Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Bengals @ Ravens Sunday Night Football + Nelly!

I went to the Primetime Sunday Night Football Game in Baltimore on October 9, 2022 between the Ravens and visiting Cincinnati Bengals.  This had all the extras as well Fireworks pregame, Nelly halftime show and a great game and finally a win for the home team.  It came down to a last second walk off FG by Justin Tucker to seal the 19-17 Victory.  I did pregame and post game autographs the Ravens where probably the worst it has ever been very few players stopped to sign in or out if it wasn't that I had some coaches cards would have been terrible.  I was able to get 45 total autographs from 28 players.  I will list who I got belong along with a couple of links to the videos I shot of Nelly,  I was behind the beer garden in the first row which is where he did the performance. 
  1. Stephanie - Playmakers postcard.
  2. Nikki - Playmakers postcard.
  3. Shannon - Playmakers postcard.
  4. Serena - Playmakers postcard.
  5. Ted Karras - Bengals Logo.
  6. Jeff Gunter - Bengals Logo. 
  7. Devin Asiasi - Bengals Logo & a Card. 
  8. Mike Hilton - Bengals Logo. 
  9. Khalid Kareem - Bengals Logo. 
  10. Josh Tupou - Bengals Logo. 
  11. Dax Hill - Bengals Logo. 
  12. Michael Thomas - Bengals Logo.
  13. Melissa Stark - 3x5.
  14. Josh Charles - 3x5.
  15. Broderick Washington - 3x5.
  16. Brent Urban - 3x5.
  17. Brandon Copeland - 3x5 (Was a PC Need 2st time getting him).
  18. Rod Woodson - 3 Cards.
  19. Mike Devlin - 3 Cards.
  20. Tee Martin - 3 Cards.
  21. Cris Collingsworth - a Card.
  22. D'Anton Lynn - 2 Cards.
  23. Frank Pollack - a Card.
  24. Anthony Weaver - 6 Cards.
  25. Chris Horton - 3 Cards.
  26. Jimmy Smith - a Card.
  27. Trayveon Williams - 3 Cards.
  28. Jay Tufele - a Card.  

    Chase & Humphrey

    Pregame Fireworks.
Part #1 of Nelly Halftime Performance:
Part # 2


  1. Still a great haul. Looks like a great time. I did see Nelly at a Dodgers game and someone spilled a beer on his sneakers by mistake. Well, Nelly was really irked and he berated the dude who apologized. As Nelly was yelling the guy finally put his hand to Nelly's mouth and said “shut up or we bring back the band-aid”


  2. Wow! Crazy not like it used to be back in the Flacco days 😞