Monday, November 22, 2021

Theory of a Deadman & 10 Years

Dave, Mark & I went to the concert on November 16th at HMAC Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center. We missed part of the opening act Eva Under Fire but saw all of 10 Years & Theory.  Theory was def the main reason to go and didn't disappoint as they performed a 15 song set that was filled with hits some cover material and was fun,  10 years opened with a 10 song set which include the hit Wasteland.  below is a link to my YouTube page with a few videos and a few pictures from both sets.

Jesse Hasek Singer of 10 Years

10 Years full band

Theory of a Deadman Full Band

Tyler Connolly


  1. I saw Theory of a Deadman years ago opening up for Daughtry. They put on a great show!

    1. Agreed they have a good catalog of songs so that helps and they play there famous airplay songs which is nice as well.