 5 cards per pack so figure should get maybe 1 or 2 cards out of it,  Hopefully one of the 7 hits. see the breakdown of box below: Will post what I got in a future post.

2013 Panini Certified Football Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 3 Additional Autographs or Memorabilia Cards
  • 3 Parallel Cards
  • 50 Total Cards
Please leave a comment if you have done any of these and what you have experienced in the past it doesn't need to be this product just wondering if you think these are worth/good or not.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Hall of Famers Added

I made 3 purchases on Ebay for a total of 6 Hall of Famers 3 Football & 3 Basketball these will make nice additions to the HOF collections. Here are the pictures of each purchase and costs. The Football HOFers are from the Ron Mix set Each is numbered to 2,500.
Art Shell-$11.71, Chuck Noll-$17.77 & Dan Fouts-$16.72
Alex English 2000 Upper Deck Legendary Signatures # AE - $5.24
Ann Meyers 2013 Leaf Metal #BA-AM3 & Nancy Lieberman 2013 Leaf #NL1 - $8.33

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bengals @ Ravens Nov. 10, 2013

I went to the Overtime game today which should have never been but a win is a win! 20-17 pulled it out after a game tying HAIL MARY! with 0:00 on the clock how does that happen knock the ball down! after two deflections off 3 or 4 players A.J. Green left standing alone in back of endzone TD. OMFG. Did autos before and after the game here is who I got.
1) Dan Dierdorf - 8x10.
2) Brian Balldinger - 3x5.
3) Giovani Bernard - Team Logo.
4) Rex Burkhead - Team Logo.
5) Anthony Collins - Team Logo.
6) Jayson DiManche - Team Logo.
7) Wallace Gilberry - Team Logo.
8) Clark Harris - Team Logo.
9) Josh Johnson - Team Logo & a Card.
10) Chris Lewis-Harris - Team Logo.
11) Trevor Robinson - Team Logo.
12) Mohamed Sanu - Team Logo.
13) J.K. Schaffer - Team Logo.
14) Andre Smith - Team Logo & a Card.
15) Kevin Zeitler - Team Logo.
16) Greg McElroy - Team Logo.
17) Reggie Nelson - a Card.
18) BenJarvis Green-Ellis - 3 Cards.
19) Carlos Dunlap - 2 Cards.
20) Tyler Eifert - 2 Cards.
21) Jonathan Hayes - a Card.
22) Terence Newman - a Card.
23) Hue Jackson - 3x5.
24) Dave Lapham - 3x5.
25) Deonte Thompson - 3x5.
26) Steve Spagnuolo - 3x5.
27) Juan Castillo - 3x5.
28) Steve Bisciotti - 3x5.
29) Jack Harbaugh - 3x5(Father of Jim & John).
30) Eugene Monroe - 3 Cards.
31) Jimmy Smith - a Card.
32) JohnSimon - 3 Cards & 8x10.
33) Ricky Wagner - 2 Cards & 8x10.
34) Tandon Doss - 5 Cards.
35) Ed Dickson - a Card.
36) Chykie Brown - 8x10.
37) James Ihedigbo - 8x10.
38) Joe Flacco - 8x10.
39) Morgan Cox - 2 8x10's.
40) Harry Swayne - 2 8x10's.
41) Jah Reid - 8x10.
42) Haloti Ngata - 8x10.
43) Sam Koch - 8x10.
44) Jim Caldwell - 8x10.
45) Alyssa - Postcard.
46) Christine - Postcard.
47) Jessica - Postcard.
48) Nashanta - Postcard.
49) Sara - Postcard.
50) Stephanie - Postcard.
Jeromy Miles Glove Salute to Service (Very cool glove).