Friday, December 9, 2016

Pop Evil & Citizen Zero

Last night I went to the concert at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore, MD.  I actually won tickets the day before and wasn't going to do autographs but Citizen Zero came out and spent the rest of the night at there merch table after there set, so I bought CD and got it signed along with a 3x5 of each member of the band. As for Pop Evil no autos but was able to get a Set-List and a pick from Nick Fuelling which includes his signature, a Pop Evil logo and a Pittsburgh Penguins logo on the Pop Evil logo nice touch but being a Flyers fan........ enough said.
Pop Evil Drummer Hayley Cramer

Pop Evil's Nick Fuelling Pick

Pop Evil Set-list & Pick

Citizen Zero Autographed CD

Citizen Zero Guitarist/Singer Josh Lemay

Citizen Zero Drummer John Dudley

Citizen Zero Bassist Sam Collins
Pop Evil Guitarist Nick Fuelling
Pop Evil Guitarist Dave Grahs
Pop Evils Singer Leigh Kakaty & Bassist Matt DiRito

Citizen Zero Guitarist Sammy Boller
Citizen Zero Autographs Sammy Boller, Sam Collins, John Dudley & Josh Lemay

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