Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drewscards Winnings!

Here are the winnings from the contest that Drewscards ran for some TriStar Obak. I would like to thank Drew for running the contest. Here are the 25 cards that came in the mail today X-mas early!!! The highlight for me is the Tim Raines autograph. I would have loved to had the Kyle Drabek card earlier in the season I got him twice during the double A season before he was a September call up. I think these cards would sign nicely.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chris Foerster former Ravens Coach

I just received in the mail another former Ravens coach that I didn't get his autograph while he was with the Team. Chris is now with the Washington Redskins as a coach and it was sent to the team on Sept. 21 so it took a little more then a week.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Terrence "Mount" Cody

I went to the TownMall in Westminster, MD. tonight for a free signing by Terrence Cody he signed 2 8x10's, a 3x5 & a card had to go though the line 3 times but what the heck it was free. Also, two Raven cheerleaders where there so got them to Megan and Courtney.

Ebay Purchase

Just received in the mail 5 cards that I purchased off of Ebay paid a total of .70 cents each including the shipping.
1) Yamon Figurs 2007 Bowman Chrome #BC91.
2) Chris Davis 2007 Bowman Chrome #BC107.
3) Marlin Jackson 2005 Bowman Best #73 #'d 700/999.
4) Jonathan Wade 2007 Leaf Certified Material # 196 #'d 325/399.
5) Jerome Mathis 2005 SP Authentic #211 #'d 369/850.

Remaining Pictures of Ravens Autos

Ravens from the 9/26/2010 Browns Game

Here is the third post from the September 26 game. Here are the Raven autographs I got.
1) Sergio Kindle - 3 Cards & a 3x5.
2) Justin Harper - 2 Cards.
3) Derrick Mason - a Card.
4) Anquan Boldin - 3 Cards.
5) Todd Heap - a Card & a Program.
6) Curtis Steele - a 3x5.
7) Ed Reed - a Program.
8) Matt Birk - 8x10.
9) Chris Carr - 8x10.
10) Terrence Cody - 8x10.
11) Oniel Cousins - 8x10.
12) Morgan Cox - 2 8x10's.
13) Lamar Divans - 8x10.
14) Joe Flacco - 2 8x10's.
15) Ben Grubbs - 8x10.
16) Arthur Jones - 8x10.
17) Edgar Jones - 8x10.
18) Sam Koch - 8x10.
19) Jameel McClain - 8x10.
20) Tony Moll - 8x10.
21) Haruki Nakamura - 8x10.
22) Ray Rice - 8x10.
23) Fabian Washington - 8x10.
24) Lardarius Webb - 8x10.
25) Marshal Yanda - 8x10.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alumni, Coaches, Media & Cheerleaders 9/26/2010 Ravens Game

Here is the second post from the Browns @ Ravens Game. Here are the autographs I got of the coaches, media and cheerleaders.
1) Steve Beuerlein - 3 Cards.
2) Harry Swayne - a 8x10.
3) Jonathan Ogden - 3 Cards, 8x10 & a Program.
4) Adrian Mehling - 2 BFA logos.
5) Joe Washington - BFA Logo, 7 Cards & SI Cover.
6) Rick Volk - BFA Logo, 4 Cards & SI Cover.
7) Sam Havrilak - BFA Logo & a Card.
Ravens Coaches & Front Office:
8) Ozzie Newsome - a Card.
9) Eric Decosta - 3x5.
10) John Matsko - 3x5.
11) Andy Moeller - 3x5.
12) Ted Monchino - 3x5.
13) Bob Rogucki - 3x5.
14) Matt Weiss - 3x5.
15) Dean Pees - 3x5.
16) Adriene - Team Card.
17) Andrea - Team Card.
18) Courtney D. - Team Card.
19) Dana - Team Card.
20) Hillary - Team Card.
21) Jessica - Team Card.
22) Meaghan S. - Team Card.
23) Michelle - Team Card.

