Monday, July 14, 2014

Chantilly, VA card show 7/12/14

Autographed Cards from the show
Free Manziel card & 2013 Topps Mini Golds each #'d to 62
Assorted #'d cards & Guillen Jersey
Mike and I went to the card show on Saturday is quite a hall from York, Pa about 2 hours I probably would not have gone on my own since wasn't interested in any of the autograph guest because didn't need them or didn't want to pay the price being asked for them. But Mike was going for Carl Erskine so figured I'd tag along.  Show was $8 to enter and spent another $26 on cards got about 90 cards total some autographs some #'d and just some cards for future autographs from the Atlantic league a few are already signed on Sat. and Sun. The Carlos Guillen Jersey was a dime along with the 2013 Topps Gold Mini's each #'d XX/62. Love the dime box finds.

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