Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shinedown, Three Days Grace & POD

Shinedown's - Barry Kerch

Shinedown's Zach Myers

Shinedown's - Brent Smith

Shinedown - Baltimore MD 2/19/13
Shinedown's - Eric Bass

POD's - Wuv Bernardo
POD's - Sonny Sandoval
POD's - Traa Daniels
POD's - Marcos Curiel

Three Days Grace's - Neil Sanderson

Three Days Grace's - Brad Walst

Three Days Grace's? - Matt Walst

Three Days Grace - Baltimore MD 2/19/13

Three Days Grace's - Barry Stock
I went to 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore Md. last night for the show it was kick-ass all three bands had great set-lists and sounded great show started at 7 with POD playing for about 40 minutes next was Three Days Grace with Matt Walst on vocals from My Darkest Days since Adam Gontier left the band in January they ripped though 16 songs in a little under an hour and a half.  Finally Shinedown also played for about an hour and a half playing 15 songs.  Wasn't going to do autographs but when we got there Shinedown had a deal buy a Amaryllis CD for $20 and get a Meet and Greet with the band after the show so couldn't pass that up, I was one of 160 people to do the meet and greet was a single file line band members 2 started on each end of the line went down the line sign CD's "ONLY" and shaking hands and talking was pretty cool from a headlining band! had a great time I will post pictures and the signed disc tonight.
Shinedown Autographs:
1) Brent Smith - Disc & Booklet.
2) Eric Bass - Disc & Booklet.
3) Barry Kerch - Disc & Booklet.
4) Zach Myers - Disc & Booklet.

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