Cleveland Browns 9/26/2010 @ Baltimore

I went down for autographs for the Browns and Ravens today. I will be making probably 4 posts for this since it was a great time autographing. We were thinking on the way down that it may be a bust since it started raining but was able to find a spot under a tree and it was not raining all that hard so it turned out great. Here are the Browns I got after the game.
1) Mike Adams - Browns Logo.
2) Blake Costanzo - Browns Logo.
3) Abram Elam - Browns Logo & a Card.
4) Joe Haden - Browns Logo & a Card.
5) Mohamed Massaquoi - a Card.
6) Tony Pashos - Browns Logo.
7) Robert Royal - Browns Logo.
8) Nick Sorensen - Browns Logo.
9) Ben Watson - a Card.
10) Floyd Womack - Browns Logo.
11) Bryan Cox - 2 Cards.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Somerset Patriots @ York 9/22/2010

Went to the game tonight left early since it was raining York scored 6 in the bottom of the first and was winning 6-0 when I left. Here are the autographs I got as usual Sparky Lyle was a "NO" I haven't seen him sign in the last 2-3 years:
1) Jason Monti - 2 Cards & Playoff Roster.
2) Bill Pulsipher - 4 Cards.
3) Jason Belcher - Playoff Roster.
4) Elliott Ayala - Playoff Roster.
5) Joe Burke - Playoff Roster.
6) Matt Hagen - Playoff Roster.
7) Jeff Nettles - Playoff Roster.
8) Josh Pressley - Playoff Roster.
9) Iggy Saurez - Playoff Roster.
10) Noah Hall - Playoff Roster.
11) Brian Adams - Playoff Roster.
12) Andrew Dobies - Playoff Roster.
13) Jerry Dunn - Playoff Roster.
14) Ben Grezlovski - Playoff Roster.
15) Carlos Hines - Playoff Roster.
16) Jeff Kennard - Playoff Roster.
17) Travis Minix - Playoff Roster.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A trade made

I got in the mail today 4 cards that were from a trade with Ryan. Here are the 4 I got.
1) Dan Connor 2008 Topps Rookie Progression #PSS-DC.
2) Johnnie Morant 2007 Upper Deck NFL Artifacts #NF-JM.
3) Dan Cody 2005 Upper Deck Rookie Debut #DI-DC.
4) P.K. Sam 2004 SP Authentic Scripts for Success #SS-PK.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Steve Shafer

Received a nice surprise in the mail today I was exchanging emails with the president of the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL (United Football League) and I asked if he could get me a Coach Shafer auto a couple weeks ago and Andrew came through much thanks to him one more Ex-Ravens coach I can mark off the needed list he also took and included a nice picture of coach signing.

Long Island @ Lancaster 9/18/2010

I went to Lancaster to try and get a couple guys that I had not gotten during the Atlantic League season and since both these teams are done after tomorrow I figured tonight was a great time to do it and not miss the NFL on Sunday. Here is who I got:
Long Island:
1) Willis Otanez - a Card & 3x5.
2) Joe Gaetti - 2 Cards & game program cover.
3) Tim Hamulack - 2 Cards.
4) Ross Peeples - a Card.
5) Reggie Taylor - a Card.
6) Danny Cox - 8 Cards.
7) Tommy Herr - 3 Cards.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Something different for me!

In an effort to fill in some of the Baltimore Ravens that I need that are no longer with the organization I decide to try some thru the mail I sent three out to individuals that I saw where with other teams Keith Fitzhugh who was in camp with the Jets and was one of there last cuts and Tony Curtis who was with the 49ers and was also one of there last cuts have not received anything back from them not sure they received before they were cut so not expecting to see them. The third one was to Coach Johnnie Lynn who was with the Ravens in 2004 & 2005 and is currently with the 49ers and today in the mail I got a signed 3x5 so I may try and send a few more out to coaches on other teams if they do not come in to Baltimore. I guess I'll need to change the blog name now!!! lol.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hinder and Seether @ The York Fair 9/15/2010

I went to the fairgrounds before the concert to try to get autographs of Hinder and Seether I did get Hinder all five members everyone in the band was out walking around behind the stage around there tour buses for a couple hours before the show and again where out taking pictures with people and signing everything after the show Hinder could not have been more fan friendly!! As for Seether I saw Shaun Morgan getting onto the tour bus a couple hours before the show and asked for an autograph he said he would be back out in a few minutes he didn't come out until going on stage, as for after the show didn't see any of Seether for about an hour to an hour and half then Shaun came off the bus got security to get to women and signed there stuff and hugged them and basically gave the finger to the rest of us about 20 of us could not have been less fan friendly as a band, oh well one of the two not bad.
1) Austin Winkler - 2 8x10's, Poster & a cut.
2) Joe Garvey - 2 8x10's, Poster & a cut.
3) Mark King - 2 8x10's, Poster & a cut.
4) Mike Rodden - 2 8x10's, Poster & a cut.
5) Cody Hanson - 2 8x10's & Poster.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Curve @ Senators Playoff Game 3

