Sunday, December 25, 2016


I received 2 cd's in my stocking for Christmas (Actually purchased for myself). A few weeks ago I got an email from Fret 12 which is the Label for Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist  Mark Tremonti they were having a 12 Days of Xmas sale and was able to pick up cheap band signed CD's.  Interesting that Tremonti's bass player on his second album Cauterize released in 2015 is Wolfgang Van Halen which is autograph is above bottom Left along with Mark's signature upper left and Garrett Whitlock upper right and Eric Friedman Bottom Right.  Below is the 2012 released debut album "All I Was", which is autographed by Tremonti, Whitlock & Friedman.  The CD's aren't actually signed they printed up seperate panels the same size as a CD and had them sign those nice but not as nice as if it were the the actual CD covers.  But for $13 total shipped a great deal 2 CD's, 7 autographs.

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