Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rumble Ponies @ Harrisburg

I went to the game last night it was a so so night was totally shut out for autographs pre game which I think is the first time ever that has happened in Harrisburg probably has a lot to do with the Tim Tebow effect plus an hour and quarter rain delay before the start of the game.  Then the game was slow as it wound up being a 6-5 walk off win by Harrisburg in a 3 plus hour game.  I waited after and was able to 5 players and 19 autographs but no Tebow as it appeared he was hand picking his book, kids and women with baseballs and not 50 Y/O men with Sports Illustrated magazines..... lol
1) Peter Alonso - a Card.
2) Champ Stuart - 2 Cards.
3) Scott Copeland - 5 Cards.
4) Tomas Nido - Ticket Stub.
5) Frank Viola - Ball & 9 Cards.

Tebow Warming-up

Tebow's 1st AB scoreboard

Tebow At-Bat

Binghamton Cards

Frank Viola signed Cy Young ball

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