Sunday, August 7, 2022

The National Final post

This is the remaining of what I got at the National some where a giveaway, an In Person free signing, and some lump some purchases from different dealers dime boxes & $3 box (looking back probably shouldn't have bought these). 

Giveaway from the Wild Card booth spin the wheel get what it landed on mine landed on a #'d insert 1/5 of Desmond Ridder.

In Person signing at the Topps booth, 3 Athletes Unlimited Basketball players Taj Cole, Toccara Ross & Laurin Mincy. 
$3 Box autographs and couple PC Ravens
Dime Box finds most are of Atlantic League players I'm hoping to get them signed.

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  1. A Viola rookie for a dime is a very nice find. Love the mascots too.