Sunday, June 3, 2018

Portland Sea Dogs @ Harrisburg

Mike, Eric & I went to the game in Harrisburg last night a 14-4 win by Portland.  It wasn't much of a game as it was 8-0 early.  The "highlights" of the game was a between innings contest of 2 guys bouncing off each other in big air filled bubbles where one contestant apparently blow his knee out causing a 15-20 minute delay! Also there are 3 current Washington Nationals on Rehab assignments with Harrisburg Adam Eaton, Daniel Murphy & Matt Grace.  As for the autographing, the rehab guys Grace and Eaton left before the game was over got Grace, Eaton signed about 5 then told me he couldn't sign because he was missing the hockey game, then added oh and my wife is home with a 2 week old seems priorities askew to me lol Murphy came and got right into a car and left didn't sign. Portland was good got a number of guys and everyone I had cards of a total of 15 players and 29 autographs on the day.
1) Matt Grace - Ticket Stub.
Sea Dogs:
2) Paul Abbott - 5 Cards.
3) Luke Montz - 7 Cards.
4) Trey Ball - 3 Cards.
5) Kyle Hart - 3x5.
6) Dedgar Jimenez - 3x5.
7) Travis Lakins - 3x5.
8) Adam Lau - 3x5.
9) Daniel McGrath - 3x5.
10) Mike Shawaryn - 3x5.
11) Teddy Stankiewicz - 3x5.
12) Austin Rei - 2 Cards.
13) Josh Ockimey - 3x5.
14) Jantzen Witte - 3x5.
15) Tate Matheny - 2 Cards.

Daniel Murphy batting on Rehab in Harrisburg

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