Monday, February 29, 2016

Card Show

I went to a local card show at the colonial park mall in Harrisburg, PA on Saturday they had 4 autograph signers which usually brings more dealers.  I didn't pay for any of the signers as I thought the price was to steep for who they had.  Former Steeler Brett Keisel $65-75, Garry Gilliam of the Seahawks/PSU $25, Former Brown Gary Collins $25 & HOFer Browns Leroy Kelly $25.   Did find a table of dime boxes so spent a bit going over them and pulled about $15 worth about 150 cards mostly all numbered cards, personal collection items of "Dion" cards, Dan Marino & Tom Seaver & some Ravens I didn't have and one autograph of former Syracuse Basketball Player Jason Hart #'d to 650.  A nice mix for .10 each and total cost of a blaster.

PC cards and Jason Hart Auto

#'d Staubach, Walker, Bush, Stockton & Aaron Rodgers Rookie

Ravens , #;d Smith, Thome, & Bowman Rookies. 


  1. Lovin' the Rodgers rookie... and the Corn Flakes Seaver. As for Brett Keisel... who the heck paid $65 for his signature? For that price, he better have given everyone a few strands of his famous "beard".

    1. I'm in Steeler country here so they over pay for there guys all the time! Never pay for the signers at this show but it does bring more dealers which is good.