Sunday, June 27, 2021


Last night Dave & I went to Pat Garrett Amphitheatre in Struasstown, PA for the Badflower concert.  This was the first time for me at this venue it is a nice outdoor venue with no seats all GA which was good for us we were there early and got in and up front, Place could hold a lot of people with a large open area but was not full.  Opening act was local band The Stonewall Vessels from Lancaster, PA playing about 40 minutes.  Badflower came on a little after 9PM and played a little over an hour and half for the 16 song set (See Josh Katz's actual set-list below).  Not on the set-list the reversed order of play "24" & "Move Me" then didn't play "Cry".

Josh Katz's stage set-list June 26, 2021

Alex Espiritu

Anthony Sonetti

Joseph Paul Morrow

Josh Katz

YouTube Links to my videos from the show:

Ghost -

Heroin -

Girlfriend -

The Jester -


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