Friday, August 25, 2017

Deep Purple

Last Night Ben and I made the trip to BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ for the Deep Purple, Alice Cooper & Edgar Winter concert.  We were parked and having a couple beverages and some food and time got away from us so we missed the first to songs by Edgar but all everyone really wanted to see Edgar do was Frankenstein anyway which of course he closed with so all was good.  Alice played 15 songs in about an hour and ten minutes and Deep Purple closed the evening out with a 12 song hour and twenty minute set played some new stuff which I would have preferred to hear Knocking at your Back Door or My Woman from Tokyo but all in all a good show for the price $17 for the Lawn area.
Edgar Winter set-List:
1) Free Ride (Missed it)
2) Jumpin Jack Flash (Missed it)
3) Tobacco Road
4) Rock n Roll, Hoochie Koo
5) Frankenstein

Only took 1 picture of Edgar winter and it sucks! See below lol

Alice Cooper Set-List:
1) Brutal Planet
2) No More Mr. Nice Guy
3) Under My Wheels
4) Billion Dollar Babies
5) Paranoiac Personality
6) Woman of Mass Distraction
7) Nita Strauss Guitar Solo
8) Poison
9) Halo of Flies
10) Feed My Frankenstein
11) Cold Ethyl
12) Only Woman Bleed
13) Killer
14) I Love the Dead
15) I'm Eighteen
16) School's Out/Another Brick in the Wall
Alice Cooper on Stage @ BB&T Pavilion
 Deep Purple Set-List:
1) Highway Star
2) Fireball
3) Strange kind of Woman
4) Uncommon Man
5) Lazy
6) The Surprising
7) Keyboard Solo by Don Airey
8) Perfect Strangers
9) Space Truckin'
10) Smoke on the Water
11) Time for Bedlam
12) Hush
Deep Purple W/Ian Gillian & Don Airey on Big Screen

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