Thursday, February 28, 2013

Live and the Andretti's

I went to The Strand Capitol in York, PA today the had I meet and greet with the rock band Live and Marco and Michael Andretti also Damien Escobar was there.  I believe the Andretti's and Live have entered in a deal for the upcoming race season they had a Indy car with both logos on it. I was able to go thru the line twice got my 8x10's done the 1st time and some Michael cards the second. Here is what I got done:
1) Marco Andretti - 3 Promo 8x10's, 2 8x10's & 3x5.
2) Michael Andretti - 3 Promo 8x10's, 2 8x10's & 6 Cards.
3) Chad Gracey - 3 Promo 8x10's & 3x5.
4) Chad Taylor - 3 Promo 8x10's & 3x5.
5) Patrick Dahlheimer - 3 Promo 8x10's & 3x5.
6) Chris Shinn - 3 Promo 8x10's & 3x5.
7) Damien Escobar - 3 Promo 8x10's & 3x5.


  1. I didn't know those guys were still around. Been a while since I heard anything from LIVE. I live about an hour and half away and never heard anything advertised at all about them being there.

    1. Ya they have been around they all live locally and were around as The Gracious Few for the last couple years recently reformed back as Live with out Ed and have Chris Shinn as new lead singer. this was a promo for there new company that is suppose to bring jobs to York. Hey saw you are having a fantasy league do you still have openings and is there a fee? lmk may be interested>

  2. No fee's. It's the freebie on ESPN. Nothing fancy. Since it's my sons first venture into FB I told him we'd make it a simple thing.