Thursday, June 17, 2021

Joe Montana

I received a promotion gift card from Goldin Auctions for there June 5th auction so I figured I would look to see what they had seemed like even the lower end stuff was going for a lot of money.  So I watched a bunch of items and as the went to high unwatched them.  Also bid on a couple of items Joe Namath autographs until they were too high. Was hoping to add a needed Football HOFer for the collection and this Joe Montana 1994 SP All-Pro Holoviews # PB-17 fit the bill and by 10:30 PM June 5th I was still the high bid.  Was actually fun to do the auction knowing I had a hard limit. Joe is my 236th football Hall of Fame autograph.


  1. Wow. Nice looking signature. I like how he signed on the hologram. This would have been a pretty cool IP autograph card set to build.

    1. also there are pictures in the hologram hard to see in picture, Nice card I would have never bid what it went for without the gift card amount to be applied to the auction made it reasonable.