Friday, February 12, 2016

1999 SP Authentic Chirography

I purchased a small lot off of Ebay of these 1999 SP's the other day it consisted of 5 total cards with four different player.

1) Corey Koskie # CK.
2) Jeremy Giambi # JG.
3) Mike Kinkade # MK  X2.
4) Ryan Minor # RM.

Total cost was $3.53 shipped so about 70 cents a piece.


  1. Oh how times have changed. I remember pulling a Ryan Minor from a pack and feeling like I hit the jackpot. Nice eBay find.

  2. I hear ya! on card autographs found in packs what a HIT WOW and the guy that replaced Cal Ripken Jr. a Mega-hit! can you feel the sarcasm. lol