Saturday, April 9, 2022


Everett & I went to last nights Badflower concert at Mickey's Black Box in Lititz, PA. "68 was the opening act.  Was a great show was about 3-4 rows back from the stage we didn't do autographs as it was a little rainy after the show.  See the set-list a few pictures and a couple links to songs from the show.

Links to 3 songs:



Johnny wants to fight:


Set-List from 4/8/22 show in Lititz, PA

Badflower Live - April 8, 2022 Lititz, PA

                                                          Alex Espiritu Bassist - Badflower

Joey Morrow Guitarist - Badflower

Josh Katz Keyboards - Badflower

Josh Katz Guitar/Vocals - Badflower
Drummer Anthony Sonetti - Badflower

Josh & Nikko "68

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