Sunday, June 10, 2018

Anthony Levine Sr. Ravens Softball Game

Dave and I went to Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD today. for the 9th annual charity game.
It was a horrible day to start gates opened at Noon after an hour and a quarter ride down. As we got there the weather was starting to turn and the long story short is that we never saw a softball as they kept pushing the start times back and never got it going so 3 hours and 45 minutes after gates opened they cancelled all events (Home Run Contest & Game) and announced that there would be a short autograph session on the concourse so we hung out while everybody that didn't know what concourse meant went to the field in the drizzle so I guess the organizers decided to change where they would sign and made it the field??? out in the rain instead of under the deck dry in the concourse.  So I was able to the following 14 players and a total of 23 autographs.
1) Justin Tucker - Yearbook & a Card.
2) Tavon Young - Yearbook & Autograph Card.
3) Matt Judon - Program.
4) Morgan Cox - Program.
5) Joe Flacco - a Card.
6) Eric Weddle - 3 Cards.
7) Kaare Vedvik - Autograph Card.
8) Albert McClellan - a Card.
9) Tyus Bowers - a Card.
10) DeVier Posey - 3 Cards.
11) Maurice Canady - 3 Cards.
12) Tim Williams - 2 Cards.
13) Robert Nelson Jr. - 3x5.
14) Trent Seig - 3x5.

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