Saturday, July 19, 2014

A trade and purchase

A friend that I collect with Ralph was looking to get rid of some of the autographs he has been collecting over the years he is narrowing his collecting wants and needs so I took a look at what he had and will probably at some point purchase the whole collection from him.  But for today, I had 32 autographed cards he wanted and I picked out 201 autographs he had in his binders so the final tab was $43 and the 32 cards for the 201. So that comes out to if you figure 1 for 1 on 32 cards he took, a little more then .25 a card for the other 169 cards.  The big one was a Vladimir Guerrero 2000 Fleer Tradition card.  see the pictures below for the rest. A couple of the other bigger names are Torii Hunter, Gary Templeton, Victor Martinez & Livan Hernandez.

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