Sunday, October 30, 2022

Atlantic League 50/50

The 2022 Atlantic League season has been over for about a month,  I had a stack of cards that I had signed for a buddy Ben we finally got together and I received these as my half of what was signed.  In some cases there were cards he wanted or I only had 1 of to get signed so he gave someone else he had gotten during the year(Marked by a *).

  1. Manuel Geraldo.
  2. Nick Wells - 2X.
  3. John Nogowski*.
  4. Jeremy Ydens*.
  5. Andy Young  *.
  6. Aaron Shortridge*.
  7. Brady Lindsly*.
  8. Chris Shaw - X2.
  9. Anthony Seigler*.
  10. Yordys Valdes*.
  11. Michael Gigliotti*.
  12. Braxton Lee - 2X.
  13. Oscar De La Cruz - 3X.
  14. Troy Stokes - 3X.
  15. Aaron Blair.

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