Monday, August 28, 2023


Last night Dave and I went to Hersheypark Stadium for the Nickelback, Brantley Gilbert & Josh Ross concert.  I thought it was a weird line up as the opening acts didn't seem to be in the same genre as the headliner as Josh Ross is a country singer and Brantley Gilbert is a Southern Rock artist but both where good I'd probably have never gone to see them if they where on this bill and probably wouldn't pay to see them again as I already have.  Nickelback was great played most of the hits not playing Next Contest, Something in Your Mouth & If Today Was Your Last Day I would have liked to have seen on the set list but can't play everything.   They dis some cool things like fan from the crowd for Rockstar, Shooting T-Shirts into the crowd & Bring up Josh Ross & Brantley Gilbert up to do Cooperhead Road.  Below see links to the set-lists and some links to some YouTube videos from the show.


Nickelback -

Brantley Gilbert -

Josh Ross -


Nickelback Animals -

Figured You Out -

Rockstar -

Brantley Gilbert The Weekend -

Blue on Black (Kenny Wayne Shepherd Cover) - 

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