I went to Harrisburg to see the 3rd game of the playoff series a blow-out win for Altoona giving them a 2-1 games lead in the 5 game series the following are the autographs I got:
1) Matt Walbeck - 13 Cards.
2) Tom Filer - 4 Cards.
3) Jeff Locke - a Card.
4) Bryan Morris - 3x5.
5) Daniel Moskos - a Card.
6) Tony Watson - 3x5.
7) Justin Wilson - 3x5.
8) Hector Gimenez - a Card.
9) Yung-Chi Chen - a Card.
10) Chase D'Arnaud - 3 Cards.
11) Jose De Los Santos - 3x5.
12) Josh Harrison - 3 Cards.
13) Jordy Mercer - a Card.
14) Jim Negrych - 3x5.
15) Andrew Lambo - 3x5.
16) Dustin Molleken - 3x5.
17) Jack Spradlin - a Card.
18) Cory VanAllen - a Card.
19) Steve Lombardozzi - 2 Cards.
20) Chris Marrero - 3 Cards.
21) Michael Burgess - a Card.
22) Marvin Lowrance - 2 Cards.
23) Ryan Mattheus - 3x5.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Contest on Drewscards blog

Check out the link for details for 2010 Tristar Obak box

Countdown to Kickoff 9/9/2010

I went to the event last night put on by 98 rock and the Ravens. The concert include Charm City Devils, Sickpuppies, Flyleaf and Buckcherry. The Ravens had the cheerleaders there and the only player that I saw there was Derrick Mason. The only autograph I got was Amanda on her 2009 Topps Chrome card but I did get a Stevie D Buckcherry guitar pick and one of Buckcherry's set-list. It was a good time and the price was right gotta love free shows!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Golf Autographs

I just received 4 golf cards I purchased from ebay for a total of $18.85 including the S/H. there are as follow.
1) Patty Sheehan 2005 SP Authentic # 105 She is a Golf Hall of Famer.
2) Chad Campbell 2004 SP Signature Golf 8 1/2 x 11 card # CC.
3) Charles Howell III 2004 SP Signature Golf 8 1/2 x 11 card # CH.
4) Hank Kuehne 2004 SP Signature Golf 8 1/2 x11 card # HK.

Nick Faldo

I just received a nice Nick Faldo autograph card in the mail that I purchased off of Ebay it cost me $4.34 including S/H. The card is a 2003 SP GameUsed Edition #SW-NF1. Interesting note on this card looks like signed in ballpoint pen instead of a sharpie marker guess Nick didn't get the memo.

Brian Leetch

Just received in the mail a Brian Leetch 2009-10 SP Authentic #ST-BL paid $9.49 including the S/H. A nice addition to my Hockey Hall of Fame Collection.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Newark Bears 9/2/2010

I went to York to get some autographs before the game with the Newark Bears this is who I got.
1) Will Cunnane - 2 Cards.
2) Brian Holliday - a Card.
3) Ron Karkovice - 9 Cards.
4) Eric Munson - 5 Cards.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Randy Keisler & Joey Gathright

I went to the York Revolution game with my son Eric and we threw out the 1st pitch of the game along with 10 other people, we had won these on a rub off contest the Rev's had I bounced my knuckle ball and Eric was a bit high but much better then my pitch. After the game a York 7-5 win over the Long Island Ducks, I got autographs from Joey Gathright 3 Cards and Randy Keisler 3 Cards.

Hockey Card Purchase

I purchased alot of 10 autographed hockey cards from ebay it cast me $13.49 so there about $1.35 a piece here is the list of the cards.
1) Jonas Hiller - 2007-08 In The Game Between the pipes Authentic Goalie Graph #A-JHI.
2) Blake Comeau - 2007-08 Upper Deck Ice #GG-BC.
3) Noah Welch - 2006-07 SP Authentic #197 #'d 251/999.
4) David Aebischer - 2004-05 Upper Deck Artifacts #AF-DA #'d 096/100.
5) Chris Thorburn - 2000-01 Upper Deck Prospects Game Used Edition #A-CT.
6) Miroslav Satan - 2000-01 SP Authentic #B-MS #'d 118/145.
7) Lyle Odelein - 1997-98 Pinnacle Be A Player Silver Die Cut #17.
8) Alexei Yashin - 1994-95 Classic Pro Hockey Prospects #'d 495/500.
9) Chris Ferraro - 1994-95 Classic Hockey #'d 3805/4770.
10) Chris Wells - 1994-95 Sognature Rookies Hockey # 15 #'d 3703/7750.