Saturday, December 3, 2016

John Kruk

I went to the Vanity Fair Outlets this morning for the annual Tent sale and signing this years guest was John Kruk. He is suppose to be the Philadelphia Phillies new on-air analyst tho he could not say that even tho it was announced and he tweeted it out he told a story of not being able to talk about it since it wasn't official announced and he was called by the team and told not to talk about it but I think it is just a matter of days until it is official think he will be good replacement for Matt Stairs who is now a coach for the Phillies. As always he was in a good mood talking to everyone and taking pictures as he signed. I went though the line twice and was able to get 2 signed 8x10's which is the only item he will sign at this event and is provided by the outlet.  If anyone needs Kruker let me know, I could trade/sell one of these 8x10's one is blue and the other is black see below.  If you want to work a deal leave a comment with contact or email

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