Friday, November 5, 2021

2017 Mailday!

Things you find when you move!  I found an unopened envelope in a box while I was packing and moving interesting thing is it was from May of 2017!  I don't remember if this was a trade or a purchase and don't know if it was from Twitter or EBay..... but the envelope contained 4 cards 3 of which were Autographs and all are football so thinking this was a trade for the autos and he included an extra as I never PC'ed Noah Spence and would have only wanted an autographed version.  

The other Autographs are.

  1. Louis Murphy - 2009 Press Pass # PPS-LM2.
  2. Robert Herron - 2014 Topps Platinum # 80 #'d 07/50.
  3. Kenny Bell - 2015 Topps Field Access # 79.

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