Sunday, February 14, 2016

52nd Annual York Sports Night

I attended this years sold out event at Heritage Hills in York, PA on Thursday February 11th.  The list of celebrity guest was strong this year with 3 Hall of Famers one from each Baseball, Football & Boxing halls and supported with a number of local and regional athletes.

1) Bob Lilly - Football HOFer.
2) Tony Perez - Baseball HOFer.
3) Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini - Boxing HOFer.
4) Jay Paterno - Penn State Football.
5) Sam Ficken - 2014 Penn State Football.
6) Matt Zanellato - 2015 Penn State Football.
7) Jack Fisher - 11 year Major League Baseball Pitcher (Orioles, Mets, White Sox & Reds)
8) Stephen Penney - Former York Revolution Pitcher.
9) Mark Mason - York Revolution Manager.

The best part of the evening was actually after the event was over and getting an opportunity to sit in the restaurant with Mr. Lilly and Mr. Fisher for a couple hours and talk with them and hear stories from when they played.

As a side note the biggest disappointment was that Tony Perez felt the need to leave prior to the evening portion of our event. He was there for the afternoon portion and the dinner, but left prior to the evening autograph session which left some fans without the opportunity to meet him and get his autograph but some of these things are out of control.

The following Pictures show the items I was able to get autographed.

Tony Perez signed HOF Postcard, Ball & Card.

Jack Fisher Signed items

Jay Paterno Signed items

HOFer Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini Signed Program and S.I. Cover.

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini Signed 8x10's.

Sam Ficken & Matt Zanellato Signed Items.

Stephen Penney & Mark Mason Signed Items.

HOFer Bob Lilly Signed 8x10, Program and Cards.

Bob Lilly signed NFL 75th Book.

Bob Lilly the 14th HOFer to sign Hall of Fame Litho.

25th Super Bowl Poster signed by Bob Lilly.

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